Philadelphia Eagles Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1954 Bowman Ken Snyder 1954 Bowman 69 Ken Snyder Philadelphia Eagles tackle Georgia Tech Short print ex
1954 Bowman Bucko Kilroy 1954 Bowman 79 Bucko Kilroy Philadelphia Eagles guard Temple Short print
1954 Bowman Ken Farragut 1954 Bowman 87 Ken Farragut Philadelphia Eagles center, linebacker Mississippi Short print PSA 7
1954 Bowman Ray McKown 1954 Bowman 93 Ray McKown Philadelphia Eagles halfback TCU Short print, error card

McKown's first name is Ray; this card is the only place I have seen him called Daniel. McKown is a member of the TCU Lettermen's Association Hall of Fame.
PSA 7, exmt
1954 Bowman Jerome Williams 1954 Bowman 104 Jerome Williams Philadelphia Eagles halfback Washington State, Idaho Williams had the NFL's longest pass reception in 1954, an 84-yarder. PSA 7
1954 Bowman Richard Lemmon 1954 Bowman 114 Richard Lemmon Philadelphia Eagles halfback California PSA 8, exmt
1954 Bowman Neil Worden 1954 Bowman 120 Neil Worden Philadelphia Eagles fullback Notre Dame
1955 Bowman Pete Pihos 1955 Bowman 10 Pete Pihos Philadelphia Eagles end Indiana College Hall of Fame 1966, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1970, Eagles Honor Roll 1987
1955 Bowman Bobby Walston 1955 Bowman 13 Bobby Walston Philadelphia Eagles end Georgia poor
1955 Bowman Bucko Kilroy 1955 Bowman 29 Bucko Kilroy Philadelphia Eagles guard Temple
1955 Bowman Ken Snyder 1955 Bowman 63 Ken Snyder Philadelphia Eagles tackle Georgia Tech PSA 8, PSA 7, GAI 8, exmt
1955 Bowman Eddie Bell 1955 Bowman 67 Eddie Bell Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Pennsylvania Rookie card
1955 Bowman Tom Scott 1955 Bowman 105 Tom Scott Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Virginia College Hall of Fame 1979
1955 Bowman Wayne Robinson 1955 Bowman 108 Wayne Robinson Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Minnesota
1955 Bowman Bobby Thomason 1955 Bowman 115 Bobby Thomason Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Virginia Military Institute exmt
1955 Bowman Buck Lansford 1955 Bowman 126 Buck Lansford Philadelphia Eagles guard Texas Rookie card PSA 7, nm
1955 Bowman James Parmer 1955 Bowman 135 James Parmer Philadelphia Eagles halfback Oklahoma State PSA 7, good
1955 Bowman Norm Willey 1955 Bowman 138 Norm Willey Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Marshall ex
1955 Bowman Adrian Burk 1955 Bowman 145 Adrian Burk Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, punter Baylor
1955 Bowman Dick Bielski 1955 Bowman 149 Dick Bielski Philadelphia Eagles end, fullback Maryland Rookie card exmt
1955 Bowman Mike Jarmoluk 1955 Bowman 151 Mike Jarmoluk Philadelphia Eagles tackle Temple nm oc
1955 Bowman Jerry Norton 1955 Bowman 155 Jerry Norton Philadelphia Eagles defensive back, punter SMU Rookie card PSA 8, exmt
1955 Bowman Chuck Bednarik 1955 Bowman 158 Chuck Bednarik Philadelphia Eagles center, defensive tackle Pennsylvania Pro Football Hall of Fame 1967, College Hall of Fame 1969, Eagles Honor Roll 1987
1956 Topps Eddie Bell 1956 Topps 4 Eddie Bell Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Pennsylvania
1956 Topps Harold Giancanelli 1956 Topps 16 Harold Giancanelli Philadelphia Eagles halfback Loyola (L.A.) ex