1969 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1969 Topps Brian Piccolo 1969 Topps 26 Brian Piccolo Chicago Bears running back Wake Forest Rookie card, error card

Piccolo's first name is misspelled "Bryon."
1969 Topps Bob Matheson 1969 Topps 27 Bob Matheson Cleveland Browns linebacker Duke Rookie card nm
1969 Topps Howard Twilley 1969 Topps 28 Howard Twilley Miami Dolphins end Tulsa College Hall of Fame 1992
1969 Topps Jim Turner 1969 Topps 29A Jim Turner New York Jets kicker Utah State Broncos Ring of Fame 1988 Red dot variation
1969 Topps Jim Turner 1969 Topps 29B Jim Turner New York Jets kicker Utah State Broncos Ring of Fame 1988 Yellow dot variation
1969 Topps Pete Banaszak 1969 Topps 30 Pete Banaszak Oakland Raiders running back Miami Florida Rookie card
1969 Topps Lance Rentzel 1969 Topps 31 Lance Rentzel Dallas Cowboys end Oklahoma Rookie card
1969 Topps Bill Triplett 1969 Topps 32 Bill Triplett Detroit Lions halfback Miami Ohio Triplett's older brother, Mel Triplett, also played in the NFL.
1969 Topps Boyd Dowler 1969 Topps 33 Boyd Dowler Green Bay Packers end, punter Colorado Packers Hall of Fame 1978
1969 Topps Merlin Olsen 1969 Topps 34 Merlin Olsen Los Angeles Rams tackle Utah State Outland Trophy 1961, College Hall of Fame 1980, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1982
1969 Topps Joe Kapp 1969 Topps 35 Joe Kapp Minnesota Vikings quarterback California Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1984, College Hall of Fame 2004 Kapp threw 7 touchdown passes in a game against the Baltimore Colts in 1969, tying the NFL record.
1969 Topps Dan Abramowicz 1969 Topps 36 Dan Abramowicz New Orleans Saints end Xavier Saints Hall of Fame 1988 Rookie card

Abramowicz played from 1967 to 1974 for the New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers.
1969 Topps Spider Lockhart 1969 Topps 37 Spider Lockhart New York Giants defensive back North Texas nm
1969 Topps Tom Day 1969 Topps 38 Tom Day Buffalo Bills defensive end North Carolina A and T nm
1969 Topps Art Graham 1969 Topps 39 Art Graham Boston Patriots end Boston College
1969 Topps Bob Cappadona 1969 Topps 40 Bob Cappadona Buffalo Bills running back Northeastern Rookie card PSA 9, PSA 8, nm
1969 Topps Gary Ballman 1969 Topps 41 Gary Ballman Philadelphia Eagles halfback Michigan State nm
1969 Topps Clendon Thomas 1969 Topps 42 Clendon Thomas Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 2011, Steelers Legends Team
1969 Topps Jackie Smith 1969 Topps 43 Jackie Smith St. Louis Cardinals tight end, kicker Northwestern Louisiana Pro Football Hall of Fame 1994
1969 Topps Dave Wilcox 1969 Topps 44 Dave Wilcox San Francisco 49ers linebacker Oregon Pro Football Hall of Fame 2000, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009 Wilcox's son, Josh Wilcox, was a tight end for two seasons with the New Orleans Saints. nm
1969 Topps Jerry Smith 1969 Topps 45 Jerry Smith Washington Redskins tight end Arizona State Redskins Ring of Fame
1969 Topps Dan Grimm 1969 Topps 46 Dan Grimm Atlanta Falcons guard Colorado
1969 Topps Tom Matte 1969 Topps 47 Tom Matte Baltimore Colts halfback Ohio State
1969 Topps John Stofa 1969 Topps 48 John Stofa Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Buffalo Rookie card
1969 Topps Rex Mirich 1969 Topps 49 Rex Mirich Denver Broncos tackle Northern Arizona College Hall of Fame 2012