Linebacker Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1962 Post Cereal Joe Fortunato 1962 Post Cereal 112 Joe Fortunato Chicago Bears linebacker Mississippi State
1962 Post Cereal Bill George 1962 Post Cereal 114 Bill George Chicago Bears linebacker, guard Wake Forest Pro Football Hall of Fame 1974
1962 Post Cereal Larry Morris 1962 Post Cereal 117 Larry Morris Chicago Bears linebacker Georgia Tech College Hall of Fame 1992 Short print
1962 Post Cereal Mike Henry 1962 Post Cereal 124 Mike Henry Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker USC Henry played Tarzan in three movies, and he also made appearances in many other movies and TV shows. PSA 8
1962 Post Cereal John Reger 1962 Post Cereal 130 John Reger Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Pittsburgh
1962 Post Cereal Jerry Tubbs 1962 Post Cereal 145 Jerry Tubbs Dallas Cowboys linebacker Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1996 Short print
1962 Post Cereal Bill Koman 1962 Post Cereal 153 Bill Koman St. Louis Cardinals linebacker North Carolina Short print
1962 Post Cereal Dale Meinert 1962 Post Cereal 155 Dale Meinert St. Louis Cardinals linebacker Oklahoma State Meinert played 10 seasons in the NFL, all with the Cardinals.
1962 Post Cereal Jack Pardee 1962 Post Cereal 169 Jack Pardee Los Angeles Rams linebacker Texas A and M College Hall of Fame 1986 Short print
1962 Post Cereal Les Richter 1962 Post Cereal 171 Les Richter Los Angeles Rams linebacker California College Hall of Fame 1982, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2011
1962 Post Cereal Rip Hawkins 1962 Post Cereal 175 Rip Hawkins Minnesota Vikings linebacker North Carolina Hawkins was the second player ever drafted by the Vikings. (Tommy Mason was first, and Fran Tarkenton was third.)
1962 Post Cereal Karl Rubke 1962 Post Cereal 182 Karl Rubke Minnesota Vikings center, linebacker USC
1962 Post Cereal Fred Hageman 1962 Post Cereal 190 Fred Hageman Washington Redskins linebacker Kansas
1962 Post CFL Dick Schnell 1962 Post CFL 14 Dick Schnell Montreal Alouettes tackle, linebacker Wyoming
1962 Post CFL Jim Reynolds 1962 Post CFL 32 Jim Reynolds Ottawa Rough Riders linebacker, end Hillsdale
1962 Post CFL Gerry Patrick 1962 Post CFL 42 Gerry Patrick Toronto Argonauts linebacker, guard Illinois
1962 Post CFL Jim Andreotti 1962 Post CFL 45 Jim Andreotti Toronto Argonauts linebacker, center Northwestern
1962 Post CFL Don Stephenson 1962 Post CFL 110 Don Stephenson Edmonton Eskimos center, linebacker Georgia Tech
1962 Post CFL Norm Fieldgate 1962 Post CFL 127 Norm Fieldgate BC Lions end, linebacker British Columbia Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1979
1962 Topps Bill Pellington 1962 Topps 9 Bill Pellington Baltimore Colts linebacker Rutgers Short print PSA 6, exmt
1962 Topps Roger LeClerc 1962 Topps 19 Roger LeClerc Chicago Bears linebacker, kicker Trinity Rookie card, short print exmt
1962 Topps Bill George 1962 Topps 22 Bill George Chicago Bears linebacker, guard Wake Forest Pro Football Hall of Fame 1974 Short print
1962 Topps Jerry Tubbs 1962 Topps 45 Jerry Tubbs Dallas Cowboys linebacker Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1996 PSA 7
1962 Topps Jim Martin 1962 Topps 55 Jim Martin Detroit Lions linebacker, kicker Notre Dame College Hall of Fame 1995 Short print exmt
1962 Topps Joe Schmidt 1962 Topps 59 Joe Schmidt Detroit Lions linebacker Pittsburgh Pro Football Hall of Fame 1973, College Hall of Fame 2000 Short print PSA 6