End Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1961 Topps Green Bay Packers Team 1961 Topps 47 Green Bay Packers Team Green Bay Packers Though printed in 1961, this card pictures the 1958 Packers team.
1961 Topps Jim Phillips 1961 Topps 51 Jim Phillips Los Angeles Rams end Auburn
1961 Topps Del Shofner 1961 Topps 52 Del Shofner Los Angeles Rams end Baylor nm
1961 Topps R.C. Owens 1961 Topps 61 R.C. Owens San Francisco 49ers halfback, end College of Idaho 49ers Hall of Fame 2011 1961 was Owens's best season; he caught 55 passes for 1032 yards. He was the first 49er to get 1000 receiving yards in a season. nm
1961 Topps Clyde Conner 1961 Topps 62 Clyde Conner San Francisco 49ers end Pacific Conner is a member of the Pacific Athletics Hall of Fame. nm
1961 Topps Dave Middleton 1961 Topps 81 Dave Middleton Minnesota Vikings end Auburn vg
1961 Topps Kyle Rote 1961 Topps 87 Kyle Rote New York Giants end SMU College Hall of Fame 1964
1961 Topps Tommy McDonald 1961 Topps 96 Tommy McDonald Philadelphia Eagles end, halfback Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1985, Eagles Honor Roll 1988, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1998 McDonald led the NFL with 1144 receiving yards and 13 receiving touchdowns in 1961.
1961 Topps Bobby Walston 1961 Topps 98 Bobby Walston Philadelphia Eagles end Georgia exmt
1961 Topps Pete Retzlaff 1961 Topps 99 Pete Retzlaff Philadelphia Eagles end South Dakota State Eagles Honor Roll 1989 nm
1961 Topps Buddy Dial 1961 Topps 107 Buddy Dial Pittsburgh Steelers end Rice College Hall of Fame 1993 Rookie card
1961 Topps Jimmy Orr 1961 Topps 108 Jimmy Orr Pittsburgh Steelers end Georgia Rookie card
1961 Topps Sonny Randle 1961 Topps 118 Sonny Randle St. Louis Cardinals end Virginia Rookie card nm, SGC 80
1961 Topps Joe Walton 1961 Topps 126 Joe Walton Washington Redskins end Pittsburgh exmt
1961 Topps Don Maynard 1961 Topps 150 Don Maynard New York Titans end Texas-El Paso Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987, Jets Ring of Honor 2010 Rookie card

Maynard was the first player ever signed by the New York Titans.
PSA 9, SGC 88
1961 Topps Art Powell 1961 Topps 151 Art Powell New York Titans end San Jose State Rookie card
1961 Topps Tom Rychlec 1961 Topps 164 Tom Rychlec Buffalo Bills end American International
1961 Topps Paul Maguire 1961 Topps 169 Paul Maguire San Diego Chargers end Citadel
1961 Topps Dave Kocourek 1961 Topps 173 Dave Kocourek San Diego Chargers end Wisconsin
1961 Topps Jim Colclough 1961 Topps 174 Jim Colclough Boston Patriots end Boston College Rookie card exmt
1961 Topps Bob Coolbaugh 1961 Topps 189 Bob Coolbaugh Oakland Raiders end Richmond
1961 Topps Lionel Taylor 1961 Topps 190 Lionel Taylor Denver Broncos end New Mexico Highlands Broncos Ring of Fame 1984 Rookie card
1961 Topps CFL Bruce Claridge 1961 Topps CFL 2 Bruce Claridge BC Lions end Washington Claridge's younger brother, Pat Claridge, also played in the CFL. exmt
1961 Topps CFL Norm Fieldgate 1961 Topps CFL 3 Norm Fieldgate BC Lions end, linebacker British Columbia Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1979 nm oc
1961 Topps CFL Bill Herron 1961 Topps CFL 6 Bill Herron BC Lions end Georgia PSA 7
1961 Topps CFL Bill McKenna 1961 Topps CFL 23 Bill McKenna Calgary Stampeders end Brandeis exmt
1961 Topps CFL Art Scullion 1961 Topps CFL 27 Art Scullion Calgary Stampeders end exmt
1961 Topps CFL Vic Chapman 1961 Topps CFL 31 Vic Chapman Edmonton Eskimos end, punter British Columbia
1961 Topps CFL Tommy Joe Coffey 1961 Topps CFL 33 Tommy Joe Coffey Edmonton Eskimos end, kicker West Texas State Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1977 PSA 8
1961 Topps CFL Paul Dekker 1961 Topps CFL 45 Paul Dekker Hamilton Tiger-Cats end Michigan State Dekker played for the Washington Redskins in 1953.
