Pittsburgh Steelers Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1948 Bowman Jack Wiley 1948 Bowman 11 Jack Wiley Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Waynesburg Rookie card
1948 Bowman Tony Compagno 1948 Bowman 27 Tony Compagno Pittsburgh Steelers fullback St. Mary's Rookie card, short print

"Compagno" is Italian for "companion".
1948 Bowman John Mastrangelo 1948 Bowman 32 John Mastrangelo Pittsburgh Steelers guard, tackle Notre Dame Rookie card exmt+
1948 Bowman Charles Cherundolo 1948 Bowman 50 Charles Cherundolo Pittsburgh Steelers center, coach Penn State Steelers Legends Team Rookie card

Before he passed away, Cherundolo had been the fourth-oldest living professional football player. He died at age 96.
1948 Bowman Elbert Nickel 1948 Bowman 60 Elbert Nickel Pittsburgh Steelers end Cincinnati Steelers Legends Team Rookie card, short print
1948 Bowman Bill Moore 1948 Bowman 68 Bill Moore Pittsburgh Steelers guard Penn State Rookie card

Moore played three seasons in the NFL, 1947 to 1949, all with the Steelers.
PSA 8, nm oc
1948 Bowman John Clement 1948 Bowman 86 John Clement Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback SMU Rookie card Vg-ex+
1948 Bowman Bill Garnaas 1948 Bowman 90 Bill Garnaas Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Minnesota Rookie card, short print PSA 3
1948 Bowman Joe Gottlieb 1948 Bowman 101 Joe Gottlieb Pittsburgh Steelers back Duquesne Rookie card vg
1948 Bowman Bob Cifers 1948 Bowman 105 Bob Cifers Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Tennessee Rookie card, short print

Cifers played one season for the Lions, two for the Steelers, and one for the Packers. He averaged 61.75 yards per punt in a game in 1946, still an NFL record. His brother Ed also played in the NFL.
1948 Leaf Steve Suhey 1948 Leaf 2 Steve Suhey Pittsburgh Steelers guard Penn State College Hall of Fame 1985 Rookie card

Suhey played two seasons for the Steelers. His son, Matt, played fullback for ten seasons with the Chicago Bears. You can see a lot of Matt Suhey's cards on eBay.
1948 Leaf John Clement 1948 Leaf 47 John Clement Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback SMU Rookie card poor
1948 Leaf Ray Evans 1948 Leaf 72 Ray Evans Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Kansas College Hall of Fame 1964 Rookie card
1949 Leaf John Rauch 1949 Leaf 4 John Rauch Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Georgia College Hall of Fame 2003 ex
1949 Leaf Bob DeMoss 1949 Leaf 52 Bob DeMoss Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Purdue vg-ex
1949 Leaf Bobby Layne 1949 Leaf 67 Bobby Layne Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Texas Pro Football Hall of Fame 1967, College Hall of Fame 1968, Steelers Legends Team Error card

First name misspelled "Bobbie."
1949 Leaf Frank Seno 1949 Leaf 127 Frank Seno Pittsburgh Steelers halfback George Washington vg-ex
1950 Bowman Val Jansante 1950 Bowman 18 Val Jansante Pittsburgh Steelers end Duquesne, Villanova nm+
1950 Bowman Joe Geri 1950 Bowman 19 Joe Geri Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Georgia exmt
1950 Bowman Jerry Nuzum 1950 Bowman 20 Jerry Nuzum Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Compton Community College, New Mexico A and M
1950 Bowman Bob Gage 1950 Bowman 54 Bob Gage Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Clemson nm
1950 Bowman Buddy Tinsley 1950 Bowman 55 Buddy Tinsley Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Baylor Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1982 Tinsley never played for the Steelers. He played for the AAFC's Los Angeles Dons in 1949, then for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers from 1950 to 1960.
1950 Bowman Howard Hartley 1950 Bowman 88 Howard Hartley Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back, running back Duke Steelers Legends Team PSA 8
1950 Bowman Darrell Hogan 1950 Bowman 89 Darrell Hogan Pittsburgh Steelers guard Trinity, Baylor
1950 Bowman Jerry Shipkey 1950 Bowman 90 Jerry Shipkey Pittsburgh Steelers fullback USC, UCLA Steelers Legends Team Rookie card exmt