Teammate Brothers

On the Pro Football Hall of Fame web site there is a list of brothers who played pro football. Using that list, I haved marked all of the players in the Gallery whose brothers also played professionally. In many cases, only one brother appeared on a card, and it was nice to give the cardless brothers a nod. Did you know, for instance, that Terry Bradshaw's brother Craig played a season for the Houston Oilers?

In the Hall of Fame's list, the brothers who were teammates during their pro careers are marked with a diamond. Seeing those made me wonder how many brothers appeared with the same team in the same set of football cards. I scanned the Gallery, and these are the ones I found:

Knox and Garrard "Buster" Ramsey, Chicago Cardinals

Brothers Knox Ramsey and Garrard "Buster" Ramsey were teammates with the Chicago Cardinals in 1950 and 1951. They both appeared with the Cardinals on 1951 Bowman cards.

Knox Ramsey 1950 Bowman rookie football card1950 Bowman Buster Ramsey rookie football card

Ebert and Steve Van Buren, Philadelphia Eagles

Ebert Van Buren and Steve Van Buren were teammates with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1951, and they both appeared on 1951 Bowman football cards.

Ebert Van Buren 1951 Bowman rookie football cardSteve Van Buren 1951 Bowman football card

Phil and Merlin Olsen, Los Angeles Rams

Phil Olsen and Merlin Olsen were teammates with the Los Angeles Rams from 1971 to 1974. They appeared together on 1972 Sunoco Stamps and 1973 Topps football cards. (A third brother, Orrin, played one season for the Kansas City Chiefs.)

Phil Olsen 1972 Sunoco StampMerlin Olsen 1972 Sunoco Stamp
Phil Olsen 1973 Topps rookie football cardMerlin Olsen 1973 Topps football card

Tody and Bubba Smith, Houston Oilers

Tody Smith and Bubba Smith were teammates with the Houston Oilers in 1975 and 1976, and they both appeared with the Oilers in the 1976 Topps set.

1976 Topps Tody Smith football cardBubba Smith 1976 Topps football card

Dewey and Lee Roy Selmon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dewey Selmon and Lee Roy Selmon were teammates with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1976 to 1980. They appear in the Gallery as teammates on 1977 Topps and 1978 Topps football cards. (A third brother, Lucious, played for the Memphis Southmen in the World Football League in 1974 and 1975.)

1977 Topps Dewey Selmon rookie football card1977 Topps Lee Roy Selmon rookie football card
1978 Topps Dewey Selmon football card1978 Topps Lee Roy Selmon football card

Mel and Miller Farr, Detroit Lions

Finally, just missing the cut are brothers Mel Farr and Miller Farr, who were teammates for the Detroit Lions in 1973. Both of them appeared on 1973 Topps cards, but Miller was not traded to the Lions until September, so Topps still had him with the St. Louis Cardinals.

1973 Topps Mel Farr football cardMiller Farr 1973 Topps football card