Center Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1965 Topps Bob Schmidt 1965 Topps 20 Bob Schmidt Boston Patriots center Minnesota PSA 8
1965 Topps Al Bemiller 1965 Topps 25 Al Bemiller Buffalo Bills center Syracuse
1965 Topps Tom Goode 1965 Topps 77 Tom Goode Houston Oilers center Mississippi State Rookie card exmt
1965 Topps Jon Gilliam 1965 Topps 100 Jon Gilliam Kansas City Chiefs center Texas A and M - Commerce Rookie card nm oc
1965 Topps E.J. Holub 1965 Topps 103 E.J. Holub Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, center Texas Tech Chiefs Hall of Fame 1976, College Hall of Fame 1986 nm
1965 Topps Jim Otto 1965 Topps 145 Jim Otto Oakland Raiders center Miami Florida Pro Football Hall of Fame 1980
1965 Topps CFL Bob Swift 1965 Topps CFL 15 Bob Swift BC Lions guard, center Clemson
1965 Topps CFL Wayne Harris 1965 Topps CFL 21 Wayne Harris Calgary Stampeders center Arkansas Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1976, College Hall of Fame 2004 Harris was the CFL's Lineman of the Year in 1965, 1966, 1970, and 1971.
1965 Topps CFL Jim Andreotti 1965 Topps CFL 61 Jim Andreotti Montreal Alouettes linebacker, center Northwestern
1965 Topps CFL Jerry Selinger 1965 Topps CFL 85 Jerry Selinger Ottawa Rough Riders center, punter St. Joseph's College
1965 Topps CFL Ron Atchison 1965 Topps CFL 89 Ron Atchison Saskatchewan Roughriders center, defensive tackle Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1978
1965 Topps CFL Norm Stoneburgh 1965 Topps CFL 115 Norm Stoneburgh Toronto Argonauts center
1966 Philadelphia Mike Pyle 1966 Philadelphia 37 Mike Pyle Chicago Bears center Yale Double print nm-mt
1966 Philadelphia John Morrow 1966 Philadelphia 47 John Morrow Cleveland Browns center Michigan PSA 8
1966 Philadelphia Mike Connelly 1966 Philadelphia 56 Mike Connelly Dallas Cowboys center Utah State, Michigan State nm
1966 Philadelphia Mick Tingelhoff 1966 Philadelphia 115 Mick Tingelhoff Minnesota Vikings center Nebraska Vikings Ring of Honor 2001, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2015
1966 Philadelphia Greg Larson 1966 Philadelphia 124 Greg Larson New York Giants center Minnesota
1966 Philadelphia Morrall and Scholtz 1966 Philadelphia 127 Morrall and Scholtz
Earl Morrall New York Giants quarterback Michigan State
Bob Scholtz New York Giants tackle, center Notre Dame
1966 Philadelphia Jim Ringo 1966 Philadelphia 141 Jim Ringo Philadelphia Eagles center Syracuse Packers Hall of Fame 1974, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1981, Eagles Honor Roll 1987
1966 Philadelphia Bob DeMarco 1966 Philadelphia 161 Bob DeMarco St. Louis Cardinals center Dayton
1966 Philadelphia Bruce Bosley 1966 Philadelphia 172 Bruce Bosley San Francisco 49ers guard, center West Virginia College Hall of Fame 1982
1966 Topps Jon Morris 1966 Topps 10 Jon Morris Boston Patriots center Holy Cross Patriots Hall of Fame 2011
1966 Topps Dave Behrman 1966 Topps 18 Dave Behrman Buffalo Bills center Michigan State
1966 Topps Al Bemiller 1966 Topps 19 Al Bemiller Buffalo Bills center Syracuse
1966 Topps Ray Kubala 1966 Topps 39 Ray Kubala Denver Broncos center Texas A and M Rookie card