Card Categories

The cards in the gallery are organized by set, and the sets are grouped into categories. Click on a category below to see the sets it contains. You can also search the Gallery via the methods listed in the Searches section below.


You can search the Gallery for your favorite player, team, or college. You can also search for cards of players who have received various honors, such as the Outland Trophy or induction into the Chiefs Hall of Fame. Finally, the Advanced Search page lets you combine searches: you can search for all Detroit Lions who have won the Heisman Trophy, for example.


The Gallery includes the following fun and useful features:

Vintage Football Cards for Sale

The cards pictured in the Gallery are not for sale, but I do have a sales site called Nearmint's Vintage Football Cards. Please visit!

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And More...

Here are a few miscellaneous pages. Some are dated but still worth a look.