1959 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1959 Topps Jim Ray Smith 1959 Topps 101 Jim Ray Smith Cleveland Browns guard Baylor College Hall of Fame 1987 Rookie card, error card

Card has Lions logo on the front, not Browns.
nm oc
1959 Topps Abe Woodson 1959 Topps 102 Abe Woodson San Francisco 49ers defensive back Illinois Rookie card

Woodson had a 105-yard kick return in 1959, longest in the NFL. He also led the league in average yards per kick return, with 29.4.
nm, PSA 4
1959 Topps Alex Karras 1959 Topps 103 Alex Karras Detroit Lions defensive tackle Iowa Outland Trophy 1957, College Hall of Fame 1991 Rookie card

Karras played 12 seasons in the NFL, all with the Lions.
PSA 8, SGC 84, PSA 6, exmt, PSA 3
1959 Topps Chicago Bears Team 1959 Topps 104 Chicago Bears Team Chicago Bears PSA 6.5, nm+
1959 Topps John David Crow 1959 Topps 105 John David Crow Chicago Cardinals halfback Texas A and M Heisman Trophy 1957, College Hall of Fame 1976 Rookie card PSA 8, PSA 7, nm+
1959 Topps Joe Fortunato 1959 Topps 106 Joe Fortunato Chicago Bears linebacker Mississippi State Rookie card nm, PSA 6
1959 Topps Babe Parilli 1959 Topps 107 Babe Parilli Green Bay Packers quarterback Kentucky College Hall of Fame 1982, Patriots Hall of Fame 1993 PSA 6.5, nm
1959 Topps Proverb Jacobs 1959 Topps 108 Proverb Jacobs Philadelphia Eagles tackle California Rookie card PSA 8, nm+, PSA 6.5
1959 Topps Gino Marchetti 1959 Topps 109 Gino Marchetti Baltimore Colts defensive end San Francisco Pro Football Hall of Fame 1972 nm oc
1959 Topps Bill Wade 1959 Topps 110 Bill Wade Los Angeles Rams quarterback Vanderbilt nm, PSA 6
1959 Topps 49ers Pennant 1959 Topps 111 49ers Pennant San Francisco 49ers ex
1959 Topps Karl Rubke 1959 Topps 112 Karl Rubke San Francisco 49ers center, linebacker USC Rookie card PSA 6, exmt
1959 Topps Dave Middleton 1959 Topps 113 Dave Middleton Detroit Lions end Auburn Error card

Card has Browns logo on the front, not Lions.
PSA 9, SGC 88, PSA 9 oc, nm
1959 Topps Roosevelt Brown 1959 Topps 114 Roosevelt Brown New York Giants tackle Morgan State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 nm, PSA 4
1959 Topps John Olszewski 1959 Topps 115 John Olszewski Washington Redskins fullback California PSA 9, PSA 8, SGC 88, nm
1959 Topps Jerry Kramer 1959 Topps 116 Jerry Kramer Green Bay Packers guard Idaho Packers Hall of Fame 1975 Rookie card PSA 9, PSA 8, PSA 7, PSA 6, exmt
1959 Topps King Hill 1959 Topps 117 King Hill Chicago Cardinals quarterback, punter Rice Rookie card

The Cardinals chose Hill with the first overall pick in the 1958 NFL draft. He played 12 seasons for the Chicago/St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, and Minnesota Vikings.
1959 Topps Chicago Cardinals Team 1959 Topps 118 Chicago Cardinals Team Chicago Cardinals The Cardinals played the CFL's Toronto Argonauts in an exhibition game in 1959. SGC 92, PSA 8, PSA 7, PSA 6, ex
1959 Topps Frank Varrichione 1959 Topps 119 Frank Varrichione Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Notre Dame Steelers Legends Team PSA 7, nm
1959 Topps Rick Casares 1959 Topps 120 Rick Casares Chicago Bears fullback Florida nm
1959 Topps George Strugar 1959 Topps 121 George Strugar Los Angeles Rams tackle Washington Rookie card PSA 7.5, nm, PSA 6
1959 Topps Bill Glass 1959 Topps 122 Bill Glass Detroit Lions defensive end Baylor College Hall of Fame 1985 Rookie card nm
1959 Topps Don Bosseler 1959 Topps 123 Don Bosseler Washington Redskins fullback Miami Florida College Hall of Fame 1990 nm, PSA 5
1959 Topps John Reger 1959 Topps 124 John Reger Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Pittsburgh Rookie card nm, PSA 8 oc
1959 Topps Jim Ninowski 1959 Topps 125 Jim Ninowski Cleveland Browns quarterback Michigan State Rookie card nm
1959 Topps Rams Pennant 1959 Topps 126 Rams Pennant Los Angeles Rams PSA 8, nm
1959 Topps Will Sherman 1959 Topps 127 Will Sherman Los Angeles Rams defensive back St. Mary's Sherman was born in Weed, California--which is a lot prettier than it sounds. PSA 8, PSA 7, nm
1959 Topps Bob Schnelker 1959 Topps 128 Bob Schnelker New York Giants end Bowling Green Error card

