Calgary Stampeders Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1954 Blue Ribbon John Bright 1954 Blue Ribbon 51 John Bright Calgary Stampeders halfback Drake Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1970, College Hall of Fame 1984
1954 Blue Ribbon Gene Brito 1954 Blue Ribbon 52 Gene Brito Calgary Stampeders defensive end Loyola (L.A.) Redskins Ring of Fame
1954 Blue Ribbon Stan Heath 1954 Blue Ribbon 53 Stan Heath Calgary Stampeders quarterback Wisconsin, Nevada Heath played for the Green Bay Packers in 1949.
1954 Blue Ribbon Roy Jenson 1954 Blue Ribbon 54 Roy Jenson Calgary Stampeders guard, linebacker UCLA
1954 Blue Ribbon Don Loney 1954 Blue Ribbon 55 Don Loney Calgary Stampeders center, guard
1954 Blue Ribbon Eddie Macon 1954 Blue Ribbon 56 Eddie Macon Calgary Stampeders defensive back Pacific
1954 Blue Ribbon Peter Maxwell-Muir 1954 Blue Ribbon 57 Peter Maxwell-Muir Calgary Stampeders halfback Western Washington
1954 Blue Ribbon Tom Miner 1954 Blue Ribbon 58 Tom Miner Calgary Stampeders end, kicker Tulsa
1954 Blue Ribbon Jim Prewett 1954 Blue Ribbon 59 Jim Prewett Calgary Stampeders tackle Tulsa
1954 Blue Ribbon Lowell Wagner 1954 Blue Ribbon 60 Lowell Wagner Calgary Stampeders back USC
1956 Parkhurst Alex Macklin 1956 Parkhurst 21 Alex Macklin Calgary Stampeders guard, tackle Toronto PSA 2
1956 Parkhurst Duke Cook 1956 Parkhurst 22 Duke Cook Calgary Stampeders center Trinity
1956 Parkhurst Bill Stevenson 1956 Parkhurst 23 Bill Stevenson Calgary Stampeders quarterback Toronto PSA 2 mk
1956 Parkhurst Lynn Bottoms 1956 Parkhurst 24 Lynn Bottoms Calgary Stampeders halfback Washington PSA 3 mk
1956 Parkhurst Aramis Dandoy 1956 Parkhurst 25 Aramis Dandoy Calgary Stampeders halfback USC Dandoy still holds the Rose Bowl record for longest punt return. He returned a punt for 86 yards and a touchdown against Ohio State in 1955.
1956 Parkhurst Pete Maxwell-Muir 1956 Parkhurst 26 Pete Maxwell-Muir Calgary Stampeders halfback Western Washington Error card

Maxwell-Muir's last name is mistakenly shortened to "Muir" on the back of this card.
PSA 2.5
1956 Parkhurst Harvey Wylie 1956 Parkhurst 27 Harvey Wylie Calgary Stampeders defensive back Montana State Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1980 PSA 2
1956 Parkhurst Joe Yamauchi 1956 Parkhurst 28 Joe Yamauchi Calgary Stampeders guard, fullback Eastern Washington PSA 3
1956 Parkhurst John Alderton 1956 Parkhurst 29 John Alderton Calgary Stampeders end Maryland Alderton played for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1953.
1956 Parkhurst Bill McKenna 1956 Parkhurst 30 Bill McKenna Calgary Stampeders end Brandeis PSA 3 mk
1958 Topps CFL Bryan Engram 1958 Topps CFL 10 Bryan Engram Calgary Stampeders end TCU
1958 Topps CFL Alan Valdes 1958 Topps CFL 19 Alan Valdes Calgary Stampeders halfback
1958 Topps CFL Tony Pajaczkowski 1958 Topps CFL 25 Tony Pajaczkowski Calgary Stampeders guard Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1988 nm+, PSA 7
1958 Topps CFL Lynn Bottoms 1958 Topps CFL 41 Lynn Bottoms Calgary Stampeders halfback Washington
1958 Topps CFL Bill Stevenson 1958 Topps CFL 42 Bill Stevenson Calgary Stampeders quarterback Toronto