Quarterback Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1976 Topps Bill Kilmer 1976 Topps 55 Bill Kilmer Washington Redskins quarterback, halfback UCLA Redskins Ring of Fame, Saints Hall of Fame 1990, College Hall of Fame 1999
1976 Topps Charley Johnson 1976 Topps 68 Charley Johnson Denver Broncos quarterback New Mexico State Broncos Ring of Fame 1986
1976 Topps Terry Bradshaw 1976 Topps 75 Terry Bradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Louisiana Tech Pro Football Hall of Fame 1989, College Hall of Fame 1996, Steelers All-Time Team
1976 Topps Earl Morrall 1976 Topps 93 Earl Morrall Miami Dolphins quarterback Michigan State Morrall is a member of the NFL's 40-and-over club. He played until he was 42.
1976 Topps Bob Avellini 1976 Topps 98 Bob Avellini Chicago Bears quarterback Maryland Rookie card
1976 Topps Jim Plunkett 1976 Topps 104 Jim Plunkett New England Patriots quarterback Stanford Heisman Trophy 1970, College Hall of Fame 1990
1976 Topps Al Woodall 1976 Topps 118 Al Woodall New York Jets quarterback Duke
1976 Topps Dan Fouts 1976 Topps 128 Dan Fouts San Diego Chargers quarterback Oregon Chargers Hall of Fame 1993, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1993
1976 Topps Joe Reed 1976 Topps 137 Joe Reed Detroit Lions quarterback Baylor, Mississippi State
1976 Topps Roman Gabriel 1976 Topps 145 Roman Gabriel Philadelphia Eagles quarterback North Carolina State College Hall of Fame 1989
1976 Topps Steve Ramsey 1976 Topps 156 Steve Ramsey Denver Broncos quarterback North Texas
1976 Topps Norm Snead 1976 Topps 163 Norm Snead San Francisco 49ers quarterback Wake Forest
1976 Topps Bob Berry 1976 Topps 169 Bob Berry Minnesota Vikings quarterback Oregon Berry was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1987.
1976 Topps Dan Pastorini 1976 Topps 175 Dan Pastorini Houston Oilers quarterback Santa Clara
1976 Topps J.J. Jones 1976 Topps 186 J.J. Jones New York Jets quarterback Fisk University Rookie card
1976 Topps 1975 Passing Leaders 1976 Topps 201 1975 Passing Leaders
Ken Anderson Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Augustana
Fran Tarkenton Minnesota Vikings quarterback Georgia Pro Football Hall of Fame 1986, College Hall of Fame 1987, Vikings Ring of Honor 1998
1976 Topps John Hadl 1976 Topps 222 John Hadl Green Bay Packers quarterback Kansas Chargers Hall of Fame 1983, College Hall of Fame 1994
1976 Topps Joe Theismann 1976 Topps 231 Joe Theismann Washington Redskins quarterback Notre Dame Redskins Ring of Fame, College Hall of Fame 2003 Theismann was the NFL MVP in 1983.
1976 Topps Jesse Freitas 1976 Topps 237 Jesse Freitas San Diego Chargers quarterback San Diego State, Stanford Freitas's father, also named Jesse, was a quarterback for the AAFC's San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Rockets, and Buffalo Bills.
1976 Topps Marty Domres 1976 Topps 249 Marty Domres Baltimore Colts quarterback Columbia
1976 Topps Bob Griese 1976 Topps 255 Bob Griese Miami Dolphins quarterback Purdue College Hall of Fame 1984, Dolphins Honor Roll 1990, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1990 Griese's son, Brian, was a quarterback for the Broncos, Dolphins, Buccaneers, and Bears.
1976 Topps Jim Hart 1976 Topps 266 Jim Hart St. Louis Cardinals quarterback Southern Illinois
1976 Topps Steve Spurrier 1976 Topps 274 Steve Spurrier San Francisco 49ers quarterback Florida Heisman Trophy 1966, College Hall of Fame 1986
1976 Topps Greg Landry 1976 Topps 286 Greg Landry Detroit Lions quarterback Massachusetts
1976 Topps Don Strock 1976 Topps 299 Don Strock Miami Dolphins quarterback Virginia Tech Rookie card

Strock placed ninth in voting for the Heisman Trophy in 1972. See the Gallery's page of football cards of Heisman Trophy candidates.