1963 Topps Football Cards

1963 Topps football card wrapperThere are 170 cards in the 1963 Topps football card set: eleven players and a team card for each of the fourteen NFL teams, plus two checklists. The cards were printed on standard 264-card sheets, so 94 of the cards were printed twice on each sheet. The other 76 cards are thus short prints. Check out the Gallery's 1963 Topps virtual uncut sheet page to see how uncut sheets of the cards were configured.

You can see pictures of a 1963 Topps 5-cent display box on the Legendary Auctions web site. Curiously, the Y.A. Tittle card pictured on the side of the display box does not look like an actual 1963 Topps card. It is sort of a cross between a 1962 Topps card and a 1963 Topps card.

Most of the cards in the 1963 Topps set can be found with either a purple sky or a blue sky. The purple- and blue-sky variations are not documented in the price guides. For details and lots of examples, see 1963 Topps Football Color Variations on the rbwoodenpuzzles.com web site.

Rookie cards of Pro Football Hall of Famers in the 1963 Topps set: Ray Nitschke, Larry Wilson, Deacon Jones, Bob Lilly, Willie Wood.

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1963 Topps John Unitas 1963 Topps 1 John Unitas Baltimore Colts quarterback Louisville Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979 PSA 4
1963 Topps Lenny Moore 1963 Topps 2 Lenny Moore Baltimore Colts halfback Penn State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975 exmt
1963 Topps Jimmy Orr 1963 Topps 3 Jimmy Orr Baltimore Colts end Georgia exmt
1963 Topps Raymond Berry 1963 Topps 4 Raymond Berry Baltimore Colts end SMU Pro Football Hall of Fame 1973 nm
1963 Topps Jim Parker 1963 Topps 5 Jim Parker Baltimore Colts guard, tackle Ohio State Outland Trophy 1956, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1973, College Hall of Fame 1974 nm+
1963 Topps Alex Sandusky 1963 Topps 6 Alex Sandusky Baltimore Colts guard Clarion Teachers College nm
1963 Topps Dick Szymanski 1963 Topps 7 Dick Szymanski Baltimore Colts center Notre Dame Rookie card nm
1963 Topps Gino Marchetti 1963 Topps 8 Gino Marchetti Baltimore Colts defensive end San Francisco Pro Football Hall of Fame 1972 PSA 8
1963 Topps Billy Ray Smith 1963 Topps 9 Billy Ray Smith Baltimore Colts tackle Arkansas Rookie card PSA 8, exmt
1963 Topps Bill Pellington 1963 Topps 10 Bill Pellington Baltimore Colts linebacker Rutgers PSA 8 oc, vg-ex
1963 Topps Bob Boyd 1963 Topps 11 Bob Boyd Baltimore Colts defensive back Oklahoma Rookie card ex
1963 Topps Baltimore Colts Team 1963 Topps 12 Baltimore Colts Team Baltimore Colts Short print nm oc
1963 Topps Frank Ryan 1963 Topps 13 Frank Ryan Cleveland Browns quarterback Rice Short print

Ryan is shown in number 18 on his 1963 Topps card, though he wore number 13 for the Browns. I believe this photo was taken just after he joined the team in 1962. See his 1962 Kahn's Wieners card for details.
1963 Topps Jim Brown 1963 Topps 14 Jim Brown Cleveland Browns fullback Syracuse Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971, College Hall of Fame 1995, Browns Ring of Honor 2010 Short print
1963 Topps Ray Renfro 1963 Topps 15 Ray Renfro Cleveland Browns halfback North Texas Short print ex
1963 Topps Rich Kreitling 1963 Topps 16 Rich Kreitling Cleveland Browns end Illinois Short print PSA 8
1963 Topps Mike McCormack 1963 Topps 17 Mike McCormack Cleveland Browns tackle Kansas Pro Football Hall of Fame 1984, Browns Ring of Honor 2010 Short print PSA 6, ex
1963 Topps Jim Ray Smith 1963 Topps 18 Jim Ray Smith Cleveland Browns guard Baylor College Hall of Fame 1987 Short print exmt
1963 Topps Lou Groza 1963 Topps 19 Lou Groza Cleveland Browns tackle, kicker Ohio State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1974, Browns Ring of Honor 2010 Short print

Groza is a member of the NFL's 40-and-over club. He played until he was 43.
1963 Topps Bill Glass 1963 Topps 20 Bill Glass Cleveland Browns defensive end Baylor College Hall of Fame 1985 Short print ex
1963 Topps Galen Fiss 1963 Topps 21 Galen Fiss Cleveland Browns linebacker Kansas Short print ex
1963 Topps Don Fleming 1963 Topps 22 Don Fleming Cleveland Browns defensive back Florida Rookie card, short print nm mc
1963 Topps Bob Gain 1963 Topps 23 Bob Gain Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Kentucky Outland Trophy 1950, College Hall of Fame 1980 Short print
1963 Topps Cleveland Browns Team 1963 Topps 24 Cleveland Browns Team Cleveland Browns Short print

