Rookie Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1966 Philadelphia Ken Willard 1966 Philadelphia 181 Ken Willard San Francisco 49ers running back North Carolina Rookie card
1966 Philadelphia Rickie Harris 1966 Philadelphia 184 Rickie Harris Washington Redskins defensive back Arizona Rookie card
1966 Philadelphia Pat Richter 1966 Philadelphia 189 Pat Richter Washington Redskins end Wisconsin College Hall of Fame 1996 Rookie card
1966 Topps George Byrd 1966 Topps 20 George Byrd Buffalo Bills defensive back Boston University Rookie card
1966 Topps Charlie Janerette 1966 Topps 38 Charlie Janerette Denver Broncos defensive tackle Penn State Rookie card
1966 Topps Ray Kubala 1966 Topps 39 Ray Kubala Denver Broncos center Texas A and M Rookie card
1966 Topps Danny Brabham 1966 Topps 50 Danny Brabham Houston Oilers linebacker Arkansas Rookie card
1966 Topps Otis Taylor 1966 Topps 75 Otis Taylor Kansas City Chiefs end Prairie View Chiefs Hall of Fame 1982 Rookie card
1966 Topps Tom Erlandson 1966 Topps 76 Tom Erlandson Miami Dolphins linebacker Washington State Rookie card
1966 Topps Jim Warren 1966 Topps 85 Jim Warren Miami Dolphins defensive back Illinois Rookie card

Warren had 198 interception return yards in 1966, most in the AFL.
1966 Topps Willie West 1966 Topps 86 Willie West Miami Dolphins defensive back Oregon Rookie card
1966 Topps Eddie Wilson 1966 Topps 88 Eddie Wilson Miami Dolphins quarterback Arizona Rookie card
1966 Topps George Sauer Jr. 1966 Topps 101 George Sauer Jr. New York Jets end Texas Rookie card

Sauer played six seasons for the New York Jets.
1966 Topps Jim Turner 1966 Topps 103 Jim Turner New York Jets kicker Utah State Broncos Ring of Fame 1988 Rookie card nm+
1966 Topps Bill Budness 1966 Topps 105 Bill Budness Oakland Raiders linebacker Boston University Rookie card

Budness is a member of the Boston University Athletic Hall of Fame.
1966 Topps Gus Otto 1966 Topps 114 Gus Otto Oakland Raiders linebacker Missouri Rookie card

Otto returned 2 of his 3 interceptions for touchdowns in 1965.
1966 Topps John Farris 1966 Topps 122 John Farris San Diego Chargers guard San Diego State Rookie card

Farris's middle name is Speed.
1967 Philadelphia Junior Coffey 1967 Philadelphia 2 Junior Coffey Atlanta Falcons halfback Washington Rookie card
1967 Philadelphia Randy Johnson 1967 Philadelphia 4 Randy Johnson Atlanta Falcons quarterback Texas A and M - Kingsville Rookie card, double print
1967 Philadelphia Lou Kirouac 1967 Philadelphia 5 Lou Kirouac Atlanta Falcons guard, kicker Boston College Rookie card, double print SGC 96
1967 Philadelphia Billy Martin 1967 Philadelphia 6 Billy Martin Atlanta Falcons end Georgia Tech Rookie card, double print PSA 8, exmt
1967 Philadelphia Tommy Nobis 1967 Philadelphia 7 Tommy Nobis Atlanta Falcons linebacker Texas Outland Trophy 1965, College Hall of Fame 1981, Falcons Ring of Honor 2004 Rookie card

The Falcons chose Nobis with the first overall pick in the 1966 NFL draft.
1967 Philadelphia Jerry Richardson 1967 Philadelphia 8 Jerry Richardson Atlanta Falcons defensive back West Texas State Rookie card
1967 Philadelphia Marion Rushing 1967 Philadelphia 9 Marion Rushing Atlanta Falcons linebacker Southern Illinois Rookie card, double print PSA 6.5
1967 Philadelphia Ordell Braase 1967 Philadelphia 16 Ordell Braase Baltimore Colts defensive end South Dakota Rookie card, double print