1961 Topps CFL Cam Fraser 1961 Topps CFL 48 Cam Fraser Hamilton Tiger-Cats end, punter Ottawa PSA 7
1961 Topps CFL Hal Patterson 1961 Topps CFL 56 Hal Patterson Hamilton Tiger-Cats end Kansas Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1971
1961 Topps CFL Harry Lampman 1961 Topps CFL 64 Harry Lampman Montreal Alouettes end Queen's Error card

Lampman's name is misspelled "Lampmann" on the back.
1961 Topps CFL Tom Moran 1961 Topps CFL 69 Tom Moran Montreal Alouettes linebacker, end exmt
1961 Topps CFL Lou Bruce 1961 Topps CFL 75 Lou Bruce Ottawa Rough Riders end, defensive end Queen's exmt oc
1961 Topps CFL Ted Smale 1961 Topps CFL 86 Ted Smale Ottawa Rough Riders end Toronto exmt mc
1961 Topps CFL Bob Simpson 1961 Topps CFL 87 Bob Simpson Ottawa Rough Riders end Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1975 ex+
1961 Topps CFL Ron Dundas 1961 Topps CFL 92 Ron Dundas Saskatchewan Roughriders end exmt mc
1961 Topps CFL Jack Gotta 1961 Topps CFL 93 Jack Gotta Saskatchewan Roughriders end Oregon State exmt+
1961 Topps CFL Doug Killoh 1961 Topps CFL 96 Doug Killoh Saskatchewan Roughriders end, defensive end nm oc
1961 Topps CFL Ed Ochiena 1961 Topps CFL 112 Ed Ochiena Toronto Argonauts end exmt
1961 Topps CFL Bill Stribling 1961 Topps CFL 113 Bill Stribling Toronto Argonauts end Mississippi Before moving to the CFL, Stribling played six seasons for the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. exmt mc
1961 Topps CFL Farrell Funston 1961 Topps CFL 121 Farrell Funston Winnipeg Blue Bombers end Pacific
1961 Topps CFL Herb Gray 1961 Topps CFL 122 Herb Gray Winnipeg Blue Bombers end Texas Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1983 exmt
1961 Topps CFL Ernie Pitts 1961 Topps CFL 127 Ernie Pitts Winnipeg Blue Bombers end Denver ex
1961 Topps CFL Norm Rauhaus 1961 Topps CFL 129 Norm Rauhaus Winnipeg Blue Bombers end Manitoba exmt
1962 Fleer Gino Cappelletti 1962 Fleer 3 Gino Cappelletti Boston Patriots end Minnesota Patriots Hall of Fame 1992 Rookie card
1962 Fleer Jim Colclough 1962 Fleer 5 Jim Colclough Boston Patriots end Boston College
1962 Fleer Tom Rychlec 1962 Fleer 15 Tom Rychlec Buffalo Bills end American International Rychlec was elected to the Meriden, Connecticut, Hall of Fame in 1998.
1962 Fleer Chris Burford 1962 Fleer 27 Chris Burford Dallas Texans end Stanford Chiefs Hall of Fame 1975, College Hall of Fame 1995 PSA 7, nm-mt oc