Defensive Back Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1978 Topps Charlie Waters 1978 Topps 385 Charlie Waters Dallas Cowboys defensive back Clemson
1978 Topps James Hunter 1978 Topps 389 James Hunter Detroit Lions defensive back Grambling Rookie card

Hunter's son, Javin Hunter, was a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens in 2002.
1978 Topps Jimmy Allen 1978 Topps 391 Jimmy Allen Detroit Lions defensive back Pierce College, UCLA Rookie card

Allen was elected to the Pierce College Hall of Fame in 2012.
1978 Topps Virgil Livers 1978 Topps 397 Virgil Livers Chicago Bears defensive back Western Kentucky
1978 Topps Artimus Parker 1978 Topps 402 Artimus Parker New York Jets defensive back USC Rookie card
1978 Topps Herman Edwards 1978 Topps 404 Herman Edwards Philadelphia Eagles defensive back California, San Diego State Rookie card

Edwards was the head coach of the New York Jets from 2001 to 2005, and of the Kansas City Chiefs from 2006 to 2008.
1978 Topps Bill Bryant 1978 Topps 412 Bill Bryant New York Giants defensive back Grambling Rookie card

Bryant played in the World Football League in 1974 and 1975.
1978 Topps Marvin Cobb 1978 Topps 414 Marvin Cobb Cincinnati Bengals defensive back USC
1978 Topps Louis Wright 1978 Topps 420 Louis Wright Denver Broncos defensive back Arizona State, San Jose State Broncos Ring of Fame 1993 Rookie card
1978 Topps Prentice McCray 1978 Topps 421 Prentice McCray New England Patriots defensive back Arizona State
1978 Topps Emmitt Thomas 1978 Topps 426 Emmitt Thomas Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Bishop Chiefs Hall of Fame 1986, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2008 Thomas holds the Chiefs record for career interceptions, with 58.
1978 Topps John Sanders 1978 Topps 428 John Sanders Philadelphia Eagles defensive back South Dakota Rookie card
1978 Topps Clarence Scott 1978 Topps 433 Clarence Scott Cleveland Browns defensive back Kansas State
1978 Topps Bruce Laird 1978 Topps 438 Bruce Laird Baltimore Colts defensive back American International
1978 Topps Clyde Powers 1978 Topps 452 Clyde Powers New York Giants defensive back Oklahoma
1978 Topps Lemar Parrish 1978 Topps 455 Lemar Parrish Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Lincoln University
1978 Topps Roger Wehrli 1978 Topps 464 Roger Wehrli St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Missouri College Hall of Fame 2003, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2007, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2007
1978 Topps Mel Blount 1978 Topps 475 Mel Blount Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Southern Pro Football Hall of Fame 1989, Steelers All-Time Team
1978 Topps Eddie Brown 1978 Topps 476 Eddie Brown Washington Redskins defensive back Tennessee
1978 Topps Mike Fuller 1978 Topps 483 Mike Fuller San Diego Chargers defensive back Auburn
1978 Topps Rolland Lawrence 1978 Topps 490 Rolland Lawrence Atlanta Falcons defensive back Tabor
1978 Topps Dwight Harrison 1978 Topps 496 Dwight Harrison Buffalo Bills defensive back, wide receiver Texas A and M - Kingsville
1978 Topps Gary Fencik 1978 Topps 497 Gary Fencik Chicago Bears defensive back Yale Rookie card
1978 Topps Falcons Leaders 1978 Topps 501 Falcons Leaders
Claude Humphrey Atlanta Falcons defensive end Tennessee State Falcons Ring of Honor 2008, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2014
Alfred Jenkins Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Morris Brown
Rolland Lawrence Atlanta Falcons defensive back Tabor
Jeff Merrow Atlanta Falcons defensive end West Virginia
Haskel Stanback Atlanta Falcons running back Tennessee
1978 Topps Colts Leaders 1978 Topps 502 Colts Leaders
Lyle Blackwood Baltimore Colts defensive back TCU
Fred Cook Baltimore Colts defensive end Southern Mississippi
Lydell Mitchell Baltimore Colts running back Penn State College Hall of Fame 2004