1956 Topps #7: Green Bay Packers Team

#58: Tom Bettis#coach: Lisle Blackbourn#20: Billy Bookout#87: Nate Borden#62: William Brown#67: Hank Bullough#23: Jim Capuzzi#48: Al Carmichael#31: Fred Cone#78: Tom Dahms#80: Dick Deschaine#44: Bobby Dillon#37: Howard Ferguson#69: Bill Forester#79: Dave Hanner#coach: Tom Hearden#15: Paul Held#72: Jerry Helluin#86: Bill Howton#40: Joe Johnson#trainer: Bud Jorgensen#84: Gary Knafelc#71: Bill Lucky#83: John Martinkovic#coach: Scooter McLean#41: Doyle Nix#81: Pat O'Donahue#24: Floyd Reid#51: Jim Ringo#coach: Lou Rymkus#63: Joe Skibinski#61: Jack Spinks#27: Veryl Switzer#equipment manager: Mr. Sylvester#68: Len Szafaryn#66: Deral Teteak#47: Val Joe Walker#74: Roger ZatkoffGreen Bay Packers Team 1956 Topps football card

This card pictures the 1955 Packers team. The team photo includes Deral Teteak, a member of the Packers Hall of Fame who never appeared on a card of his own.

Move your cursor over the card to see the players' names.

Player#Pro TeamCollege Honors
Tom Bettis 58Green Bay PackersPurdue
Lisle Blackbourn coachGreen Bay PackersLawrence
Billy Bookout 20Green Bay PackersOklahoma, Austin
Nate Borden 87Green Bay PackersIndiana
William Brown 62Green Bay PackersArkansas
Hank Bullough 67Green Bay PackersMichigan State
Jim Capuzzi 23Green Bay PackersMarquette, Cincinnati
Al Carmichael 48Green Bay PackersUSC Packers Hall of Fame
Fred Cone 31Green Bay PackersClemson Packers Hall of Fame
Tom Dahms 78Green Bay PackersSan Diego State
Dick Deschaine 80Green Bay Packers
Bobby Dillon 44Green Bay PackersTexas Packers Hall of Fame
Howard Ferguson 37Green Bay Packers Packers Hall of Fame
Bill Forester 69Green Bay PackersSMU Packers Hall of Fame
Dave Hanner 79Green Bay PackersArkansas Packers Hall of Fame
Tom Hearden coachGreen Bay PackersNotre Dame
Paul Held 15Green Bay PackersSan Jose State
Jerry Helluin 72Green Bay PackersTulane
Bill Howton 86Green Bay PackersRice Packers Hall of Fame
Joe Johnson 40Green Bay PackersBoston College
Bud Jorgensen trainerGreen Bay PackersSt. Mary's Packers Hall of Fame
Gary Knafelc 84Green Bay PackersColorado Packers Hall of Fame
Bill Lucky 71Green Bay PackersBaylor
John Martinkovic 83Green Bay PackersXavier Packers Hall of Fame
Scooter McLean coachGreen Bay PackersSt. Anselm
Doyle Nix 41Green Bay PackersSMU
Pat O'Donahue 81Green Bay PackersWisconsin
Floyd Reid 24Green Bay PackersGeorgia
Jim Ringo 51Green Bay PackersSyracuse Packers Hall of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Eagles Honor Roll
Lou Rymkus coachGreen Bay PackersNotre Dame
Joe Skibinski 63Green Bay PackersPurdue
Jack Spinks 61Green Bay PackersAlcorn State
Veryl Switzer 27Green Bay PackersKansas State
Mr. Sylvester equipment managerGreen Bay Packers
Len Szafaryn 68Green Bay PackersNorth Carolina
Deral Teteak 66Green Bay PackersWisconsin Packers Hall of Fame
Val Joe Walker 47Green Bay PackersSMU
Roger Zatkoff 74Green Bay PackersMichigan