Rookie Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1935 National Chicle Clarke Hinkle 1935 National Chicle 24 Clarke Hinkle Green Bay Packers fullback Bucknell Pro Football Hall of Fame 1964, College Hall of Fame 1971, Packers Hall of Fame 1972 Rookie card PSA 7
1935 National Chicle Dale Burnett 1935 National Chicle 25 Dale Burnett New York Giants back Emporia State Rookie card
1935 National Chicle John Dell Isola 1935 National Chicle 26 John Dell Isola New York Giants guard, center Fordham Rookie card, error card

Dell Isola's last name is misspelled "Isola" on this card.
1935 National Chicle Bull Tosi 1935 National Chicle 27 Bull Tosi Boston Redskins end Boston College Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Stan Kostka 1935 National Chicle 28 Stan Kostka Brooklyn Dodgers fullback, linebacker Minnesota, Oregon Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Jim MacMurdo 1935 National Chicle 29 Jim MacMurdo Philadelphia Eagles tackle, guard Pittsburgh Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Ernie Caddel 1935 National Chicle 30 Ernie Caddel Detroit Lions wingback Stanford Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Nic Niccolai 1935 National Chicle 31 Nic Niccolai Pittsburgh Pirates tackle, kicker Duquesne Steelers Legends Team Rookie card

Niccolai scored 6 field goals in 1935 and 7 in 1936, both years tying for most in the NFL.
1935 National Chicle Swede Johnston 1935 National Chicle 32 Swede Johnston Green Bay Packers back Marquette, Miami Florida Packers Hall of Fame 1981 Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Ernie Smith 1935 National Chicle 33 Ernie Smith Green Bay Packers tackle USC College Hall of Fame 1970 Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Bronko Nagurski 1935 National Chicle 34 Bronko Nagurski Chicago Bears fullback, linebacker Minnesota College Hall of Fame 1951, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1963 Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Luke Johnsos 1935 National Chicle 35 Luke Johnsos Chicago Bears end Northwestern Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Bernie Masterson 1935 National Chicle 36 Bernie Masterson Chicago Bears quarterback Nebraska Rookie card PSA 1, PSA 1 MK
1948 Bowman Joe Tereshinski 1948 Bowman 1 Joe Tereshinski Washington Redskins end Georgia Rookie card PSA 8
1948 Bowman Larry Olsonoski 1948 Bowman 2 Larry Olsonoski Green Bay Packers guard Minnesota Rookie card
1948 Bowman John Lujack 1948 Bowman 3 John Lujack Chicago Bears quarterback Notre Dame Heisman Trophy 1947, College Hall of Fame 1960 Rookie card, short print
1948 Bowman Ray Poole 1948 Bowman 4 Ray Poole New York Giants end Mississippi, North Carolina Rookie card
1948 Bowman Bill DeCorrevont 1948 Bowman 5 Bill DeCorrevont Chicago Cardinals halfback Northwestern Rookie card PSA 8, exmt oc
1948 Bowman Paul Briggs 1948 Bowman 6 Paul Briggs Detroit Lions tackle Colorado Rookie card, short print
1948 Bowman Steve Van Buren 1948 Bowman 7 Steve Van Buren Philadelphia Eagles halfback LSU Pro Football Hall of Fame 1965, Eagles Honor Roll 1987 Rookie card

According to his page on the Pro Football Hall of Fame web site, Van Buren failed to make his high school football team as a sophomore.
1948 Bowman Kenny Washington 1948 Bowman 8 Kenny Washington Los Angeles Rams fullback, halfback UCLA College Hall of Fame 1956 Rookie card
1948 Bowman Nolan Luhn 1948 Bowman 9 Nolan Luhn Green Bay Packers end Kilgore Junior College, Tulsa Rookie card, short print
1948 Bowman Chris Iverson 1948 Bowman 10 Chris Iverson New York Giants defensive back Oregon Rookie card, error card

Iverson's name is misspelled Iversen on the back of this card.
PSA 8, ex
1948 Bowman Jack Wiley 1948 Bowman 11 Jack Wiley Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Waynesburg Rookie card
1948 Bowman Charley Conerly 1948 Bowman 12 Charley Conerly New York Giants quarterback Mississippi College Hall of Fame 1966, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 Rookie card, short print