Oakland Raiders Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1964 Topps Dan Birdwell 1964 Topps 133 Dan Birdwell Oakland Raiders defensive end, linebacker Houston Rookie card
1964 Topps Dave Costa 1964 Topps 134 Dave Costa Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Utah Rookie card nm
1964 Topps Dobie Craig 1964 Topps 135 Dobie Craig Oakland Raiders flanker Howard Payne Rookie card
1964 Topps Clem Daniels 1964 Topps 136 Clem Daniels Oakland Raiders halfback Prairie View exmt
1964 Topps Cotton Davidson 1964 Topps 137 Cotton Davidson Oakland Raiders quarterback Baylor Short print
1964 Topps Claude Gibson 1964 Topps 138 Claude Gibson Oakland Raiders defensive back North Carolina State Rookie card

Gibson led the AFL in punt return yards in 1963 and 1964.
1964 Topps Tom Flores 1964 Topps 139 Tom Flores Oakland Raiders quarterback Pacific Short print
1964 Topps Wayne Hawkins 1964 Topps 140 Wayne Hawkins Oakland Raiders guard Pacific Short print
1964 Topps Ken Herock 1964 Topps 141 Ken Herock Oakland Raiders end West Virginia Rookie card nm
1964 Topps Jon Jelacic 1964 Topps 142 Jon Jelacic Oakland Raiders defensive end Minnesota Rookie card, short print
1964 Topps Joe Krakoski 1964 Topps 143 Joe Krakoski Oakland Raiders defensive back Illinois Rookie card

Krakoski's son, also named Joe, was a linebacker for the Redskins in 1986.
PSA 9, PSA 8, nm
1964 Topps Archie Matsos 1964 Topps 144 Archie Matsos Oakland Raiders linebacker Michigan State Short print PSA 7
1964 Topps Mike Mercer 1964 Topps 145 Mike Mercer Oakland Raiders kicker Arizona State PSA 8, exmt
1964 Topps Alan Miller 1964 Topps 146 Alan Miller Oakland Raiders halfback, fullback Boston College Short print
1964 Topps Bob Mischak 1964 Topps 147 Bob Mischak Oakland Raiders guard Army Short print
1964 Topps Jim Otto 1964 Topps 148 Jim Otto Oakland Raiders center Miami Florida Pro Football Hall of Fame 1980 Short print

Otto wore number 50 for just one season, 1960.
1964 Topps Clancy Osborne 1964 Topps 149 Clancy Osborne Oakland Raiders linebacker Arizona State Short print
1964 Topps Art Powell 1964 Topps 150 Art Powell Oakland Raiders end San Jose State Short print PSA 5
1964 Topps Bo Roberson 1964 Topps 151 Bo Roberson Oakland Raiders halfback Cornell Roberson won a silver medal in the long jump in the 1960 Rome Olympics. See the Gallery's page of Olympic athletes on vintage football cards.
1964 Topps Fred Williamson 1964 Topps 152 Fred Williamson Oakland Raiders defensive back Northwestern Short print
1964 Topps Oakland Raiders Team 1964 Topps 153 Oakland Raiders Team Oakland Raiders This card pictures the 1963 Raiders team. Al Davis was the head coach; he is on the far left end of the back row.
1965 Topps Dalva Allen 1965 Topps 132 Dalva Allen Oakland Raiders defensive end Houston
1965 Topps Fred Biletnikoff 1965 Topps 133 Fred Biletnikoff Oakland Raiders end Florida State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1988, College Hall of Fame 1991 Rookie card
1965 Topps Billy Cannon 1965 Topps 134 Billy Cannon Oakland Raiders halfback LSU Heisman Trophy 1959, College Hall of Fame 2008
1965 Topps Dave Costa 1965 Topps 135 Dave Costa Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Utah