Tackle Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1964 Wheaties Stamps Joe Rutgens 1964 Wheaties Stamps 57 Joe Rutgens Washington Redskins tackle Illinois
1964 Wheaties Stamps Dick Schafrath 1964 Wheaties Stamps 60 Dick Schafrath Cleveland Browns tackle Ohio State PSA 9
1965 Philadelphia Jim Parker 1965 Philadelphia 10 Jim Parker Baltimore Colts guard, tackle Ohio State Outland Trophy 1956, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1973, College Hall of Fame 1974
1965 Philadelphia Bob Vogel 1965 Philadelphia 13 Bob Vogel Baltimore Colts tackle Ohio State Rookie card

Vogel played 10 seasons in the NFL, all for the Colts.
1965 Philadelphia Dick Evey 1965 Philadelphia 20 Dick Evey Chicago Bears tackle Tennessee Rookie card
1965 Philadelphia Bob Wetoska 1965 Philadelphia 27 Bob Wetoska Chicago Bears tackle Notre Dame Rookie card, double print

Wetoska played 10 seasons in the NFL, all for the Bears.
1965 Philadelphia Dick Schafrath 1965 Philadelphia 40 Dick Schafrath Cleveland Browns tackle Ohio State
1965 Philadelphia Tony Liscio 1965 Philadelphia 48 Tony Liscio Dallas Cowboys tackle Tulsa Rookie card, double print
1965 Philadelphia Roger Brown 1965 Philadelphia 59 Roger Brown Detroit Lions tackle Maryland Eastern Shore College Hall of Fame 2009
1965 Philadelphia John Gordy 1965 Philadelphia 62 John Gordy Detroit Lions tackle, guard Tennessee
1965 Philadelphia Henry Jordan 1965 Philadelphia 77 Henry Jordan Green Bay Packers tackle Virginia Packers Hall of Fame 1975, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1995
1965 Philadelphia Merlin Olsen 1965 Philadelphia 94 Merlin Olsen Los Angeles Rams tackle Utah State Outland Trophy 1961, College Hall of Fame 1980, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1982
1965 Philadelphia Frank Varrichione 1965 Philadelphia 96 Frank Varrichione Los Angeles Rams tackle Notre Dame Steelers Legends Team Double print PSA 9, SGC 88, nm
1965 Philadelphia Grady Alderman 1965 Philadelphia 100 Grady Alderman Minnesota Vikings tackle Detroit
1965 Philadelphia Roosevelt Brown 1965 Philadelphia 115 Roosevelt Brown New York Giants tackle Morgan State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975, Giants Ring of Honor 2010
1965 Philadelphia Floyd Peters 1965 Philadelphia 135 Floyd Peters Philadelphia Eagles tackle San Francisco State Rookie card exmt
1965 Philadelphia Charlie Bradshaw 1965 Philadelphia 144 Charlie Bradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Baylor Steelers Legends Team Error card

Name misspelled "Charley."
PSA 7.5, ex
1965 Philadelphia Roland Lakes 1965 Philadelphia 178 Roland Lakes San Francisco 49ers tackle Wichita State Rookie card

Lakes played from 1961 to 1971 for the 49ers and Giants.
1965 Topps Charles Long 1965 Topps 13 Charles Long Boston Patriots tackle Tennessee-Chatanooga nm
1965 Topps Dick Hudson 1965 Topps 31 Dick Hudson Buffalo Bills tackle Memphis Rookie card
1965 Topps Eldon Danenhauer 1965 Topps 48 Eldon Danenhauer Denver Broncos tackle Pittsburg State
1965 Topps Jim Perkins 1965 Topps 61 Jim Perkins Denver Broncos tackle Colorado nm oc
1965 Topps Jerry Sturm 1965 Topps 64 Jerry Sturm Denver Broncos tackle, guard Illinois
1965 Topps Walt Suggs 1965 Topps 84 Walt Suggs Houston Oilers tackle Mississippi State
1965 Topps Dave Hill 1965 Topps 102 Dave Hill Kansas City Chiefs tackle Auburn Chiefs Hall of Fame 1997 Rookie card