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Picture Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Est. Retail Value (?) Grades available at
1975 Topps Cliff Harris 1975 Topps 490 Cliff Harris Dallas Cowboys defensive back Ouachita Baptist Cowboys Ring of Honor 2004 Rookie card
1975 Topps Boobie Clark 1975 Topps 491 Boobie Clark Cincinnati Bengals running back Bethune-Cookman Rookie card
1975 Topps John Dutton 1975 Topps 501 John Dutton Baltimore Colts defensive tackle, defensive end Nebraska Rookie card
1975 Topps Mirro Roder 1975 Topps 508 Mirro Roder Chicago Bears kicker Rookie card
1975 Topps Tom Sullivan 1975 Topps 509 Tom Sullivan Philadelphia Eagles running back Miami Florida Rookie card
1975 Topps Herb Orvis 1975 Topps 514 Herb Orvis Detroit Lions defensive end, defensive tackle Colorado Rookie card
1975 Topps Doug Kotar 1975 Topps 516 Doug Kotar New York Giants running back Kentucky Rookie card
1975 Topps Jesse Freitas 1975 Topps 518 Jesse Freitas San Diego Chargers quarterback San Diego State, Stanford Rookie card
1975 Topps Bill Olds 1975 Topps 522 Bill Olds Baltimore Colts running back Nebraska Rookie card
1975 Topps Cliff Branch 1975 Topps 524 Cliff Branch Oakland Raiders wide receiver Colorado Rookie card
1976 Topps Neal Colzie: Record Breaker 1976 Topps 2 Neal Colzie: Record Breaker Rookie card
Neal Colzie Oakland Raiders defensive back Ohio State
1976 Topps Robert Newhouse 1976 Topps 14 Robert Newhouse Dallas Cowboys running back Houston Rookie card

Newhouse's son, Reggie, was a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. You can usually find Reggie Newhouse cards on eBay.
1976 Topps Ronnie Coleman 1976 Topps 22 Ronnie Coleman Houston Oilers running back Alabama A and M Rookie card
1976 Topps Brad Dusek 1976 Topps 31 Brad Dusek Washington Redskins linebacker Texas A and M Rookie card
1976 Topps Pat Leahy 1976 Topps 34 Pat Leahy New York Jets kicker St. Louis Rookie card

Leahy was the Jets' kicker for 18 seasons, 1974 to 1991.
1976 Topps Steve Bartkowski 1976 Topps 35 Steve Bartkowski Atlanta Falcons quarterback California Falcons Ring of Honor 2004, College Hall of Fame 2012 Rookie card

Bartkowski was inducted into the National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame in 1993.
1976 Topps Johnnie Gray 1976 Topps 41 Johnnie Gray Green Bay Packers defensive back Cal State Fullerton Packers Hall of Fame 1994 Rookie card
1976 Topps Harvey Martin 1976 Topps 44 Harvey Martin Dallas Cowboys defensive end Texas A and M - Commerce Rookie card
1976 Topps Neil Clabo 1976 Topps 46 Neil Clabo Minnesota Vikings punter Tennessee Rookie card
1976 Topps Ray Hamilton 1976 Topps 47 Ray Hamilton New England Patriots defensive tackle Oklahoma Rookie card
1976 Topps Jim LeClair 1976 Topps 52 Jim LeClair Cincinnati Bengals linebacker North Dakota College Hall of Fame 1999 Rookie card
1976 Topps Nat Moore 1976 Topps 54 Nat Moore Miami Dolphins wide receiver Florida, Tennessee - Martin Dolphins Honor Roll 1999 Rookie card
1976 Topps Steve Mike-Mayer 1976 Topps 58 Steve Mike-Mayer San Francisco 49ers kicker Maryland Rookie card

Steve's brother Nick was also a kicker in the NFL.
1976 Topps Virgil Livers 1976 Topps 59 Virgil Livers Chicago Bears defensive back Western Kentucky Rookie card
1976 Topps Barty Smith 1976 Topps 62 Barty Smith Green Bay Packers running back Richmond Rookie card
1976 Topps Ira Gordon 1976 Topps 64 Ira Gordon Tampa Bay Buccaneers guard Kansas State Rookie card

