Atlanta Falcons Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1966 Philadelphia Falcons Logo 1966 Philadelphia 1 Falcons Logo Atlanta Falcons
1966 Philadelphia Larry Benz 1966 Philadelphia 2 Larry Benz Atlanta Falcons defensive back Northwestern Rookie card
1966 Philadelphia Dennis Claridge 1966 Philadelphia 3 Dennis Claridge Atlanta Falcons quarterback Nebraska Rookie card
1966 Philadelphia Perry Lee Dunn 1966 Philadelphia 4 Perry Lee Dunn Atlanta Falcons halfback Mississippi Rookie card, double print
1966 Philadelphia Dan Grimm 1966 Philadelphia 5 Dan Grimm Atlanta Falcons guard Colorado Rookie card, double print
1966 Philadelphia Alex Hawkins 1966 Philadelphia 6 Alex Hawkins Atlanta Falcons halfback South Carolina Double print PSA 8, nm
1966 Philadelphia Ralph Heck 1966 Philadelphia 7 Ralph Heck Atlanta Falcons linebacker Colorado Rookie card
1966 Philadelphia Frank Lasky 1966 Philadelphia 8 Frank Lasky Atlanta Falcons tackle Florida Rookie card

Lasky and Joe Auer were teammates at Coral Gables High School in Florida. See the Gallery's High School Teammates page.
1966 Philadelphia Guy Reese 1966 Philadelphia 9 Guy Reese Atlanta Falcons tackle SMU Double print exmt
1966 Philadelphia Bob Richards 1966 Philadelphia 10 Bob Richards Atlanta Falcons end LSU Rookie card
1966 Philadelphia Ron Smith 1966 Philadelphia 11 Ron Smith Atlanta Falcons defensive back Wisconsin Rookie card
1966 Philadelphia Ernie Wheelwright 1966 Philadelphia 12 Ernie Wheelwright Atlanta Falcons fullback Southern Illinois
1966 Philadelphia Falcons Roster 1966 Philadelphia 13 Falcons Roster Atlanta Falcons
1967 Philadelphia Atlanta Falcons Team 1967 Philadelphia 1 Atlanta Falcons Team Atlanta Falcons
1967 Philadelphia Junior Coffey 1967 Philadelphia 2 Junior Coffey Atlanta Falcons halfback Washington Rookie card
1967 Philadelphia Alex Hawkins 1967 Philadelphia 3 Alex Hawkins Atlanta Falcons halfback South Carolina Hawkins played 3 games for the Falcons in 1967, then went to the Colts.
1967 Philadelphia Randy Johnson 1967 Philadelphia 4 Randy Johnson Atlanta Falcons quarterback Texas A and M - Kingsville Rookie card, double print
1967 Philadelphia Lou Kirouac 1967 Philadelphia 5 Lou Kirouac Atlanta Falcons guard, kicker Boston College Rookie card, double print SGC 96
1967 Philadelphia Billy Martin 1967 Philadelphia 6 Billy Martin Atlanta Falcons end Georgia Tech Rookie card, double print PSA 8, exmt
1967 Philadelphia Tommy Nobis 1967 Philadelphia 7 Tommy Nobis Atlanta Falcons linebacker Texas Outland Trophy 1965, College Hall of Fame 1981, Falcons Ring of Honor 2004 Rookie card

The Falcons chose Nobis with the first overall pick in the 1966 NFL draft.
1967 Philadelphia Jerry Richardson 1967 Philadelphia 8 Jerry Richardson Atlanta Falcons defensive back West Texas State Rookie card
1967 Philadelphia Marion Rushing 1967 Philadelphia 9 Marion Rushing Atlanta Falcons linebacker Southern Illinois Rookie card, double print PSA 6.5
1967 Philadelphia Ron Smith 1967 Philadelphia 10 Ron Smith Atlanta Falcons defensive back Wisconsin PSA 7
1967 Philadelphia Ernie Wheelwright 1967 Philadelphia 11 Ernie Wheelwright Atlanta Falcons fullback Southern Illinois Error card

Name misspelled "Wheelright."
1967 Philadelphia Falcons Logo 1967 Philadelphia 12 Falcons Logo Atlanta Falcons