1964 Kahns Football Cards

Kahnís Wieners football cards were distributed in the Cincinnati region in packages of hot dogs. The company produced cards from 1959 to 1964, but 1964 was the only set printed in color. All 14 of the 1964 NFL teams are represented in the set, but because the company was close to Cleveland, 9 of the 53 cards are Cleveland Browns. For more details, see my blog article about the 1964 Kahn's cards.

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Picture Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Est. Retail Value (?) Grades available at nearmintcards.com
1964 Kahns Doug Atkins 1964 Kahns 1 Doug Atkins Chicago Bears defensive end Tennessee College Hall of Fame 1985, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1982, Saints Hall of Fame 1995
1964 Kahns Terry Barr 1964 Kahns 2 Terry Barr Detroit Lions defensive back Michigan
1964 Kahns Dick Bass 1964 Kahns 3 Dick Bass Los Angeles Rams halfback Pacific
1964 Kahns Ordell Braase 1964 Kahns 4 Ordell Braase Baltimore Colts defensive end South Dakota
1964 Kahns Ed Brown 1964 Kahns 5 Ed Brown Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback San Francisco
1964 Kahns Jim Brown 1964 Kahns 6 Jim Brown Cleveland Browns fullback Syracuse Browns Ring of Honor 2010, College Hall of Fame 1995, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971 The Browns organization has retired Brown's jersey number, 32. See the Gallery's retired numbers page for the retired numbers of all of the NFL teams.
1964 Kahns Gary Collins 1964 Kahns 7 Gary Collins Cleveland Browns end Maryland Collins placed eighth in voting for the 1961 Heisman Trophy. See my page of football cards of Heisman Trophy candidates.
1964 Kahns Bobby Joe Conrad 1964 Kahns 8 Bobby Joe Conrad St. Louis Cardinals halfback Texas A and M
1964 Kahns Mike Ditka 1964 Kahns 9 Mike Ditka Chicago Bears tight end Pittsburgh Pro Football Hall of Fame 1988
1964 Kahns Galen Fiss 1964 Kahns 10 Galen Fiss Cleveland Browns linebacker Kansas
1964 Kahns Paul Flatley 1964 Kahns 11 Paul Flatley Minnesota Vikings end Northwestern Flatley was the 1963 NFL Rookie of the Year.
1964 Kahns Joe Fortunato 1964 Kahns 12 Joe Fortunato Chicago Bears linebacker Mississippi State
1964 Kahns Bill George 1964 Kahns 13 Bill George Chicago Bears linebacker, guard Wake Forest Pro Football Hall of Fame 1974
1964 Kahns Bill Glass 1964 Kahns 14 Bill Glass Cleveland Browns defensive end Baylor College Hall of Fame 1985
1964 Kahns Ernie Green 1964 Kahns 15 Ernie Green Cleveland Browns halfback Louisville
1964 Kahns Dick Hoak 1964 Kahns 16 Dick Hoak Pittsburgh Steelers running back Penn State
1964 Kahns Paul Hornung 1964 Kahns 17 Paul Hornung Green Bay Packers halfback Notre Dame College Hall of Fame 1985, Heisman Trophy 1956, Packers Hall of Fame 1975, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1986
1964 Kahns Sam Huff 1964 Kahns 18 Sam Huff Washington Redskins linebacker West Virginia College Hall of Fame 1980, Giants Ring of Honor 2010, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1982, Redskins Ring of Fame 2000
1964 Kahns Charley Johnson 1964 Kahns 19 Charley Johnson St. Louis Cardinals quarterback New Mexico State Broncos Ring of Fame 1986
1964 Kahns John Henry Johnson 1964 Kahns 20 John Henry Johnson Pittsburgh Steelers fullback Arizona State, St. Mary's 49ers Hall of Fame 2009, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987
1964 Kahns Alex Karras 1964 Kahns 21 Alex Karras Detroit Lions defensive tackle Iowa College Hall of Fame 1991, Outland Trophy 1957 Karras's nickname was "The Mad Duck." See Nearmint's blog for other players with "mad" nicknames.
1964 Kahns Jim Katcavage 1964 Kahns 22 Jim Katcavage New York Giants defensive end, defensive tackle Dayton
