Linebacker Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1975 Fleer Immortal Roll George Connor 1975 Fleer Immortal Roll 59 George Connor linebacker Holy Cross, Notre Dame Outland Trophy 1946, College Hall of Fame 1963, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975
1975 Fleer Immortal Roll Bill George 1975 Fleer Immortal Roll 77 Bill George linebacker, guard Wake Forest Pro Football Hall of Fame 1974
1975 Fleer Immortal Roll Joe Schmidt 1975 Fleer Immortal Roll 79 Joe Schmidt linebacker Pittsburgh Pro Football Hall of Fame 1973, College Hall of Fame 2000
1975 Topps Ralph Baker 1975 Topps 9 Ralph Baker New York Jets linebacker Penn State
1975 Topps Jim Carter 1975 Topps 19 Jim Carter Green Bay Packers linebacker Minnesota
1975 Topps Dave Robinson 1975 Topps 46 Dave Robinson Washington Redskins linebacker Penn State Packers Hall of Fame 1982, College Hall of Fame 1997, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2013
1975 Topps Ron Pritchard 1975 Topps 51 Ron Pritchard Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Arizona State College Hall of Fame 2003 Rookie card
1975 Topps Dan Conners 1975 Topps 52 Dan Conners Oakland Raiders linebacker Miami Florida
1975 Topps Greg Brezina 1975 Topps 62 Greg Brezina Atlanta Falcons linebacker Houston
1975 Topps Paul Naumoff 1975 Topps 74 Paul Naumoff Detroit Lions linebacker Tennessee
1975 Topps Bob Babich 1975 Topps 82 Bob Babich Cleveland Browns linebacker Miami Ohio College Hall of Fame 1994
1975 Topps Ron Hornsby 1975 Topps 87 Ron Hornsby New York Giants linebacker Southeast Louisiana
1975 Topps Andy Russell 1975 Topps 90 Andy Russell Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Missouri Steelers All-Time Team
1975 Topps Doug Buffone 1975 Topps 97 Doug Buffone Chicago Bears linebacker Louisville
1975 Topps Joe Federspiel 1975 Topps 107 Joe Federspiel New Orleans Saints linebacker Kentucky Saints Hall of Fame 1993
1975 Topps Larry Hefner 1975 Topps 111 Larry Hefner Green Bay Packers linebacker Clemson Rookie card
1975 Topps D.D. Lewis 1975 Topps 118 D.D. Lewis Dallas Cowboys linebacker Mississippi State College Hall of Fame 2001
1975 Topps Jack Ham 1975 Topps 125 Jack Ham Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Penn State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1988, College Hall of Fame 1990, Steelers All-Time Team
1975 Topps Stan White 1975 Topps 144 Stan White Baltimore Colts linebacker Ohio State Rookie card
1975 Topps Larry Stallings 1975 Topps 154 Larry Stallings St. Louis Cardinals linebacker Georgia Tech
1975 Topps Doug Swift 1975 Topps 167 Doug Swift Miami Dolphins linebacker Amherst
1975 Topps Jim Youngblood 1975 Topps 176 Jim Youngblood Los Angeles Rams linebacker Tennessee Tech College Hall of Fame 1996 Rookie card
1975 Topps George Webster 1975 Topps 186 George Webster New England Patriots linebacker Michigan State College Hall of Fame 1987
1975 Topps John Garlington 1975 Topps 193 John Garlington Cleveland Browns linebacker LSU
1975 Topps 1974 All-Pro Linebackers 1975 Topps 217 1974 All-Pro Linebackers
Ted Hendricks Baltimore Colts linebacker Miami Florida College Hall of Fame 1987, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1990
Phil Villapiano Oakland Raiders linebacker Bowling Green