1975 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1975 Topps Jack Rudnay 1975 Topps 401 Jack Rudnay Kansas City Chiefs center Northwestern Chiefs Hall of Fame 1994
1975 Topps Rayfield Wright 1975 Topps 402 Rayfield Wright Dallas Cowboys tackle Fort Valley State Cowboys Ring of Honor 2004, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2006
1975 Topps Roger Wehrli 1975 Topps 403 Roger Wehrli St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Missouri College Hall of Fame 2003, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2007, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2007
1975 Topps Vern Den Herder 1975 Topps 404 Vern Den Herder Miami Dolphins defensive end Central College College Hall of Fame 1996 PSA 9
1975 Topps Fred Biletnikoff 1975 Topps 405 Fred Biletnikoff Oakland Raiders end Florida State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1988, College Hall of Fame 1991
1975 Topps Ken Grandberry 1975 Topps 406 Ken Grandberry Chicago Bears running back Washington State Rookie card
1975 Topps Bob Adams 1975 Topps 407 Bob Adams New England Patriots tight end, tackle Pacific Rookie card

Adams is now a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology International.
PSA 10
1975 Topps Jim Merlo 1975 Topps 408 Jim Merlo New Orleans Saints linebacker Fresno City College, Stanford
1975 Topps John Pitts 1975 Topps 409 John Pitts Denver Broncos defensive back Arizona State
1975 Topps Dave Osborn 1975 Topps 410 Dave Osborn Minnesota Vikings running back North Dakota
1975 Topps Dennis Havig 1975 Topps 411 Dennis Havig Atlanta Falcons guard Colorado
1975 Topps Bob Johnson 1975 Topps 412 Bob Johnson Cincinnati Bengals center Tennessee College Hall of Fame 1989
1975 Topps Ken Burrough 1975 Topps 413 Ken Burrough Houston Oilers wide receiver Texas Southern Error card

Name misspelled "Burrow."
1975 Topps Jim Cheyunski 1975 Topps 414 Jim Cheyunski Buffalo Bills linebacker Syracuse
1975 Topps MacArthur Lane 1975 Topps 415 MacArthur Lane Green Bay Packers running back Utah State
1975 Topps Joe Theismann 1975 Topps 416 Joe Theismann Washington Redskins quarterback Notre Dame Redskins Ring of Fame, College Hall of Fame 2003 Rookie card

Theismann finished second in voting for the 1970 Heisman Trophy. See my page of football cards of Heisman Trophy candidates.
1975 Topps Mike Boryla 1975 Topps 417 Mike Boryla Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Stanford Rookie card
1975 Topps Bruce Taylor 1975 Topps 418 Bruce Taylor San Francisco 49ers defensive back Boston University College Hall of Fame 1997
1975 Topps Chris Hanburger 1975 Topps 419 Chris Hanburger Washington Redskins linebacker North Carolina Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2011
1975 Topps Tom Mack 1975 Topps 420 Tom Mack Los Angeles Rams guard Michigan Pro Football Hall of Fame 1999
1975 Topps Errol Mann 1975 Topps 421 Errol Mann Detroit Lions kicker North Dakota
1975 Topps Jack Gregory 1975 Topps 422 Jack Gregory New York Giants defensive end Delta State
1975 Topps Harrison Davis 1975 Topps 423 Harrison Davis San Diego Chargers wide receiver Virginia Rookie card
1975 Topps Burgess Owens 1975 Topps 424 Burgess Owens New York Jets defensive back Miami Florida
1975 Topps Joe Greene 1975 Topps 425 Joe Greene Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle North Texas College Hall of Fame 1984, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987, Steelers All-Time Team