Linebacker Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1978 Topps Bill Bergey 1978 Topps 190 Bill Bergey Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Arkansas State Eagles Honor Roll 1988
1978 Topps Larry Gordon 1978 Topps 202 Larry Gordon Miami Dolphins linebacker Arizona State Rookie card

Gordon's older brother, Ira Gordon, played six seasons for the San Diego Chargers.
1978 Topps Thomas Henderson 1978 Topps 213 Thomas Henderson Dallas Cowboys linebacker Langston Rookie card

Henderson won a $28 million lottery in 2000.
1978 Topps Gregg Bingham 1978 Topps 224 Gregg Bingham Houston Oilers linebacker Purdue
1978 Topps Reggie Williams 1978 Topps 229 Reggie Williams Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Dartmouth College Hall of Fame 2007 Rookie card
1978 Topps Tom Jackson 1978 Topps 240 Tom Jackson Denver Broncos linebacker Louisville Broncos Ring of Fame 1992 Rookie card
1978 Topps Larry Keller 1978 Topps 247 Larry Keller New York Jets linebacker Houston Rookie card
1978 Topps Bo Harris 1978 Topps 249 Bo Harris Cincinnati Bengals linebacker LSU Rookie card

Harris's full name is Clinton Lee Harris Jr.
1978 Topps Paul Naumoff 1978 Topps 253 Paul Naumoff Detroit Lions linebacker Tennessee
1978 Topps Brad Van Pelt 1978 Topps 270 Brad Van Pelt New York Giants linebacker Michigan State College Hall of Fame 2001, Giants Ring of Honor 2011
1978 Topps Don Goode 1978 Topps 279 Don Goode San Diego Chargers linebacker Texas
1978 Topps Monte Johnson 1978 Topps 282 Monte Johnson Oakland Raiders linebacker Nebraska
1978 Topps Brian Kelley 1978 Topps 291 Brian Kelley New York Giants linebacker California Lutheran College Hall of Fame 2010
1978 Topps Tommy Hart 1978 Topps 302 Tommy Hart Chicago Bears linebacker Morris Brown
1978 Topps Terry Beeson 1978 Topps 313 Terry Beeson Seattle Seahawks linebacker Kansas Rookie card
1978 Topps John Bunting 1978 Topps 319 John Bunting Philadelphia Eagles linebacker North Carolina
1978 Topps Ed Simonini 1978 Topps 325 Ed Simonini Baltimore Colts linebacker Texas A and M Rookie card
1978 Topps Robert Brazile 1978 Topps 337 Robert Brazile Houston Oilers linebacker Jackson State
1978 Topps Willie Hall 1978 Topps 345 Willie Hall Oakland Raiders linebacker USC
1978 Topps Waymond Bryant 1978 Topps 359 Waymond Bryant Chicago Bears linebacker Tennessee State
1978 Topps Merv Krakau 1978 Topps 369 Merv Krakau Buffalo Bills linebacker Iowa State Rookie card
1978 Topps Greg Buttle 1978 Topps 382 Greg Buttle New York Jets linebacker Penn State
1978 Topps Harry Carson 1978 Topps 393 Harry Carson New York Giants linebacker South Carolina State College Hall of Fame 2002, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2006
1978 Topps Derrel Luce 1978 Topps 418 Derrel Luce Baltimore Colts linebacker Baylor Rookie card
1978 Topps Harold McLinton 1978 Topps 436 Harold McLinton Washington Redskins linebacker Southern