Wide Receiver Football Cards

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Picture Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Est. Retail Value (?) Grades available at nearmintcards.com
1977 Topps Receiving Leaders 1977 Topps 2 Receiving Leaders
MacArthur Lane Kansas City Chiefs running back Utah State
Drew Pearson Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Tulsa Cowboys Ring of Honor 2011
1977 Topps Isaac Curtis 1977 Topps 10 Isaac Curtis Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver California, San Diego State
1977 Topps John Holland 1977 Topps 17 John Holland Buffalo Bills wide receiver Tennessee State Rookie card
1977 Topps Glenn Doughty 1977 Topps 32 Glenn Doughty Baltimore Colts wide receiver Michigan
1977 Topps Freddie Solomon 1977 Topps 54 Freddie Solomon Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tampa
1977 Topps Billy Johnson 1977 Topps 59 Billy Johnson Houston Oilers wide receiver Widener College Hall of Fame 1996 Johnson was one of a few players who wore eyeglasses while playing.
1977 Topps Randy Vataha 1977 Topps 64 Randy Vataha New England Patriots wide receiver Stanford
1977 Topps Mel Gray 1977 Topps 81 Mel Gray St. Louis Cardinals wide receiver Missouri
1977 Topps Dwight Harrison 1977 Topps 82 Dwight Harrison Buffalo Bills defensive back, wide receiver Texas A and M - Kingsville
1977 Topps John McDaniel 1977 Topps 89 John McDaniel Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Lincoln University Rookie card
1977 Topps Ray Rhodes 1977 Topps 98 Ray Rhodes New York Giants wide receiver, defensive back Tulsa, TCU Rookie card
1977 Topps Charlie Smith 1977 Topps 103 Charlie Smith Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Grambling
1977 Topps Chip Myers 1977 Topps 109 Chip Myers Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Northwest Oklahoma State
1977 Topps Jack Dolbin 1977 Topps 113 Jack Dolbin Denver Broncos wide receiver Wake Forest Rookie card
1977 Topps Duriel Harris 1977 Topps 119 Duriel Harris Miami Dolphins wide receiver New Mexico State Rookie card
1977 Topps Drew Pearson 1977 Topps 130 Drew Pearson Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Tulsa Cowboys Ring of Honor 2011
1977 Topps Bob Trumpy 1977 Topps 135 Bob Trumpy Cincinnati Bengals tight end, wide receiver Utah
1977 Topps Reggie Rucker 1977 Topps 138 Reggie Rucker Cleveland Browns wide receiver Boston University
1977 Topps Harold Carmichael 1977 Topps 144 Harold Carmichael Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Southern Eagles Honor Roll 1987
1977 Topps Gene Washington 1977 Topps 156 Gene Washington San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Stanford
1977 Topps Ike Harris 1977 Topps 161 Ike Harris St. Louis Cardinals wide receiver Iowa State
1977 Topps Charlie Joiner 1977 Topps 167 Charlie Joiner San Diego Chargers wide receiver Grambling Chargers Hall of Fame 1993, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1996
1977 Topps Steve Largent 1977 Topps 177 Steve Largent Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tulsa Pro Football Hall of Fame 1995, Seahawks Ring of Honor 1989 Rookie card
1977 Topps Paul Warfield 1977 Topps 185 Paul Warfield Cleveland Browns wide receiver Ohio State Browns Ring of Honor 2010, Dolphins Honor Roll 1990, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983 PSA 8
1977 Topps Lynn Swann 1977 Topps 195 Lynn Swann Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver USC College Hall of Fame 1993, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2001 Swann was the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania in 2006. He lost to the incumbent, Ed Rendell.
1977 Topps Bo Rather 1977 Topps 239 Bo Rather Chicago Bears wide receiver Michigan Rookie card
1977 Topps Larry Brunson 1977 Topps 244 Larry Brunson Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Mesa State, Colorado Rookie card
1977 Topps Jerome Barkum 1977 Topps 254 Jerome Barkum New York Jets tight end, wide receiver Jackson State
1977 Topps Nat Moore 1977 Topps 278 Nat Moore Miami Dolphins wide receiver Florida, Tennessee - Martin Dolphins Honor Roll 1999
1977 Topps Larry Walton 1977 Topps 286 Larry Walton Detroit Lions safety, wide receiver Trinidad State Junior College, Arizona State
1977 Topps Frank Grant 1977 Topps 289 Frank Grant Washington Redskins wide receiver Southern Colorado
1977 Topps Frank Grant 1977 Topps 299 Frank Grant Washington Redskins wide receiver Southern Colorado
1977 Topps Rick Upchurch 1977 Topps 301 Rick Upchurch Denver Broncos wide receiver Minnesota Rookie card
1977 Topps Ken Burrough 1977 Topps 305 Ken Burrough Houston Oilers wide receiver Texas Southern
1977 Topps Frank Lewis 1977 Topps 319 Frank Lewis Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Grambling
1977 Topps Steve Holden 1977 Topps 326 Steve Holden Cleveland Browns wide receiver Arizona State
1977 Topps Lou Piccone 1977 Topps 333 Lou Piccone New York Jets wide receiver West Liberty State Rookie card
1977 Topps Terry Metcalf 1977 Topps 345 Terry Metcalf St. Louis Cardinals running back, wide receiver Long Beach State
1977 Topps Ken Payne 1977 Topps 347 Ken Payne Green Bay Packers wide receiver Langston
1977 Topps Ahmad Rashad 1977 Topps 359 Ahmad Rashad Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Oregon College Hall of Fame 2007
1977 Topps Golden Richards 1977 Topps 367 Golden Richards Dallas Cowboys wide receiver BYU, Hawaii
1977 Topps Bob Chandler 1977 Topps 383 Bob Chandler Buffalo Bills wide receiver USC
1977 Topps Vince Papale 1977 Topps 397 Vince Papale Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver St. Joseph's (PA) Rookie card

Papale was the subject of the movie Invincible. St. Joseph's University, where Papale attended college, did not have a football program. He made the team with the Philadelphia Eagles at 30 years old.
1977 Topps 404 Ray Jarvis Detroit Lions wide receiver Norfolk State Rookie card
1977 Topps 408 J.K. McKay Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver USC Rookie card
1977 Topps Pat Tilley 1977 Topps 412 Pat Tilley St. Louis Cardinals wide receiver Louisiana Tech Rookie card
1977 Topps 418 John Gilliam Atlanta Falcons wide receiver South Carolina State
1977 Topps 424 James Scott Chicago Bears wide receiver Trinity Valley Community College Rookie card
1977 Topps 428 Don Herrmann New Orleans Saints wide receiver Waynesburg
1977 Topps 440 Roger Carr Baltimore Colts wide receiver Louisiana Tech

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