Rookie Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1964 Philadelphia Joe Rutgens 1964 Philadelphia 192 Joe Rutgens Washington Redskins tackle Illinois Rookie card
1964 Philadelphia Lonnie Sanders 1964 Philadelphia 193 Lonnie Sanders Washington Redskins halfback Michigan State Rookie card

Sanders also lettered in basketball at Michigan State.
1964 Philadelphia Jim Steffen 1964 Philadelphia 194 Jim Steffen Washington Redskins halfback UCLA Rookie card
1964 Topps Houston Antwine 1964 Topps 2 Houston Antwine Boston Patriots defensive tackle, defensive end Southern Illinois Rookie card

Antwine played from 1961 to 1971 for the Boston Patriots, and in 1972 for the Philadelphia Eagles.
1964 Topps Art Graham 1964 Topps 11 Art Graham Boston Patriots end Boston College Rookie card nm
1964 Topps Ron Hall 1964 Topps 12 Ron Hall Boston Patriots defensive back Missouri Valley Rookie card nm
1964 Topps Don McKinnon 1964 Topps 14 Don McKinnon Boston Patriots linebacker Dartmouth Rookie card

McKinnon had small parts in two Wes Anderson movies, The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.
1964 Topps Don Oakes 1964 Topps 15 Don Oakes Boston Patriots tackle Virginia Tech Rookie card, short print
1964 Topps Jack Rudolph 1964 Topps 19 Jack Rudolph Boston Patriots linebacker Georgia Tech Rookie card, short print
1964 Topps Don Webb 1964 Topps 20 Don Webb Boston Patriots defensive back Iowa State Rookie card

Webb played 11 seasons in the AFL and NFL, all with the Patriots.
1964 Topps Stew Barber 1964 Topps 23 Stew Barber Buffalo Bills linebacker Penn State Rookie card
1964 Topps Dave Behrman 1964 Topps 24 Dave Behrman Buffalo Bills center Michigan State Rookie card
1964 Topps Al Bemiller 1964 Topps 25 Al Bemiller Buffalo Bills center Syracuse Rookie card
1964 Topps Jim Dunaway 1964 Topps 27 Jim Dunaway Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Mississippi Rookie card, short print
1964 Topps Daryle Lamonica 1964 Topps 31 Daryle Lamonica Buffalo Bills quarterback Notre Dame Rookie card
1964 Topps Herb Paterra 1964 Topps 33 Herb Paterra Buffalo Bills linebacker Michigan State Rookie card

Paterra played for the Bills in 1963, and for the CFL's Hamilton Tiger-Cats from 1965 to 1968. He then coached college and pro football for 36 years.
1964 Topps Ed Rutkowski 1964 Topps 35 Ed Rutkowski Buffalo Bills defensive back Notre Dame Rookie card
1964 Topps George Saimes 1964 Topps 36 George Saimes Buffalo Bills defensive back Michigan State Bills Wall of Fame 2000 Rookie card
1964 Topps Gene Sykes 1964 Topps 40 Gene Sykes Buffalo Bills defensive back LSU Rookie card nm
1964 Topps John Tracey 1964 Topps 41 John Tracey Buffalo Bills linebacker Texas A and M Rookie card, short print
1964 Topps Ernie Barnes 1964 Topps 48 Ernie Barnes Denver Broncos guard North Carolina Central Rookie card

Barnes was also a painter. His best known piece is "Sugar Shack," which was used as the album cover for Marvin Gaye's album I Want You. See more of Barnes's work at
1964 Topps Tom Janik 1964 Topps 49 Tom Janik Denver Broncos punter, defensive back Texas A and M - Kingsville, Texas A and M Rookie card
1964 Topps Billy Joe 1964 Topps 50 Billy Joe Denver Broncos fullback, coach Villanova College Hall of Fame 2007 Rookie card

UPI and The Sporting News named Joe the 1963 AFL Rookie of the Year.
1964 Topps Ike Lassiter 1964 Topps 51 Ike Lassiter Denver Broncos defensive end St. Augustine Rookie card
1964 Topps John McCormick 1964 Topps 52 John McCormick Denver Broncos quarterback Massachusetts Rookie card, short print nm