Wide Receiver Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1978 Topps James Scott 1978 Topps 52 James Scott Chicago Bears wide receiver Trinity Valley Community College
1978 Topps Johnny Rodgers 1978 Topps 63 Johnny Rodgers San Diego Chargers wide receiver Nebraska Heisman Trophy 1972, College Hall of Fame 2000 Rookie card

Rodgers played for the Montreal Aloutettes from 1973 to 1976. He won the CFL's Most Outstanding Rookie award in 1973.
1978 Topps Billy Brooks 1978 Topps 74 Billy Brooks Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Oklahoma Rookie card
1978 Topps Bob Chandler 1978 Topps 85 Bob Chandler Buffalo Bills wide receiver USC
1978 Topps Frank Grant 1978 Topps 91 Frank Grant Washington Redskins wide receiver Southern Colorado
1978 Topps Harold Jackson 1978 Topps 105 Harold Jackson New England Patriots wide receiver Jackson State
1978 Topps Rick Upchurch 1978 Topps 117 Rick Upchurch Denver Broncos wide receiver Minnesota
1978 Topps Ahmad Rashad 1978 Topps 125 Ahmad Rashad Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Oregon College Hall of Fame 2007 Rashad was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1987.
1978 Topps Jimmy Robinson 1978 Topps 139 Jimmy Robinson New York Giants wide receiver Georgia Tech Rookie card

Robinson is currently the wide receivers coach for the Dallas Cowboys.
1978 Topps Morris Owens 1978 Topps 146 Morris Owens Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Arizona State Rookie card

Owens caught the first touchdown pass in Tampa Bay franchise history, a one-yarder from Louis Carter. He was the Buccaneers' leading receiver in 1976, 1977, and 1978.
1978 Topps Steve Schubert 1978 Topps 154 Steve Schubert Chicago Bears wide receiver Massachusetts
1978 Topps Haven Moses 1978 Topps 177 Haven Moses Denver Broncos wide receiver San Diego State Broncos Ring of Fame 1988
1978 Topps Isaac Curtis 1978 Topps 185 Isaac Curtis Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver California, San Diego State
1978 Topps Ray Rhodes 1978 Topps 188 Ray Rhodes New York Giants wide receiver, defensive back Tulsa, TCU
1978 Topps Roger Carr 1978 Topps 195 Roger Carr Baltimore Colts wide receiver Louisiana Tech
1978 Topps Pat Tilley 1978 Topps 203 Pat Tilley St. Louis Cardinals wide receiver Louisiana Tech Tilley led the Cardinals in receiving in six of his eleven seasons with the team.
1978 Topps Reuben Gant 1978 Topps 212 Reuben Gant Buffalo Bills tight end, wide receiver Oklahoma State
1978 Topps Darryl Stingley 1978 Topps 221 Darryl Stingley New England Patriots wide receiver Purdue
1978 Topps Emery Moorehead 1978 Topps 228 Emery Moorehead New York Giants tight end, wide receiver Colorado Moorehead's son, Aaron Moorehead, was a wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts from 2003 to 2007.
1978 Topps Steve Odom 1978 Topps 237 Steve Odom Green Bay Packers wide receiver Utah
1978 Topps Don Herrmann 1978 Topps 243 Don Herrmann New Orleans Saints wide receiver Waynesburg
1978 Topps J.K. McKay 1978 Topps 246 J.K. McKay Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver USC
1978 Topps Butch Johnson 1978 Topps 252 Butch Johnson Dallas Cowboys wide receiver California-Riverside
1978 Topps Charlie Smith 1978 Topps 259 Charlie Smith Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Grambling
1978 Topps Dave Logan 1978 Topps 268 Dave Logan Cleveland Browns wide receiver Colorado