Halfback Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1960 Fleer Frank Bernardi 1960 Fleer 54 Frank Bernardi Denver Broncos halfback Colorado Rookie card

Bernardi was inducted into the University of Colorado Athletic Hall of Fame in 2012. The image on this card pictures him in his Colorado uniform, though he was playing in the NFL by 1955.
1960 Fleer Bob McNamara 1960 Fleer 63 Bob McNamara Boston Patriots halfback Minnesota Rookie card

This card shows McNamara with the Boston Patriots, but he played for the Denver Broncos in 1960.
1960 Fleer Willie Evans 1960 Fleer 65 Willie Evans Buffalo Bills halfback Buffalo nm
1960 Fleer Billy Cannon 1960 Fleer 66 Billy Cannon Houston Oilers halfback LSU Heisman Trophy 1959, College Hall of Fame 2008 Rookie card

The Los Angeles Rams chose Cannon with the first overall pick in the 1960 NFL draft. He opted to play in the AFL instead.
PSA 9, PSA 8
1960 Fleer Jim Swink 1960 Fleer 69 Jim Swink Dallas Texans halfback TCU College Hall of Fame 1980 Swink was second to Howard Cassady in Heisman voting in 1955.
1960 Fleer Gerhard Schwedes 1960 Fleer 71 Gerhard Schwedes Boston Patriots halfback Syracuse Rookie card

Schwedes played two seasons for the AFL's Boston Patriots and New York Titans. His son, Scott, was a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins and San Diego Chargers.
1960 Fleer Abner Haynes 1960 Fleer 73 Abner Haynes Dallas Texans halfback North Texas Chiefs Hall of Fame 1991 Rookie card exmt
1960 Fleer Paul Lowe 1960 Fleer 76 Paul Lowe Los Angeles Chargers halfback Oregon State Chargers Hall of Fame 1979 Rookie card
1960 Fleer Blanche Martin 1960 Fleer 78 Blanche Martin New York Titans halfback Michigan State
1960 Fleer Bob Cox 1960 Fleer 86 Bob Cox Boston Patriots halfback Washington, Minnesota PSA 9, nm
1960 Fleer Jack Work 1960 Fleer 88 Jack Work Denver Broncos halfback Denver PSA 8
1960 Fleer Richie Lucas 1960 Fleer 96 Richie Lucas Buffalo Bills quarterback, halfback Penn State College Hall of Fame 1986 Rookie card
1960 Fleer Bill Mathis 1960 Fleer 99 Bill Mathis Houston Oilers halfback Clemson nm+
1960 Fleer Al Carmichael 1960 Fleer 110 Al Carmichael Denver Broncos halfback USC Packers Hall of Fame 1974 Carmichael scored the first touchdown in AFL history, on a 59-yard reception from Frank Tripucka.
1960 Fleer Stan Flowers 1960 Fleer 115 Stan Flowers Boston Patriots halfback Georgia Tech Rookie card nm
1960 Fleer Elvin Caldwell 1960 Fleer 120 Elvin Caldwell Boston Patriots halfback Indiana PSA 9, nm
1960 Fleer Ron Burton 1960 Fleer 130 Ron Burton Boston Patriots halfback Northwestern College Hall of Fame 1990 Rookie card
1960 Kahns Preston Carpenter 1960 Kahns 4 Preston Carpenter Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Arkansas PSA 8.5, PSA 7
1960 Kahns Bobby Mitchell 1960 Kahns 18 Bobby Mitchell Cleveland Browns halfback Illinois Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983, Browns Ring of Honor 2010
1960 Kahns Ray Renfro 1960 Kahns 27 Ray Renfro Cleveland Browns halfback North Texas PSA 6
1960 Kahns 35 Tom Tracy Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Tennessee
1960 Mayrose Cardinals John David Crow 1960 Mayrose Cardinals 6 John David Crow St. Louis Cardinals halfback Texas A and M Heisman Trophy 1957, College Hall of Fame 1976 Crow had an 83-yard run in the second game of his career, in 1958. That is still a Cardinals team record. PSA 10, PSA 9
1960 Mayrose Cardinals Bobby Joe Conrad 1960 Mayrose Cardinals 10 Bobby Joe Conrad St. Louis Cardinals halfback Texas A and M Conrad played several positions during his NFL career: halfback, defensive back, kicker, and wide receiver. He also returned punts and kickoffs. PSA 8
1960 Topps Lenny Moore 1960 Topps 3 Lenny Moore Baltimore Colts halfback Penn State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975
1960 Topps Willie Galimore 1960 Topps 14 Willie Galimore Chicago Bears halfback Florida A and M College Hall of Fame 1999