1968 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1968 Topps Don Trull 1968 Topps 176 Don Trull Houston Oilers quarterback Baylor College Hall of Fame 2013
1968 Topps Jerry Simmons 1968 Topps 177 Jerry Simmons Atlanta Falcons end Bethune-Cookman Rookie card PSA 9, nm oc
1968 Topps Tom Matte 1968 Topps 178 Tom Matte Baltimore Colts halfback Ohio State Matte, who played quarterback in college, was Ohio State's season MVP in 1960. PSA 8
1968 Topps Bennie McRae 1968 Topps 179 Bennie McRae Chicago Bears defensive back, halfback Michigan PSA 8, nm-mt oc
1968 Topps Jim Kanicki 1968 Topps 180 Jim Kanicki Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Michigan State Rookie card PSA 7, ex
1968 Topps Bob Lilly 1968 Topps 181 Bob Lilly Dallas Cowboys end TCU Cowboys Ring of Honor 1975, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1980, College Hall of Fame 1981
1968 Topps Tom Watkins 1968 Topps 182 Tom Watkins Los Angeles Rams halfback Iowa State exmt
1968 Topps Jim Grabowski 1968 Topps 183 Jim Grabowski Green Bay Packers running back Illinois College Hall of Fame 1995 Rookie card

Grabowski won the Big Ten's MVP award, the Chicago Tribune Silver Football, in 1965.
1968 Topps Jack Snow 1968 Topps 184 Jack Snow Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Notre Dame Rookie card ex
1968 Topps Gary Cuozzo 1968 Topps 185 Gary Cuozzo Minnesota Vikings quarterback Virginia Rookie card

Cuozzo is still in his Colts uniform on this card. He played for the Colts from 1963 to 1966.
PSA 9, nm-mt oc
1968 Topps Bill Kilmer 1968 Topps 186 Bill Kilmer New Orleans Saints quarterback, halfback UCLA Redskins Ring of Fame, Saints Hall of Fame 1990, College Hall of Fame 1999 The back of this card is a piece to a Bart Starr puzzle.
1968 Topps Jim Katcavage 1968 Topps 187 Jim Katcavage New York Giants defensive end, defensive tackle Dayton nm-mt oc
1968 Topps Floyd Peters 1968 Topps 188 Floyd Peters Philadelphia Eagles tackle San Francisco State PSA 8, nm
1968 Topps Bill Nelsen 1968 Topps 189 Bill Nelsen Cleveland Browns quarterback USC PSA 8, exmt
1968 Topps Bobby Joe Conrad 1968 Topps 190 Bobby Joe Conrad St. Louis Cardinals halfback Texas A and M Conrad was inducted into the Texas A&M Athletic Hall of Fame in 1976. PSA 9, nm
1968 Topps Kermit Alexander 1968 Topps 191 Kermit Alexander San Francisco 49ers defensive back UCLA
1968 Topps Charley Taylor 1968 Topps 192 Charley Taylor Washington Redskins wide receiver Arizona State Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1984 Error card

Name misspelled "Charlie" on back.
1968 Topps Lance Alworth 1968 Topps 193 Lance Alworth San Diego Chargers end Arkansas Chargers Hall of Fame 1977, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1978, College Hall of Fame 1984 Alworth led the AFL with 68 receptions and 1312 receiving yards in 1968. nm
1968 Topps Daryle Lamonica 1968 Topps 194 Daryle Lamonica Oakland Raiders quarterback Notre Dame nm oc
1968 Topps Al Atkinson 1968 Topps 195 Al Atkinson New York Jets linebacker Villanova Rookie card

The back of this card is a piece to a Len Dawson puzzle.
1968 Topps Bob Griese 1968 Topps 196 Bob Griese Miami Dolphins quarterback Purdue College Hall of Fame 1984, Dolphins Honor Roll 1990, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1990 Rookie card

Griese placed eighth in voting for the Heisman Trophy in 1965, and second in 1966. See the Gallery's page of football cards of Heisman Trophy candidates.
1968 Topps Buck Buchanan 1968 Topps 197 Buck Buchanan Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Grambling Chiefs Hall of Fame 1981, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1990, College Hall of Fame 1996 The back of this card is a piece to a Bart Starr puzzle.
1968 Topps Pete Beathard 1968 Topps 198 Pete Beathard Kansas City Chiefs quarterback USC PSA 7, nm oc
1968 Topps Nemiah Wilson 1968 Topps 199 Nemiah Wilson Denver Broncos defensive back Grambling The back of this card is a piece to a Len Dawson puzzle. PSA 8, nm
1968 Topps Ernie Wright 1968 Topps 200 Ernie Wright Cincinnati Bengals tackle Ohio State The back of this card is a piece to a Len Dawson puzzle. exmt