Football, Baseball, and Other Sports Card Values

The estimate the values of your vintage cards, I recommend looking at recent prices on eBay. Price guides such as Beckett (see below) are also popular.

Also see my blog article, V is for Values, and my gallery page on places to sell football, baseball, and other sports cards.

Finding Your Cards on eBay

To find recent eBay sales for your cards:

  1. Bring up the eBay Sports Card Finder.
  2. Use the Sports Card Finder to search for your card. I recommend choosing the set name and entering the player's name in the search field, e.g., "1981 Topps" and "Joe Montana."
  3. When the results for your search appear, choose the link that says "Show recent eBay sales for this search."

The condition of your cards is critical in determining their value, so look in the results for cards that are in the same condition as yours. Many of the cards you see will have grades assigned to them, either by the seller or a third-party grading company such as SGC or PSA. You can find descriptions of the grades on PSA's web site and SGC's web site.

Sports Card Price Guides

Beckett publishes the most popular price guides, and the guides are available on eBay. Beckett prints a separate guide for each sport.