Name misspelled "Schnecker" on back.
PSA 8, nm+
1959 Topps Ollie Spencer 1959 Topps 129 Ollie Spencer Green Bay Packers tackle Kansas Rookie card nm+ oc
1959 Topps Y.A. Tittle 1959 Topps 130 Y.A. Tittle San Francisco 49ers quarterback LSU Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 PSA 7, nm, PSA 6
1959 Topps Yale Lary 1959 Topps 131 Yale Lary Detroit Lions defensive back Texas A and M Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979 PSA 8 oc, nm, PSA 5.5
1959 Topps Jim Parker 1959 Topps 132 Jim Parker Baltimore Colts guard, tackle Ohio State Outland Trophy 1956, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1973, College Hall of Fame 1974 Rookie card PSA 7, PSA 4, vg-ex
1959 Topps New York Giants Team 1959 Topps 133 New York Giants Team New York Giants Though printed in 1959, this card pictures the 1958 New York Giants team. PSA 7
1959 Topps Jim Schrader 1959 Topps 134 Jim Schrader Washington Redskins center Notre Dame Rookie card PSA 8 oc, nm
1959 Topps M.C. Reynolds 1959 Topps 135 M.C. Reynolds Chicago Cardinals quarterback LSU Rookie card

M.C. is short for Mack Charles.
1959 Topps Mike Sandusky 1959 Topps 136 Mike Sandusky Pittsburgh Steelers guard Maryland Steelers Legends Team Rookie card PSA 7, nm+
1959 Topps Ed Brown 1959 Topps 137 Ed Brown Chicago Bears quarterback San Francisco PSA 7, nm
1959 Topps Al Barry 1959 Topps 138 Al Barry New York Giants guard USC Rookie card nm, PSA 5
1959 Topps Lions Pennant 1959 Topps 139 Lions Pennant Detroit Lions SGC 88, nm+
1959 Topps Bobby Mitchell 1959 Topps 140 Bobby Mitchell Cleveland Browns halfback Illinois Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983, Browns Ring of Honor 2010 Rookie card PSA 8, PSA 8 oc, exmt
1959 Topps Larry Morris 1959 Topps 141 Larry Morris Washington Redskins linebacker Georgia Tech College Hall of Fame 1992 Though this card shows him with the Redskins, Morris played for the Bears in 1959. The Rams traded him to the Redskins for Gene Brito in March of 1959, then the Redskins traded him to the Bears for draft picks. nm+, PSA 6
1959 Topps Jim Phillips 1959 Topps 142 Jim Phillips Los Angeles Rams end Auburn Rookie card nm
1959 Topps Jim David 1959 Topps 143 Jim David Detroit Lions defensive back Colorado State David made the Pro Bowl six straight seasons: from 1954 to 1959. PSA 8, nm
1959 Topps Joe Krupa 1959 Topps 144 Joe Krupa Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Purdue nm, PSA 6
1959 Topps Willie Galimore 1959 Topps 145 Willie Galimore Chicago Bears halfback Florida A and M College Hall of Fame 1999 nm+, PSA 6
1959 Topps Pittsburgh Steelers Team 1959 Topps 146 Pittsburgh Steelers Team Pittsburgh Steelers nm, PSA 6
1959 Topps Andy Robustelli 1959 Topps 147 Andy Robustelli New York Giants defensive end Arnold College Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 PSA 8, nm, PSA 4
1959 Topps Billy Wilson 1959 Topps 148 Billy Wilson San Francisco 49ers end San Jose State SGC 92, nm+, PSA 6
1959 Topps Leo Sanford 1959 Topps 149 Leo Sanford Baltimore Colts center, linebacker Louisiana Tech PSA 6, ex
1959 Topps Eddie LeBaron 1959 Topps 150 Eddie LeBaron Washington Redskins quarterback Pacific Redskins Ring of Fame, College Hall of Fame 1980 nm, PSA 4