End Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1956 Topps Ken MacAfee 1956 Topps 65 Ken MacAfee New York Giants end Alabama College Hall of Fame 1999
1956 Topps Dave Middleton 1956 Topps 68 Dave Middleton Detroit Lions end Auburn Rookie card nm
1956 Topps Don Stonesifer 1956 Topps 70 Don Stonesifer Chicago Cardinals end Northwestern Short print PSA 7
1956 Topps Jim Mutscheller 1956 Topps 72 Jim Mutscheller Baltimore Colts end Notre Dame Rookie card
1956 Topps Ray Mathews 1956 Topps 75 Ray Mathews Pittsburgh Steelers end Clemson Steelers Legends Team
1956 Topps Dick Bielski 1956 Topps 76 Dick Bielski Philadelphia Eagles end, fullback Maryland
1956 Topps Elroy Hirsch 1956 Topps 78 Elroy Hirsch Los Angeles Rams end, halfback Wisconsin, Michigan Pro Football Hall of Fame 1968, College Hall of Fame 1974
1956 Topps Jim Doran 1956 Topps 80 Jim Doran Detroit Lions end, defensive end Iowa State, Buena Vista Rookie card exmt
1956 Topps Bill McColl 1956 Topps 83 Bill McColl Chicago Bears end Stanford College Hall of Fame 1973 exmt
1956 Topps Bob Schnelker 1956 Topps 89 Bob Schnelker New York Giants end Bowling Green Rookie card, error card

Schnelker&aposís name is misspelled "Schnecker" on the back of this card.
1956 Topps Detroit Lions Team 1956 Topps 92 Detroit Lions Team Detroit Lions This card pictures the 1955 Lions team.
1956 Topps New York Giants Team 1956 Topps 113 New York Giants Team New York Giants This card pictures the 1955 New York Giants team. Future Hall of Fame coaches Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry are included in the photo. Lombardi is an assistant coach in the second row, and Landry is a player, also in the second row.
1956 Topps Los Angeles Rams Team 1956 Topps 114 Los Angeles Rams Team Los Angeles Rams This card pictures the 1955 Los Angeles Rams team. One of the players, Jack Bighead, was with the Baltimore Colts until early in 1955, so he also appears on the Colts team card. PSA 8
1956 Topps Chicago Bears Team 1956 Topps 119 Chicago Bears Team Chicago Bears This card pictures the 1955 Chicago Bears team. You can see a larger copy of the image in the Bears Photo Store. One of the players on the card, Harry Hugasian, played part of the 1955 season for the Baltimore Colts, and he also appears on the Colts team card. exmt
1957 49ers Team Issue Clyde Conner 1957 49ers Team Issue 9 Clyde Conner San Francisco 49ers end Pacific exmt
1957 49ers Team Issue Red Hickey 1957 49ers Team Issue 19 Red Hickey San Francisco 49ers end, coach Arkansas
1957 49ers Team Issue Bill Jessup 1957 49ers Team Issue 21 Bill Jessup San Francisco 49ers end, punter USC exmt
1957 49ers Team Issue R.C. Owens 1957 49ers Team Issue 28 R.C. Owens San Francisco 49ers halfback, end College of Idaho 49ers Hall of Fame 2011 Owens's full name was Raleigh C. Owens. He played from 1957 to 1964 with the 49ers, Baltimore Colts, and New York Giants. ex+
1957 49ers Team Issue Gordon Soltau 1957 49ers Team Issue 35 Gordon Soltau San Francisco 49ers end, kicker Minnesota ex
1957 49ers Team Issue Billy Wilson 1957 49ers Team Issue 42 Billy Wilson San Francisco 49ers end San Jose State vg-ex
1957 49ers Team Issue 49ers Coaches 1957 49ers Team Issue 43 49ers Coaches
Frankie Albert San Francisco 49ers quarterback, coach Stanford College Hall of Fame 1956
Phil Bengtson San Francisco 49ers coach Minnesota Packers Hall of Fame 1996
Mark Duncan San Francisco 49ers coach Denver
Red Hickey San Francisco 49ers end, coach Arkansas
Bill Johnson San Francisco 49ers center, coach Texas A and M
1957 Giants Team Issue Ken MacAfee 1957 Giants Team Issue 18 Ken MacAfee New York Giants end Alabama College Hall of Fame 1999 nm-mt
1957 Giants Team Issue Kyle Rote 1957 Giants Team Issue 24 Kyle Rote New York Giants end SMU College Hall of Fame 1964 nm
1957 Giants Team Issue Walt Yowarsky 1957 Giants Team Issue 35 Walt Yowarsky New York Giants end Kentucky exmt
1957 Topps Pete Retzlaff 1957 Topps 2 Pete Retzlaff Philadelphia Eagles end South Dakota State Eagles Honor Roll 1989 Rookie card exmt