1958 Topps #115: Detroit Lions Team

#50: Charlie Ane#41: Terry Barr#67: Stan Campbell#40: Howard Cassady#24: Jack Christiansen#asst coach: John Cochran#76: Lou Creekmur#68: Gene Cronin#25: Jim David#87: Dorne Dibble#83: Jim Doran#publicity director: Bud Erickson#asst coach: Aldo Forte#52: Frank Gatski#26: Gene Gedman#75: John Gordy#82: Leon Hart#35: John Henry Johnson#88: Steve Junker#21: Carl Karilivacz#trainer: Millard Kelley#general mgr: Nick Kerbawy#70: Ray Krouse#28: Yale Lary#22: Bobby Layne#86: Bob Long#43: Gary Lowe#equip mgr: Roy Macklem#72: Gil Mains#47: Jim Martin#78: Darris McCord#84: Dave Middleton#74: Bob Miller#asst coach: Robert Nussbaumer#79: Gerry Perry#asst coach: Buster Ramsey#80: Jerry Reichow#18: Tobin Rote#53: Ken Russell#56: Joe Schmidt#box office treasurer: Maurie Schubot#66: Harley Sewell#physician: Richard Thompson#30: Tom Tracy#head coach: George Wilson Sr.#57: Roger ZatkoffDetroit Lions Team 1958 Topps football card

This card pictures the 1957 Detroit Lions team. Click here to see a large, black-and-white copy of this image. This was the last Lions team to win the NFL title; they beat the Browns 59-14 in the championship game.

Move your cursor over the card to see the players' names.

Player#Pro TeamCollege Honors
Charlie Ane 50Detroit LionsUSC
Terry Barr 41Detroit LionsMichigan
Stan Campbell 67Detroit LionsIowa State
Howard Cassady 40Detroit LionsOhio State Heisman Trophy, College Hall of Fame
Jack Christiansen 24Detroit LionsColorado State Pro Football Hall of Fame
John Cochran asst coachDetroit LionsWake Forest Packers Hall of Fame
Lou Creekmur 76Detroit LionsWilliam and Mary Pro Football Hall of Fame
Gene Cronin 68Detroit LionsPacific
Jim David 25Detroit LionsColorado State
Dorne Dibble 87Detroit LionsMichigan State
Jim Doran 83Detroit LionsIowa State, Buena Vista
Bud Erickson publicity directorDetroit LionsDuke, Michigan State
Aldo Forte asst coachDetroit LionsMontana
Frank Gatski 52Detroit LionsMarshall Pro Football Hall of Fame, Browns Ring of Honor
Gene Gedman 26Detroit LionsIndiana
John Gordy 75Detroit LionsTennessee
Leon Hart 82Detroit LionsNotre Dame Heisman Trophy, College Hall of Fame
John Henry Johnson 35Detroit LionsArizona State, St. Mary's Pro Football Hall of Fame, 49ers Hall of Fame, Steelers Legends Team
Steve Junker 88Detroit LionsXavier
Carl Karilivacz 21Detroit LionsSyracuse
Millard Kelley trainerDetroit Lions
Nick Kerbawy general mgrDetroit Lions
Ray Krouse 70Detroit LionsMaryland
Yale Lary 28Detroit LionsTexas A and M Pro Football Hall of Fame
Bobby Layne 22Detroit LionsTexas Pro Football Hall of Fame, College Hall of Fame, Steelers Legends Team
Bob Long 86Detroit LionsUCLA
Gary Lowe 43Detroit LionsMichigan State
Roy Macklem equip mgrDetroit Lions
Gil Mains 72Detroit LionsMurray State
Jim Martin 47Detroit LionsNotre Dame College Hall of Fame
Darris McCord 78Detroit LionsTennessee
Dave Middleton 84Detroit LionsAuburn
Bob Miller 74Detroit LionsVirginia
Robert Nussbaumer asst coachDetroit LionsMichigan
Gerry Perry 79Detroit LionsCalifornia
Buster Ramsey asst coachDetroit LionsWilliam and Mary College Hall of Fame
Jerry Reichow 80Detroit LionsIowa
Tobin Rote 18Detroit LionsRice Packers Hall of Fame
Ken Russell 53Detroit LionsBowling Green
Joe Schmidt 56Detroit LionsPittsburgh Pro Football Hall of Fame, College Hall of Fame
Maurie Schubot box office treasurerDetroit Lions
Harley Sewell 66Detroit LionsTexas College Hall of Fame
Richard Thompson physicianDetroit Lions
Tom Tracy 30Detroit LionsTennessee
George Wilson Sr. head coachDetroit LionsNorthwestern
Roger Zatkoff 57Detroit LionsMichigan