1969 Topps Football Cards

1969 Topps football card wrapperThe 1969 Topps football card set contains 264 cards; they were released in two 132-card series. Cards from the two series are easy to tell apart: second series cards have borders, and first series cards do not. The cards are numbered 1-263, with two variations of card 132, the second series checklist. One variation of the second series checklist (the one without borders) was issued with the first series, presumably to alert kids that more cards were forthcoming. To see what uncut sheets of the cards looked like, see my 1969 Topps virtual uncut sheet page.

The backs of some 1969 Topps cards are pieces to a Fran Tarkenton puzzle. This was a fun feature, but it meant that 10 players didn't get the usual stats, cartoon, and write-up on the backs of their cards. Another feature was that the packs also included mini-cards (these days referred to as 4-in-1's) and mini-card albums.

Rookie cards of Pro Football Hall of Famers in the 1969 Topps set: Larry Csonka.

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1969 Topps Leroy Kelly 1969 Topps 1 Leroy Kelly Cleveland Browns running back Morgan State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1994, Browns Ring of Honor 2010 PSA 4
1969 Topps Paul Flatley 1969 Topps 2 Paul Flatley Atlanta Falcons end Northwestern
1969 Topps Jim Cadile 1969 Topps 3 Jim Cadile Chicago Bears guard San Jose State Rookie card
1969 Topps Erich Barnes 1969 Topps 4 Erich Barnes Cleveland Browns defensive back Purdue
1969 Topps Willie Richardson 1969 Topps 5 Willie Richardson Baltimore Colts wide receiver Jackson State College Hall of Fame 2003 nm
1969 Topps Bob Hayes 1969 Topps 6 Bob Hayes Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Florida A and M Cowboys Ring of Honor 2001, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2009
1969 Topps Bob Jeter 1969 Topps 7 Bob Jeter Green Bay Packers defensive back Iowa Packers Hall of Fame 1985
1969 Topps Jim Colclough 1969 Topps 8 Jim Colclough Boston Patriots end Boston College
1969 Topps Sherrill Headrick 1969 Topps 9 Sherrill Headrick Cincinnati Bengals linebacker TCU Chiefs Hall of Fame 1993
1969 Topps Jim Dunaway 1969 Topps 10 Jim Dunaway Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Mississippi nm
1969 Topps Bill Munson 1969 Topps 11 Bill Munson Detroit Lions quarterback Utah State
1969 Topps Jack Pardee 1969 Topps 12 Jack Pardee Los Angeles Rams linebacker Texas A and M College Hall of Fame 1986
1969 Topps Jim Lindsey 1969 Topps 13 Jim Lindsey Minnesota Vikings running back Arkansas Rookie card
1969 Topps Dave Whitsell 1969 Topps 14 Dave Whitsell New Orleans Saints defensive back Indiana Saints Hall of Fame 1996 nm+
1969 Topps Tucker Frederickson 1969 Topps 15 Tucker Frederickson New York Giants halfback Auburn College Hall of Fame 1994 nm
1969 Topps Alvin Haymond 1969 Topps 16 Alvin Haymond Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Southern nm
1969 Topps Andy Russell 1969 Topps 17 Andy Russell Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Missouri Steelers All-Time Team Russell is wearing the Steelers' "Batman" jersey in this photo. nm
1969 Topps Tom Beer 1969 Topps 18 Tom Beer Denver Broncos end Houston
1969 Topps Bobby Maples 1969 Topps 19 Bobby Maples Houston Oilers linebacker Baylor
1969 Topps Len Dawson 1969 Topps 20 Len Dawson Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Purdue Chiefs Hall of Fame 1979, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987 nm
1969 Topps Willis Crenshaw 1969 Topps 21 Willis Crenshaw St. Louis Cardinals fullback Kansas State nm
1969 Topps Tommy Davis 1969 Topps 22 Tommy Davis San Francisco 49ers kicker, punter LSU PSA 8, nm
1969 Topps Rickie Harris 1969 Topps 23 Rickie Harris Washington Redskins defensive back Arizona nm
1969 Topps Jerry Simmons 1969 Topps 24 Jerry Simmons Atlanta Falcons end Bethune-Cookman exmt
1969 Topps John Unitas 1969 Topps 25 John Unitas Baltimore Colts quarterback Louisville Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979