1964 Kahns Joe Krupa 1964 Kahns 23 Joe Krupa Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Purdue
1964 Kahns Dick Lane 1964 Kahns 24 Dick Lane Detroit Lions defensive back Scottsbluff Junior College Cardinals Ring of Honor 2006, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1974
1964 Kahns Tommy Mason 1964 Kahns 25 Tommy Mason Minnesota Vikings halfback Tulane
1964 Kahns Don Meredith 1964 Kahns 26 Don Meredith Dallas Cowboys quarterback SMU College Hall of Fame 1982, Cowboys Ring of Honor 1976
1964 Kahns Bobby Mitchell 1964 Kahns 27 Bobby Mitchell Washington Redskins halfback Illinois Browns Ring of Honor 2010, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983, Redskins Ring of Fame 2000
1964 Kahns Larry Morris 1964 Kahns 28 Larry Morris Chicago Bears linebacker Georgia Tech College Hall of Fame 1992
1964 Kahns Jimmy Orr 1964 Kahns 29 Jimmy Orr Baltimore Colts end Georgia
1964 Kahns Jim Parker 1964 Kahns 30 Jim Parker Baltimore Colts guard, tackle Ohio State College Hall of Fame 1974, Outland Trophy 1956, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1973
1964 Kahns Bernie Parrish 1964 Kahns 31 Bernie Parrish Cleveland Browns defensive back Florida
1964 Kahns Don Perkins 1964 Kahns 32 Don Perkins Dallas Cowboys halfback New Mexico Cowboys Ring of Honor 1976
1964 Kahns Jim Phillips 1964 Kahns 33 Jim Phillips Los Angeles Rams end Auburn
1964 Kahns Sonny Randle 1964 Kahns 34 Sonny Randle St. Louis Cardinals end Virginia
1964 Kahns Pete Retzlaff 1964 Kahns 35 Pete Retzlaff Philadelphia Eagles end South Dakota State Eagles Honor Roll 1989
1964 Kahns Jim Ringo 1964 Kahns 36 Jim Ringo Philadelphia Eagles center Syracuse Eagles Honor Roll 1987, Packers Hall of Fame 1974, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1981
1964 Kahns Frank Ryan 1964 Kahns 37 Frank Ryan Cleveland Browns quarterback Rice Ryan led the NFL with 25 touchdown passes in 1964.
1964 Kahns Dick Schafrath 1964 Kahns 38 Dick Schafrath Cleveland Browns tackle Ohio State
1964 Kahns Joe Schmidt 1964 Kahns 39 Joe Schmidt Detroit Lions linebacker Pittsburgh College Hall of Fame 2000, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1973
1964 Kahns Del Shofner 1964 Kahns 40 Del Shofner New York Giants end Baylor
1964 Kahns J.D. Smith 1964 Kahns 41 J.D. Smith San Francisco 49ers halfback North Carolina A and T
1964 Kahns Norm Snead 1964 Kahns 42 Norm Snead Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Wake Forest
1964 Kahns Bart Starr 1964 Kahns 43 Bart Starr Green Bay Packers quarterback Alabama Packers Hall of Fame 1977, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1977
1964 Kahns Fran Tarkenton 1964 Kahns 44 Fran Tarkenton Minnesota Vikings quarterback Georgia College Hall of Fame 1987, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1986, Vikings Ring of Honor 1998
1964 Kahns Jim Taylor 1964 Kahns 45 Jim Taylor Green Bay Packers fullback LSU Packers Hall of Fame 1975, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1976
1964 Kahns Clendon Thomas 1964 Kahns 46 Clendon Thomas Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 2011
1964 Kahns Y.A. Tittle 1964 Kahns 47 Y.A. Tittle New York Giants quarterback LSU 49ers Hall of Fame 2009, Giants Ring of Honor 2010, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971
1964 Kahns Jerry Tubbs 1964 Kahns 48 Jerry Tubbs Dallas Cowboys linebacker Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1996 After retiring as a player, Tubbs was a linebackers coach for the Cowboys for over two decades.
1964 Kahns John Unitas 1964 Kahns 49 John Unitas Baltimore Colts quarterback Louisville Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979
1964 Kahns Bill Wade 1964 Kahns 50 Bill Wade Chicago Bears quarterback Vanderbilt

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