Tackle Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1961 Topps Green Bay Packers Team 1961 Topps 47 Green Bay Packers Team Green Bay Packers Though printed in 1961, this card pictures the 1958 Packers team.
1961 Topps Bob St. Clair 1961 Topps 63 Bob St. Clair San Francisco 49ers tackle Tulsa Pro Football Hall of Fame 1990, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009 nm
1961 Topps Mike McCormack 1961 Topps 72 Mike McCormack Cleveland Browns tackle Kansas Pro Football Hall of Fame 1984, Browns Ring of Honor 2010 exmt
1961 Topps Frank Youso 1961 Topps 82 Frank Youso Minnesota Vikings tackle Minnesota Rookie card
1961 Topps Roosevelt Brown 1961 Topps 88 Roosevelt Brown New York Giants tackle Morgan State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 nm
1961 Topps Jim McCusker 1961 Topps 100 Jim McCusker Philadelphia Eagles tackle Pittsburgh Rookie card nm
1961 Topps Rich Michael 1961 Topps 143 Rich Michael Houston Oilers tackle Ohio State
1961 Topps Tom Saidock 1961 Topps 155 Tom Saidock New York Titans tackle Michigan State SGC 88, nm
1961 Topps Ken Rice 1961 Topps 162 Ken Rice Buffalo Bills tackle Auburn Rookie card
1961 Topps Mack Yoho 1961 Topps 165 Mack Yoho Buffalo Bills tackle Miami Ohio nm
1961 Topps Ron Mix 1961 Topps 168 Ron Mix San Diego Chargers tackle USC Chargers Hall of Fame 1978, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979
1961 Topps Volney Peters 1961 Topps 170 Volney Peters San Diego Chargers tackle USC SGC 88, nm
1961 Topps Ernie Wright 1961 Topps 171 Ernie Wright San Diego Chargers tackle Ohio State SGC 92
1961 Topps Eldon Danenhauer 1961 Topps 195 Eldon Danenhauer Denver Broncos tackle Pittsburg State Rookie card
1961 Topps CFL Urban Henry 1961 Topps CFL 5 Urban Henry BC Lions tackle Georgia Tech PSA 8
1961 Topps CFL Tom Hinton 1961 Topps CFL 7 Tom Hinton BC Lions tackle Louisiana Tech Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1991
1961 Topps CFL Ron Allbright 1961 Topps CFL 16 Ron Allbright Calgary Stampeders guard, tackle Error card

Allbright's last name is misspelled "Albright" on this card. Allbright was added to the Stampeders' Wall of Fame in 2014.
1961 Topps CFL Don Luzzi 1961 Topps CFL 22 Don Luzzi Calgary Stampeders tackle Villanova Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1986 exmt
1961 Topps CFL Lorne Reid 1961 Topps CFL 26 Lorne Reid Calgary Stampeders tackle nm+ oc
1961 Topps CFL Ed Gray 1961 Topps CFL 35 Ed Gray Edmonton Eskimos tackle Oklahoma nm oc
1961 Topps CFL Roger Nelson 1961 Topps CFL 38 Roger Nelson Edmonton Eskimos tackle Oklahoma Nelson was the CFL's Lineman of the Year in 1959. nm oc
1961 Topps CFL John Barrow 1961 Topps CFL 44 John Barrow Hamilton Tiger-Cats tackle Florida Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1976
1961 Topps CFL Bronko Nagurski Jr. 1961 Topps CFL 53 Bronko Nagurski Jr. Hamilton Tiger-Cats tackle Notre Dame nm+ oc
1961 Topps CFL Ted Elsby 1961 Topps CFL 59 Ted Elsby Montreal Alouettes tackle nm oc
1961 Topps CFL Gilles Archambault 1961 Topps CFL 74 Gilles Archambault Ottawa Rough Riders tackle Ottawa Error card

Archambault's last name is misspelled "Archambeault."