Tackle Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1894 Mayo Cut Plug Langdon Lea 1894 Mayo Cut Plug 20 Langdon Lea tackle, end Princeton College Hall of Fame 1964
1924 Lafayette Dan Booz 1924 Lafayette 2 Dan Booz center, tackle Lafayette
1924 Lafayette Robert Duffy 1924 Lafayette 7 Robert Duffy tackle Lafayette
1924 Lafayette Adrian Ford 1924 Lafayette 9 Adrian Ford tackle Lafayette Ford played for the NFL's Pottsville Maroons and Frankford Yellow Jackets in 1927.
1924 Lafayette William Highberger 1924 Lafayette 13 William Highberger tackle Lafayette
1926 Spalding Champions Ed McGinley 1926 Spalding Champions 6 Ed McGinley tackle Pennsylvania College Hall of Fame 1979
1926 Spalding Champions Ed Weir 1926 Spalding Champions 13 Ed Weir tackle Nebraska College Hall of Fame 1951
1935 National Chicle Turk Edwards 1935 National Chicle 11 Turk Edwards Boston Redskins tackle Washington State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1969, College Hall of Fame 1975 Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Tom Hupke 1935 National Chicle 12 Tom Hupke Detroit Lions guard, tackle Alabama Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Jim MacMurdo 1935 National Chicle 29 Jim MacMurdo Philadelphia Eagles tackle, guard Pittsburgh Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Nic Niccolai 1935 National Chicle 31 Nic Niccolai Pittsburgh Pirates tackle, kicker Duquesne Steelers Legends Team Rookie card

Niccolai scored 6 field goals in 1935 and 7 in 1936, both years tying for most in the NFL.
1935 National Chicle Ernie Smith 1935 National Chicle 33 Ernie Smith Green Bay Packers tackle USC College Hall of Fame 1970 Rookie card
1946 Sears Browns Ernie Blandin 1946 Sears Browns 1 Ernie Blandin Cleveland Browns tackle, defensive tackle Tulane
1946 Sears Browns Jim Daniell 1946 Sears Browns 2 Jim Daniell Cleveland Browns tackle Ohio State College Hall of Fame 1977
1948 Bowman Paul Briggs 1948 Bowman 6 Paul Briggs Detroit Lions tackle Colorado Rookie card, short print
1948 Bowman Jack Wiley 1948 Bowman 11 Jack Wiley Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Waynesburg Rookie card
1948 Bowman Gil Bouley 1948 Bowman 15 Gil Bouley Los Angeles Rams tackle Boston College Rookie card, short print PSA 3
1948 Bowman John Koniszewski 1948 Bowman 24 John Koniszewski Washington Redskins tackle George Washington Rookie card, short print ex miscut
1948 Bowman John Mastrangelo 1948 Bowman 32 John Mastrangelo Pittsburgh Steelers guard, tackle Notre Dame Rookie card exmt+
1948 Bowman Russ Thomas 1948 Bowman 39 Russ Thomas Detroit Lions tackle Ohio State Rookie card, short print
1948 Bowman Walt Stickel 1948 Bowman 42 Walt Stickel Chicago Bears tackle Tulsa, Pennsylvania Rookie card, short print PSA 6, ex
1948 Bowman Al Wistert 1948 Bowman 43 Al Wistert Philadelphia Eagles tackle Michigan College Hall of Fame 1968, Eagles Honor Roll 2009 Rookie card vg-ex
1948 Bowman John Sanchez 1948 Bowman 54 John Sanchez Washington Redskins tackle Los Angeles City, San Francisco Rookie card, short print
1948 Bowman Tex Coulter 1948 Bowman 73 Tex Coulter New York Giants tackle, end Army Rookie card
1948 Bowman Jim White 1948 Bowman 91 Jim White New York Giants tackle Notre Dame Rookie card