End Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1967 Philadelphia Bob Lilly 1967 Philadelphia 55 Bob Lilly Dallas Cowboys end TCU Cowboys Ring of Honor 1975, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1980, College Hall of Fame 1981 Double print
1967 Philadelphia Gail Cogdill 1967 Philadelphia 63 Gail Cogdill Detroit Lions end Washington State ex
1967 Philadelphia Tommy McDonald 1967 Philadelphia 91 Tommy McDonald Los Angeles Rams end, halfback Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1985, Eagles Honor Roll 1988, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1998 Double print
1967 Philadelphia Paul Flatley 1967 Philadelphia 101 Paul Flatley Minnesota Vikings end Northwestern Double print exmt
1967 Philadelphia Homer Jones 1967 Philadelphia 113 Homer Jones New York Giants end Texas Southern Rookie card, double print
1967 Philadelphia Joe Morrison 1967 Philadelphia 116 Joe Morrison New York Giants end Cincinnati Giants Ring of Honor 2010 Double print PSA 9, PSA 8.5
1967 Philadelphia Aaron Thomas 1967 Philadelphia 119 Aaron Thomas New York Giants end Oregon State Double print exmt
1967 Philadelphia Pete Retzlaff 1967 Philadelphia 140 Pete Retzlaff Philadelphia Eagles end South Dakota State Eagles Honor Roll 1989
1967 Philadelphia Mike Clark 1967 Philadelphia 149 Mike Clark Pittsburgh Steelers kicker, end Texas A and M Double print exmt
1967 Philadelphia Joe Robb 1967 Philadelphia 162 Joe Robb St. Louis Cardinals end TCU
1967 Philadelphia Bernie Casey 1967 Philadelphia 173 Bernie Casey San Francisco 49ers end, halfback Bowling Green
1967 Philadelphia Dave Parks 1967 Philadelphia 176 Dave Parks San Francisco 49ers end, flanker Texas Tech College Hall of Fame 2008
1967 Philadelphia Giants Play 1967 Philadelphia 194 Giants Play Double print

The Steelers are wearing their "Batman" jerseys in this photo.
Brady Keys Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Colorado State
Ben McGee Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle, defensive end Jackson State Steelers Legends Team
Joe Morrison New York Giants end Cincinnati Giants Ring of Honor 2010
Andy Russell Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Missouri Steelers All-Time Team
1967 Royal Castle Dolphins Howard Twilley 1967 Royal Castle Dolphins 23 Howard Twilley Miami Dolphins end Tulsa College Hall of Fame 1992 On September 11, 1965, Twilley became the first football player to score in the Houston Astrodome. Twilley's team, Tulsa University, beat the University of Houston, 14-0.
1967 Royal Castle Dolphins George Wilson Sr. 1967 Royal Castle Dolphins 27 George Wilson Sr. Miami Dolphins end, coach Northwestern Short print
1967 Topps Gino Cappelletti 1967 Topps 3 Gino Cappelletti Boston Patriots end Minnesota Patriots Hall of Fame 1992 nm
1967 Topps Art Graham 1967 Topps 12 Art Graham Boston Patriots end Boston College nm
1967 Topps Art Powell 1967 Topps 17 Art Powell Buffalo Bills end San Jose State PSA 9, PSA 8, exmt
1967 Topps Lionel Taylor 1967 Topps 42 Lionel Taylor Denver Broncos end New Mexico Highlands Broncos Ring of Fame 1984 nm+
1967 Topps Al Denson 1967 Topps 43 Al Denson Denver Broncos end Florida A and M exmt
1967 Topps Larry Elkins 1967 Topps 49 Larry Elkins Houston Oilers end Baylor College Hall of Fame 1994 nm+
1967 Topps Chris Burford 1967 Topps 72 Chris Burford Kansas City Chiefs end Stanford Chiefs Hall of Fame 1975, College Hall of Fame 1995 exmt
1967 Topps Otis Taylor 1967 Topps 73 Otis Taylor Kansas City Chiefs end Prairie View Chiefs Hall of Fame 1982
1967 Topps Dave Kocourek 1967 Topps 88 Dave Kocourek Miami Dolphins end Wisconsin PSA 8
1967 Topps Don Maynard 1967 Topps 97 Don Maynard New York Jets end Texas-El Paso Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987, Jets Ring of Honor 2010 Maynard led the AFL in receiving yards in 1967, with 1434. His teammate, George Sauer, was second, with 1189. exmt+