Wide Receiver Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1977 Topps Pat Tilley 1977 Topps 412 Pat Tilley St. Louis Cardinals wide receiver Louisiana Tech Rookie card
1977 Topps 418 John Gilliam Atlanta Falcons wide receiver South Carolina State
1977 Topps 424 James Scott Chicago Bears wide receiver Trinity Valley Community College Rookie card
1977 Topps 428 Don Herrmann New Orleans Saints wide receiver Waynesburg
1977 Topps 440 Roger Carr Baltimore Colts wide receiver Louisiana Tech
1977 Topps 445 Harold Jackson Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Jackson State
1977 Topps 457 Walker Gillette New York Giants wide receiver Richmond
1977 Topps 468 Bob Moore Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end, wide receiver Stanford
1977 Topps 470 Cliff Branch Oakland Raiders wide receiver Colorado
1977 Topps 475 Gary Garrison San Diego Chargers wide receiver San Diego State Chargers Hall of Fame 1985
1977 Topps 479 Darryl Stingley New England Patriots wide receiver Purdue
1977 Topps 489 Reuben Gant Buffalo Bills tight end, wide receiver Oklahoma State Rookie card
1977 Topps 493 Ron Jessie Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Kansas
1977 Topps 497 Bill Van Heusen Denver Broncos punter, wide receiver Maryland
1977 Topps 502 Steve Schubert Chicago Bears wide receiver Massachusetts Rookie card
1977 Topps 509 Steve Odom Green Bay Packers wide receiver Utah
1977 Topps 512 Richard Caster New York Jets wide receiver Jackson State
1977 Topps 516 Butch Johnson Dallas Cowboys wide receiver California-Riverside Rookie card
1977 Topps 525 Brian Baschnagel Chicago Bears wide receiver Ohio State Rookie card
1978 Country Kitchen Vikings Ahmad Rashad 1978 Country Kitchen Vikings 4 Ahmad Rashad Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Oregon College Hall of Fame 2007 Rashad was named the MVP of the 1979 Pro Bowl, played in January after the 1978 season.
1978 Holsum Bread Billy Johnson 1978 Holsum Bread 13 Billy Johnson Houston Oilers wide receiver Widener College Hall of Fame 1996
1978 Holsum Bread Mel Gray 1978 Holsum Bread 27 Mel Gray St. Louis Cardinals wide receiver Missouri
1978 Topps Richard Caster 1978 Topps 21 Richard Caster New York Jets wide receiver Jackson State
1978 Topps Ken Burrough 1978 Topps 37 Ken Burrough Houston Oilers wide receiver Texas Southern
1978 Topps Duriel Harris 1978 Topps 46 Duriel Harris Miami Dolphins wide receiver New Mexico State