Gordon's younger brother, Larry Gordon, played seven seasons for the Miami Dolphins.
1976 Topps Rich Saul 1976 Topps 77 Rich Saul Los Angeles Rams center Michigan State Rookie card

Saul played twelve seasons in the NFL, all for the Rams.
1976 Topps John Smith 1976 Topps 78 John Smith New England Patriots kicker King Alfred's (England), South (England) Rookie card
1976 Topps Ken Payne 1976 Topps 81 Ken Payne Green Bay Packers wide receiver Langston Rookie card
1976 Topps Alvin Maxson 1976 Topps 83 Alvin Maxson New Orleans Saints running back SMU Rookie card
1976 Topps Ken Geddes 1976 Topps 96 Ken Geddes Seattle Seahawks linebacker Nebraska Rookie card
1976 Topps Bob Avellini 1976 Topps 98 Bob Avellini Chicago Bears quarterback Maryland Rookie card
1976 Topps Dave Pureifory 1976 Topps 99 Dave Pureifory Green Bay Packers defensive end, defensive tackle Eastern Michigan Rookie card
1976 Topps Randy Logan 1976 Topps 101 Randy Logan Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Michigan Rookie card
1976 Topps Gregg Bingham 1976 Topps 103 Gregg Bingham Houston Oilers linebacker Purdue Rookie card

Bingham spent his entire 12-year NFL career with the Oilers.
1976 Topps Dave Dalby 1976 Topps 112 Dave Dalby Oakland Raiders center UCLA Rookie card

Dalby played 14 seasons in the NFL, all with the Raiders.
1976 Topps Rich Glover 1976 Topps 121 Rich Glover Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Nebraska Outland Trophy 1972, College Hall of Fame 1995 Rookie card

Glover finished third in voting for the 1972 Heisman Trophy, behind Johnny Rodgers and Greg Pruitt.
1976 Topps Harold Hart 1976 Topps 126 Harold Hart Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Texas Southern Rookie card
1976 Topps Russ Francis 1976 Topps 136 Russ Francis New England Patriots tight end Oregon Rookie card
1976 Topps C.L. Whittington 1976 Topps 138 C.L. Whittington Houston Oilers defensive back Prairie View Rookie card

Whittington's full name is Columbus Lorenzo Whittington.
1976 Topps Walter Payton 1976 Topps 148 Walter Payton Chicago Bears running back Jackson State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1993, College Hall of Fame 1996 Rookie card
1976 Topps Frank Grant 1976 Topps 151 Frank Grant Washington Redskins wide receiver Southern Colorado Rookie card
1976 Topps Nelson Munsey 1976 Topps 153 Nelson Munsey Baltimore Colts defensive back Wyoming Rookie card
1976 Topps Randy White 1976 Topps 158 Randy White Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Maryland Outland Trophy 1974, Cowboys Ring of Honor 1994, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1994 Rookie card

White placed ninth in voting for the Heisman Trophy in 1974. See my page of football cards of Heisman Trophy candidates.
1976 Topps Steve Odom 1976 Topps 161 Steve Odom Green Bay Packers wide receiver Utah Rookie card
1976 Topps Allen Carter 1976 Topps 166 Allen Carter New England Patriots running back USC Rookie card
1976 Topps Durwood Keeton 1976 Topps 178 Durwood Keeton Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive back Oklahoma Rookie card
1976 Topps Dave Jennings 1976 Topps 183 Dave Jennings New York Giants punter St. Lawrence Giants Ring of Honor 2011 Rookie card
1976 Topps J.J. Jones 1976 Topps 186 J.J. Jones New York Jets quarterback Fisk University Rookie card
1976 Topps Tom DeLeone 1976 Topps 187 Tom DeLeone Cleveland Browns center Ohio State Rookie card

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