Rookie Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1971 Topps Charlie Sanders 1971 Topps 210 Charlie Sanders Detroit Lions tight end Minnesota Pro Football Hall of Fame 2007 Rookie card
1971 Topps Jake Scott 1971 Topps 211 Jake Scott Miami Dolphins defensive back Georgia Dolphins Honor Roll 2010, College Hall of Fame 2011 Rookie card
1971 Topps Bob Anderson 1971 Topps 212 Bob Anderson Denver Broncos running back Colorado College Hall of Fame 2006 Rookie card
1971 Topps Bill Brundige 1971 Topps 216 Bill Brundige Washington Redskins defensive tackle Colorado Rookie card
1971 Topps Ken Ellis 1971 Topps 224 Ken Ellis Green Bay Packers defensive back Southern Packers Hall of Fame 1998 Rookie card
1971 Topps Edd Hargett 1971 Topps 226 Edd Hargett New Orleans Saints quarterback Texas A and M Rookie card
1971 Topps Mike Eischeid 1971 Topps 231 Mike Eischeid Oakland Raiders punter Upper Iowa Rookie card
1971 Topps Lemar Parrish 1971 Topps 233 Lemar Parrish Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Lincoln University Rookie card
1971 Topps Cecil Turner 1971 Topps 234 Cecil Turner Chicago Bears wide receiver California Polytechnic Rookie card

Turner returned four kickoffs for touchdowns in 1970, tying the NFL record that Travis Williams set in 1967. The record still stands.
1971 Topps Dennis Shaw 1971 Topps 235 Dennis Shaw Buffalo Bills quarterback San Diego State Rookie card
1971 Topps Curt Knight 1971 Topps 237 Curt Knight Washington Redskins kicker Coast Guard Rookie card
1971 Topps Bruce Taylor 1971 Topps 239 Bruce Taylor San Francisco 49ers defensive back Boston University College Hall of Fame 1997 Rookie card
1971 Topps Joe Greene 1971 Topps 245 Joe Greene Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle North Texas College Hall of Fame 1984, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987, Steelers All-Time Team Rookie card
1971 Topps Errol Mann 1971 Topps 247 Errol Mann Detroit Lions kicker North Dakota Rookie card
1971 Topps Mike McCoy 1971 Topps 248 Mike McCoy Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Notre Dame Rookie card
1971 Topps Milt Morin 1971 Topps 249 Milt Morin Cleveland Browns tight end Massachusetts College Hall of Fame 2010 Rookie card
1971 Topps Jackie Burkett 1971 Topps 251 Jackie Burkett New Orleans Saints linebacker Auburn Rookie card

Burkett played tens seasons in the NFL, 1961 to 1970. He was the snapper for Tom Dempsey's record-setting 63-yard field goal in 1970. He finally appeared on a football card in 1971, the year after his last season.
1971 Topps Steve Chomyszak 1971 Topps 252 Steve Chomyszak Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Syracuse Rookie card
1971 Topps Robert Holmes 1971 Topps 254 Robert Holmes Kansas City Chiefs running back Southern Rookie card
1971 Topps Mark Moseley 1971 Topps 257 Mark Moseley Philadelphia Eagles kicker Stephen F. Austin, Texas A and M Redskins Ring of Fame Rookie card
1972 Topps John Riggins 1972 Topps 13 John Riggins New York Jets running back Kansas Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1992 Rookie card
1972 Topps Ron Hornsby 1972 Topps 16 Ron Hornsby New York Giants linebacker Southeast Louisiana Rookie card
1972 Topps Chip Myers 1972 Topps 17 Chip Myers Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Northwest Oklahoma State Rookie card
1972 Topps Fred Hoaglin 1972 Topps 19 Fred Hoaglin Cleveland Browns center Pittsburgh Rookie card
1972 Topps Steve Zabel 1972 Topps 21 Steve Zabel Philadelphia Eagles tight end Oklahoma Rookie card