Rookie Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1969 Topps Walter Johnson 1969 Topps 165 Walter Johnson Cleveland Browns defensive tackle California State - LA Rookie card nm
1969 Topps Pete Perreault 1969 Topps 181 Pete Perreault Cincinnati Bengals guard Boston University Rookie card PSA 8
1969 Topps Pete Duranko 1969 Topps 182 Pete Duranko Denver Broncos defensive end Notre Dame Rookie card
1969 Topps Jim Simon 1969 Topps 184 Jim Simon Atlanta Falcons guard Miami Florida Rookie card
1969 Topps Ben Davis 1969 Topps 187 Ben Davis Cleveland Browns defensive back Defiance College Rookie card

Davis led the NFL with 162 interception return yards in 1968. He had 8 interceptions.
1969 Topps Tom Woodeshick 1969 Topps 198 Tom Woodeshick Philadelphia Eagles running back West Virginia Rookie card nm
1969 Topps Ken Kortas 1969 Topps 199 Ken Kortas Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Louisville Rookie card

Kortas is wearing the Steelers' "Batman" jersey in this photo.
1969 Topps Ray Ogden 1969 Topps 206 Ray Ogden Atlanta Falcons end Alabama Rookie card nm
1969 Topps Dave Edwards 1969 Topps 210 Dave Edwards Dallas Cowboys linebacker Auburn Rookie card

Edwards spent his entire 13-year NFL career with the Cowboys.
1969 Topps Mike Tilleman 1969 Topps 218 Mike Tilleman New Orleans Saints defensive tackle Montana Rookie card nm
1969 Topps Mike Curtis 1969 Topps 229 Mike Curtis Baltimore Colts linebacker Duke Rookie card
1969 Topps Jerrel Wilson 1969 Topps 252 Jerrel Wilson Kansas City Chiefs punter, running back Southern Mississippi Chiefs Hall of Fame 1988 Rookie card, error card

Wilson's first name is misspelled "Jerrell."
1969 Topps Jim Keyes 1969 Topps 253 Jim Keyes Miami Dolphins kicker Mississippi Rookie card nm
1969 Topps Charlie Durkee 1969 Topps 257 Charlie Durkee New Orleans Saints kicker Oklahoma State Rookie card nm
1969 Topps Charlie Harper 1969 Topps 258 Charlie Harper New York Giants guard Oklahoma State Rookie card nm
1970 Topps Doug Hart 1970 Topps 2 Doug Hart Green Bay Packers defensive back Texas - Arlington Rookie card
1970 Topps Ralph Neely 1970 Topps 4 Ralph Neely Dallas Cowboys tackle Oklahoma Rookie card

Neely played 13 seasons in the NFL, all with the Cowboys.
1970 Topps Harmon Wages 1970 Topps 5 Harmon Wages Atlanta Falcons running back Florida Rookie card PSA 8
1970 Topps Dan Conners 1970 Topps 6 Dan Conners Oakland Raiders linebacker Miami Florida Rookie card
1970 Topps Ed Flanagan 1970 Topps 11 Ed Flanagan Detroit Lions center Purdue Rookie card
1970 Topps George Seals 1970 Topps 12 George Seals Chicago Bears defensive tackle Missouri Rookie card
1970 Topps Mike Haffner 1970 Topps 14 Mike Haffner Denver Broncos wide receiver UCLA Rookie card
1970 Topps Bill Peterson 1970 Topps 16 Bill Peterson Cincinnati Bengals linebacker San Jose State Rookie card
1970 Topps Jim Beirne 1970 Topps 19 Jim Beirne Houston Oilers wide receiver Purdue Rookie card nm
1970 Topps Larry Brown 1970 Topps 24 Larry Brown Washington Redskins running back Kansas State Redskins Ring of Fame Rookie card