Halfback Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1952 Bowman Small Volney Quinlan 1952 Bowman Small 109 Volney Quinlan Los Angeles Rams halfback San Diego State Rookie card
1952 Bowman Small Russ Craft 1952 Bowman Small 116 Russ Craft Philadelphia Eagles halfback, defensive back Alabama
1952 Bowman Small Frank Ziegler 1952 Bowman Small 119 Frank Ziegler Philadelphia Eagles halfback Georgia Tech Rookie card
1952 Bowman Small Dan Towler 1952 Bowman Small 120 Dan Towler Los Angeles Rams halfback, fullback Washington and Jefferson
1952 Bowman Small Dom Moselle 1952 Bowman Small 130 Dom Moselle Green Bay Packers halfback, defensive back Wisconsin - Superior
1952 Bowman Small Chuck Ortmann 1952 Bowman Small 132 Chuck Ortmann Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, halfback Michigan
1952 Bowman Small 135 Gene Ronzani Green Bay Packers halfback, coach Marquette Rookie card
1952 Bowman Small John Papit 1952 Bowman Small 143 John Papit Washington Redskins halfback Virginia
1952 Parkhurst Bill Bass 1952 Parkhurst 25 Bill Bass Toronto Argonauts halfback Tennessee State, Nevada Bass played for the AAFC's Chicago Rockets in 1947.
1952 Parkhurst Ulysses Curtis 1952 Parkhurst 29 Ulysses Curtis Toronto Argonauts halfback Florida A and M According to the Toronto Star, Curtis was the first African American to play for the Argonauts.
1952 Parkhurst Alex Toogood 1952 Parkhurst 33 Alex Toogood Toronto Argonauts halfback Toronto
1952 Parkhurst Byron Karrys 1952 Parkhurst 36 Byron Karrys Toronto Argonauts halfback
1952 Parkhurst Stephen Karrys 1952 Parkhurst 40 Stephen Karrys Toronto Argonauts halfback, punter
1952 Parkhurst Jim Ostendarp 1952 Parkhurst 45 Jim Ostendarp Montreal Alouettes halfback Drexel, Bucknell Ostendarp played for the New York Giants in 1951 and 1952. He was the head coach at Amherst College from 1959 to 1991.
1952 Parkhurst Dawson Tilley 1952 Parkhurst 57 Dawson Tilley Montreal Alouettes halfback McGill
1952 Parkhurst Cec Findlay 1952 Parkhurst 58A Cec Findlay Montreal Alouettes halfback McGill
1952 Parkhurst Tommy Manastersky 1952 Parkhurst 58B Tommy Manastersky Montreal Alouettes halfback
1952 Parkhurst Howie Turner 1952 Parkhurst 69 Howie Turner Ottawa Rough Riders halfback, quarterback North Carolina State
1952 Parkhurst Gene Roberts 1952 Parkhurst 73 Gene Roberts Ottawa Rough Riders fullback, halfback Kansas, Tennessee-Chattanooga
1952 Parkhurst Ted McLarty 1952 Parkhurst 75 Ted McLarty Ottawa Rough Riders halfback Error card

McLarty's last name is misspelled "MacLarty" on the back of this card.
1952 Parkhurst Bruce Cummings 1952 Parkhurst 78 Bruce Cummings Ottawa Rough Riders halfback Toronto
1952 Parkhurst Jack Stewart 1952 Parkhurst 85 Jack Stewart Hamilton Tiger-Cats halfback, flying wing
1952 Wheaties Glenn Davis in Action 1952 Wheaties 1 Glenn Davis in Action Davis was nicknamed "Mr. Outside" at Army; his teammate, Doc Blanchard, was nicknamed "Mr. Inside."
Glenn Davis Los Angeles Rams halfback Army, Cal Poly-Pomona Heisman Trophy 1946, College Hall of Fame 1961
1952 Wheaties Glenn Davis Portrait 1952 Wheaties 2 Glenn Davis Portrait Davis did not play in 1952; a knee injury had ended his career.
Glenn Davis Los Angeles Rams halfback Army, Cal Poly-Pomona Heisman Trophy 1946, College Hall of Fame 1961
1952 Wheaties Doak Walker in Action 1952 Wheaties 9 Doak Walker in Action Walker missed five games because of an injury in 1952. It was the only season he did not make the Pro Bowl.
Doak Walker Detroit Lions halfback SMU Heisman Trophy 1948, College Hall of Fame 1959, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1986