Halfback Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1958 Topps Chicago Cardinals Team 1958 Topps 69 Chicago Cardinals Team Chicago Cardinals This card pictures the 1957 Chicago Cardinals team. Click here to see a large, black-and-white copy of this image. Dick Lane, in the upper right corner of the photo, appears to have been cut-and-pasted in.
1958 Topps Don McIlhenny 1958 Topps 71 Don McIlhenny Green Bay Packers halfback SMU Rookie card vg
1958 Topps Ron Waller 1958 Topps 72 Ron Waller Los Angeles Rams halfback Maryland Waller was the head coach of the San Diego Chargers for the last six games of the 1973 season. In 1974 he coached the Philadelphia Bell of the World Football League. exmt
1958 Topps Frank Gifford 1958 Topps 73 Frank Gifford New York Giants halfback USC, Bakersfield College College Hall of Fame 1975, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1977
1958 Topps Milt Davis 1958 Topps 98 Milt Davis Baltimore Colts halfback Los Angeles City, UCLA Rookie card

In 1957, Davis led the NFL with 10 interceptions, 219 interception return yards, and 2 interceptions returned for touchdowns.
1958 Topps Ken Keller 1958 Topps 108 Ken Keller Philadelphia Eagles halfback North Carolina
1958 Topps Philadelphia Eagles Team 1958 Topps 109 Philadelphia Eagles Team Philadelphia Eagles This card pictures the 1957 Philadelphia Eagles team. Click here to see a large, black-and-white copy of this image. One of the players on the card, Bill Koman, also appears on the Baltimore Colts team card. The Colts released Koman before the season, and the Eagles picked him up.
1958 Topps Baltimore Colts Team 1958 Topps 110 Baltimore Colts Team Baltimore Colts The picture on this card was taken in 1957, but before the team's roster was final. Some of the players in the photo were drafted by the Colts in 1957, but they did not play in the regular season.
1958 Topps Willie Galimore 1958 Topps 114 Willie Galimore Chicago Bears halfback Florida A and M College Hall of Fame 1999 Rookie card
1958 Topps Detroit Lions Team 1958 Topps 115 Detroit Lions Team Detroit Lions This card pictures the 1957 Detroit Lions team. Click here to see a large, black-and-white copy of this image. This was the last Lions team to win the NFL title; they beat the Browns 59-14 in the championship game.
1958 Topps L.G. Dupre 1958 Topps 117 L.G. Dupre Baltimore Colts halfback Baylor
1958 Topps Jim Podoley 1958 Topps 121 Jim Podoley Washington Redskins halfback Central Michigan Rookie card, error card

The player pictured on this card is not Jim Podoley, it is Volney Peters. For other football cards that picture the wrong player, see the Gallery's Mistaken Identities page.
1958 Topps Hugh McElhenny 1958 Topps 122 Hugh McElhenny San Francisco 49ers halfback Washington Pro Football Hall of Fame 1970, College Hall of Fame 1981, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009
1958 Topps Tommy McDonald 1958 Topps 126 Tommy McDonald Philadelphia Eagles end, halfback Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1985, Eagles Honor Roll 1988, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1998 McDonald finished third in voting for the Heisman Trophy in 1956, behind Paul Hornung and John Majors.
1958 Topps Preston Carpenter 1958 Topps 128 Preston Carpenter Cleveland Browns halfback Arkansas nm
1958 Topps CFL Leigh McMillan 1958 Topps CFL 2 Leigh McMillan Edmonton Eskimos halfback Alberta
1958 Topps CFL Bob Marlow 1958 Topps CFL 4 Bob Marlow Saskatchewan Roughriders halfback Alabama
1958 Topps CFL Don Bingham 1958 Topps CFL 13 Don Bingham BC Lions halfback Sul Ross State Bingham appeared on NFL cards in 1953 and 1957, and on a CFL card in 1958. It appears that he played only one season, though: for the Chicago Bears in 1956. exmt
1958 Topps CFL Alan Valdes 1958 Topps CFL 19 Alan Valdes Calgary Stampeders halfback
1958 Topps CFL Corky Tharp 1958 Topps CFL 31 Corky Tharp Toronto Argonauts halfback Alabama
1958 Topps CFL Harry Lunn 1958 Topps CFL 35 Harry Lunn Saskatchewan Roughriders halfback, defensive back
1958 Topps CFL Gord Rowland 1958 Topps CFL 36 Gord Rowland Winnipeg Blue Bombers halfback exmt
1958 Topps CFL Lynn Bottoms 1958 Topps CFL 41 Lynn Bottoms Calgary Stampeders halfback Washington
1958 Topps CFL Oscar Kruger 1958 Topps CFL 44 Oscar Kruger Edmonton Eskimos halfback
1958 Topps CFL Dave Mann 1958 Topps CFL 46 Dave Mann Toronto Argonauts halfback Oregon State