Interactive 1964 Topps Oakland Raiders Team Card

Pictured here is an interactive 1964 Topps Oakland Raiders team card. If you hold your cursor over any player, you can see his name and whether he appears on any cards in the gallery. If a player appears on cards of his own, you can click on the player to see them.

#00: Jim Otto#10: Mike Mercer#15: Tom Flores#19: Cotton Davidson#20: Warren Powers#24: Fred Williamson#25: Claude Gibson#27: Joe Krakoski#32: Glenn Shaw#33: Doug Mayberry#35: Tom Morrow#36: Clem Daniels#37: Alan Miller#40: Bo Roberson#42: Dobie Craig#45: Jim McMillin#46: Dave Costa#48: Charlie Rieves#49: Jack Simpson#53: Dan Birdwell#56: Arch Matsos#65: Wayne Hawkins#66: Sonny Bishop#67: Ollie Spencer#70: Dick Klein#72: Jim Norris#73: Chuck McMurtry#77: Proverb Jacobs#80: Dalva Allen#81: Clancy Osborne#82: Jan Barrett#84: Art Powell#86: Ken Herock#87: Bob Mischak#88: Jon Jelacic#89: Herm Urenda#coach: Tom Dahms#coach: John Rauch#coach: Charlie Sumner#head coach: Al Davis#manager: Dick Romanski#trainer: George Anderson1964 Topps Oakland Raiders Team card

Though this is a 1964 card, the image actually shows the 1963 Raiders team. To identify the players, I used a larger version of the image, with names, that I found on eBay.

As always, some of the players pictured on the team card never appeared on cards of their own. One such player on this card is Tom Morrow, who still holds the NFL record for most consecutive games with an interception, with eight. (Morrow set the record in 1962-1963, while the Raiders were in the AFL, but the NFL includes AFL stats in its records.)

Another notable person on this card is Hall of Famer Al Davis, who was the head coach of the Raiders in 1963. Davis is in the top left corner, standing. Two of the other coaches, John Rauch and Tom Dahms, appeared on cards as players in the 1940s and 1950s.

Below is a list of the team members on the card above. Clicking on a team member's name will show you all of his cards in the Vintage Football Card Gallery.

NumberTeam Member
00Jim Otto
10Mike Mercer
15Tom Flores
19Cotton Davidson
20Warren Powers
24Fred Williamson
25Claude Gibson
27Joe Krakoski
32Glenn Shaw
33Doug Mayberry
35Tom Morrow
36Clem Daniels
37Alan Miller
40Bo Roberson
42Dobie Craig
45Jim McMillin
46Dave Costa
48Charlie Rieves
49Jack Simpson
53Dan Birdwell
56Arch Matsos
65Wayne Hawkins
66Sonny Bishop
67Ollie Spencer
70Dick Klein
72Jim Norris
73Chuck McMurtry
77Proverb Jacobs
80Dalva Allen
81Clancy Osborne
82Jan Barrett
84Art Powell
86Ken Herock
87Bob Mischak
88Jon Jelacic
89Herm Urenda
coachTom Dahms
coachJohn Rauch
coachCharlie Sumner
head coachAl Davis
managerDick Romanski
trainerGeorge Anderson

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