BC Lions Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1958 Topps CFL Vic Chapman 1958 Topps CFL 3 Vic Chapman BC Lions end, punter British Columbia
1958 Topps CFL Mike Cacic 1958 Topps CFL 5 Mike Cacic BC Lions tackle PSA 8 mc
1958 Topps CFL Earl Keeley 1958 Topps CFL 8 Earl Keeley BC Lions quarterback Montana
1958 Topps CFL Jerry Janes 1958 Topps CFL 12 Jerry Janes BC Lions end LSU
1958 Topps CFL Don Bingham 1958 Topps CFL 13 Don Bingham BC Lions halfback Sul Ross State Bingham appeared on NFL cards in 1953 and 1957, and on a CFL card in 1958. It appears that he played only one season, though: for the Chicago Bears in 1956. exmt
1958 Topps CFL Bob Brady 1958 Topps CFL 51 Bob Brady BC Lions guard British Columbia PSA 6
1958 Topps CFL Pete Neft 1958 Topps CFL 65 Pete Neft BC Lions quarterback Pittsburgh Error card

Pittsburgh is misspelled "Pittsburg" on back.
1958 Topps CFL Matt Phillips 1958 Topps CFL 68 Matt Phillips BC Lions tackle Pepperdine
1958 Topps CFL Vern Lofstrom 1958 Topps CFL 70 Vern Lofstrom BC Lions fullback
1958 Topps CFL Chuck Dubuque 1958 Topps CFL 73 Chuck Dubuque BC Lions running back PSA 7
1958 Topps CFL Joe Yamauchi 1958 Topps CFL 81 Joe Yamauchi BC Lions guard, fullback Eastern Washington PSA 6
1959 Topps CFL By Bailey 1959 Topps CFL 8 By Bailey BC Lions fullback Washington State Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1975 ex
1959 Topps CFL Tom Hinton 1959 Topps CFL 9 Tom Hinton BC Lions tackle Louisiana Tech Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1991 nm
1959 Topps CFL Chuck Quilter 1959 Topps CFL 10 Chuck Quilter BC Lions tackle Tyler Junior College
1959 Topps CFL Mel Gillett 1959 Topps CFL 11 Mel Gillett BC Lions halfback Lewis and Clark exmt
1959 Topps CFL Ted Hunt 1959 Topps CFL 12 Ted Hunt BC Lions halfback, kicker British Columbia nm
1959 Topps CFL Sonny Homer 1959 Topps CFL 13 Sonny Homer BC Lions halfback Grays Harbor
1959 Topps CFL Bill Jessup 1959 Topps CFL 14 Bill Jessup BC Lions end, punter USC exmt
1959 Topps CFL Al Dorow 1959 Topps CFL 15 Al Dorow BC Lions quarterback Michigan State Dorow is one of a handful of players who appeared on NFL, CFL, and AFL cards. See the others on my Cards in Three Leagues page.
1959 Topps CFL Norm Fieldgate 1959 Topps CFL 16 Norm Fieldgate BC Lions end, linebacker British Columbia Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1979 nm
1959 Topps CFL Urban Henry 1959 Topps CFL 17 Urban Henry BC Lions tackle Georgia Tech
1959 Topps CFL Paul Cameron 1959 Topps CFL 18 Paul Cameron BC Lions defensive back UCLA Cameron placed sixth in voting for the Heisman Trophy in 1952, and third in 1953. See my page of football cards of Heisman Trophy candidates. exmt oc
1959 Topps CFL Bruce Claridge 1959 Topps CFL 19 Bruce Claridge BC Lions end Washington exmt
1960 Topps CFL By Bailey 1960 Topps CFL 1 By Bailey BC Lions fullback Washington State Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1975 g
1960 Topps CFL Paul Cameron 1960 Topps CFL 2 Paul Cameron BC Lions defensive back UCLA Cameron played for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1954, but he did not appear on an NFL card.