1972 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1972 Topps Mike Curtis 1972 Topps 326 Mike Curtis Baltimore Colts linebacker Duke
1972 Topps Miller Farr 1972 Topps 327 Miller Farr St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Wichita State
1972 Topps Horst Muhlmann 1972 Topps 328 Horst Muhlmann Cincinnati Bengals kicker
1972 Topps John Niland 1972 Topps 329 John Niland Dallas Cowboys guard Iowa Rookie card
1972 Topps Andy Russell 1972 Topps 330 Andy Russell Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Missouri Steelers All-Time Team
1972 Topps Mercury Morris 1972 Topps 331 Mercury Morris Miami Dolphins running back West Texas State
1972 Topps Jim Johnson 1972 Topps 332 Jim Johnson San Francisco 49ers defensive back UCLA Pro Football Hall of Fame 1994, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009
1972 Topps Jerrel Wilson 1972 Topps 333 Jerrel Wilson Kansas City Chiefs punter, running back Southern Mississippi Chiefs Hall of Fame 1988
1972 Topps Charley Taylor 1972 Topps 334 Charley Taylor Washington Redskins wide receiver Arizona State Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1984 Error card

Name misspelled "Charlie."
1972 Topps Dick Lebeau 1972 Topps 335 Dick Lebeau Detroit Lions defensive back Ohio State Pro Football Hall of Fame 2010
1972 Topps Jim Marshall 1972 Topps 336 Jim Marshall Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ohio State Vikings Ring of Honor 1999
1972 Topps Tom Mack 1972 Topps 337 Tom Mack Los Angeles Rams guard Michigan Pro Football Hall of Fame 1999
1972 Topps Steve Spurrier In Action 1972 Topps 338 Steve Spurrier In Action
Steve Spurrier San Francisco 49ers quarterback Florida Heisman Trophy 1966, College Hall of Fame 1986
1972 Topps Floyd Little In Action 1972 Topps 339 Floyd Little In Action
Floyd Little Denver Broncos running back Syracuse College Hall of Fame 1983, Broncos Ring of Fame 1984, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2010
1972 Topps Len Dawson In Action 1972 Topps 340 Len Dawson In Action PSA 8
Len Dawson Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Purdue Chiefs Hall of Fame 1979, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987
1972 Topps Dick Butkus In Action 1972 Topps 341 Dick Butkus In Action
Dick Butkus Chicago Bears linebacker Illinois Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979, College Hall of Fame 1983
1972 Topps Larry Brown In Action 1972 Topps 342 Larry Brown In Action
Larry Brown Washington Redskins running back Kansas State Redskins Ring of Fame
1972 Topps Joe Namath In Action 1972 Topps 343 Joe Namath In Action
Joe Namath New York Jets quarterback Alabama Pro Football Hall of Fame 1985, Jets Ring of Honor 2010
1972 Topps Jim Turner In Action 1972 Topps 344 Jim Turner In Action
Jim Turner Denver Broncos kicker Utah State Broncos Ring of Fame 1988
1972 Topps Doug Cunningham In Action 1972 Topps 345 Doug Cunningham In Action
Doug Cunningham San Francisco 49ers running back Mississippi
1972 Topps Edd Hargett In Action 1972 Topps 346 Edd Hargett In Action
Edd Hargett New Orleans Saints quarterback Texas A and M
1972 Topps Steve Owens In Action 1972 Topps 347 Steve Owens In Action
Steve Owens Detroit Lions running back Oklahoma Heisman Trophy 1969, College Hall of Fame 1991
1972 Topps George Blanda In Action 1972 Topps 348 George Blanda In Action
George Blanda Oakland Raiders quarterback, kicker Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame 1981
1972 Topps Ed Podolak In Action 1972 Topps 349 Ed Podolak In Action
Ed Podolak Kansas City Chiefs running back Iowa Chiefs Hall of Fame 1989
1972 Topps Rich Jackson In Action 1972 Topps 350 Rich Jackson In Action
Rich Jackson Denver Broncos defensive end Southern Broncos Ring of Fame 1984