The Cleveland Browns team cards in the 1959-1963 Topps sets all picture the 1958 Browns team.
1963 Topps Milt Plum 1963 Topps 25 Milt Plum Detroit Lions quarterback Penn State nm oc
1963 Topps Dan Lewis 1963 Topps 26 Dan Lewis Detroit Lions halfback Wisconsin PSA 8 oc, nm
1963 Topps Nick Pietrosante 1963 Topps 27 Nick Pietrosante Detroit Lions fullback Notre Dame nm
1963 Topps Gail Cogdill 1963 Topps 28 Gail Cogdill Detroit Lions end Washington State nm+
1963 Topps Harley Sewell 1963 Topps 29 Harley Sewell Detroit Lions guard Texas College Hall of Fame 2000 Sewell's card shows him with the Lions, but he played for the Rams in 1963. After retiring as a player, he was a scout for the Rams for 37 years. PSA 8, nm
1963 Topps Jim Gibbons 1963 Topps 30 Jim Gibbons Detroit Lions end Iowa PSA 8 OC, nm
1963 Topps Carl Brettschneider 1963 Topps 31 Carl Brettschneider Detroit Lions linebacker Iowa State "Brettschneider" is German for "board cutter." nm
1963 Topps Dick Lane 1963 Topps 32 Dick Lane Detroit Lions defensive back Scottsbluff Junior College Pro Football Hall of Fame 1974, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2006 SGC 96, exmt miscut
1963 Topps Yale Lary 1963 Topps 33 Yale Lary Detroit Lions defensive back Texas A and M Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979 exmt
1963 Topps Roger Brown 1963 Topps 34 Roger Brown Detroit Lions tackle Maryland Eastern Shore College Hall of Fame 2009 Rookie card vg-ex
1963 Topps Joe Schmidt 1963 Topps 35 Joe Schmidt Detroit Lions linebacker Pittsburgh Pro Football Hall of Fame 1973, College Hall of Fame 2000 exmt
1963 Topps Detroit Lions Team 1963 Topps 36 Detroit Lions Team Detroit Lions Short print
1963 Topps Roman Gabriel 1963 Topps 37 Roman Gabriel Los Angeles Rams quarterback North Carolina State College Hall of Fame 1989 Gabriel placed ninth in voting for the 1961 Heisman Trophy. See the Gallery's page of football cards of Heisman Trophy candidates.
1963 Topps Zeke Bratkowski 1963 Topps 38 Zeke Bratkowski Los Angeles Rams quarterback Georgia Packers Hall of Fame 1989 Bratkowski was inducted into the National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame in 1995.
1963 Topps Dick Bass 1963 Topps 39 Dick Bass Los Angeles Rams halfback Pacific exmt
1963 Topps Jon Arnett 1963 Topps 40 Jon Arnett Los Angeles Rams halfback USC College Hall of Fame 2001 nm+, PSA 8 OC
1963 Topps Jim Phillips 1963 Topps 41 Jim Phillips Los Angeles Rams end Auburn nm
1963 Topps Frank Varrichione 1963 Topps 42 Frank Varrichione Los Angeles Rams tackle Notre Dame Steelers Legends Team PSA 8, nm
1963 Topps Danny Villanueva 1963 Topps 43 Danny Villanueva Los Angeles Rams kicker, punter New Mexico State Villanueva led the NFL with 81 punts and 3678 punting yards in 1963. nm
1963 Topps Deacon Jones 1963 Topps 44 Deacon Jones Los Angeles Rams defensive end Mississippi Vocational Pro Football Hall of Fame 1980 Rookie card

The Rams drafted Jones in the 14th round of the 1961 NFL draft.
1963 Topps Lindon Crow 1963 Topps 45 Lindon Crow Los Angeles Rams defensive back USC PSA 8, nm
1963 Topps Marlin McKeever 1963 Topps 46 Marlin McKeever Los Angeles Rams linebacker USC Rookie card exmt
1963 Topps Ed Meador 1963 Topps 47 Ed Meador Los Angeles Rams defensive back Arkansas Tech Rookie card exmt mc
1963 Topps Los Angeles Rams Team 1963 Topps 48 Los Angeles Rams Team Los Angeles Rams nm
1963 Topps Y.A. Tittle 1963 Topps 49 Y.A. Tittle New York Giants quarterback LSU Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 Short print
1963 Topps Del Shofner 1963 Topps 50 Del Shofner New York Giants end Baylor Short print