1967 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1967 Topps George Wilson Jr. 1967 Topps 76 George Wilson Jr. Miami Dolphins quarterback Xavier, Notre Dame Rookie card

Wilson's father, George Wilson Sr., played for the Chicago Bears. He was also a head coach for the Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins. See my Fathers and Sons page for cards of other fathers and sons who played professional football.
1967 Topps Rick Norton 1967 Topps 77 Rick Norton Miami Dolphins quarterback Kentucky Rookie card
1967 Topps Frank Jackson 1967 Topps 78 Frank Jackson Miami Dolphins flanker SMU nm
1967 Topps Joe Auer 1967 Topps 79 Joe Auer Miami Dolphins halfback Georgia Tech Rookie card PSA 8
1967 Topps Willie West 1967 Topps 80 Willie West Miami Dolphins defensive back Oregon PSA 8
1967 Topps Jim Warren 1967 Topps 81 Jim Warren Miami Dolphins defensive back Illinois exmt
1967 Topps Wahoo McDaniel 1967 Topps 82 Wahoo McDaniel Miami Dolphins linebacker Oklahoma Rookie card PSA 9, PSA 8
1967 Topps Ernie Park 1967 Topps 83 Ernie Park Miami Dolphins tackle McMurry Rookie card

Park played for 4 teams in his 6-year AFL career: the Chargers, Dolphins, Broncos, and Bengals. This card shows him with the Dolphins, but the Dolphins had traded him to the Bengals in June of 1967.
PSA 8, nm+
1967 Topps Bill Neighbors 1967 Topps 84 Bill Neighbors Miami Dolphins guard Alabama College Hall of Fame 2003 Neighbors's sons, Wes and Keith, also played for Alabama. Wes was an all-SEC center, and Keith played on the 1992 National Championship team. ex
1967 Topps Norm Evans 1967 Topps 85 Norm Evans Miami Dolphins tackle TCU nm
1967 Topps Tom Nomina 1967 Topps 86 Tom Nomina Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Miami Ohio exmt+
1967 Topps Rich Zecher 1967 Topps 87 Rich Zecher Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Utah State Rookie card exmt
1967 Topps Dave Kocourek 1967 Topps 88 Dave Kocourek Miami Dolphins end Wisconsin PSA 8
1967 Topps Bill Baird 1967 Topps 89 Bill Baird New York Jets defensive back San Francisco State nm
1967 Topps Ralph Baker 1967 Topps 90 Ralph Baker New York Jets linebacker Penn State PSA 9, ex
1967 Topps Verlon Biggs 1967 Topps 91 Verlon Biggs New York Jets defensive end Jackson State PSA 9, nm
1967 Topps Sam DeLuca 1967 Topps 92 Sam DeLuca New York Jets tackle, guard South Carolina PSA 9, nm
1967 Topps Larry Grantham 1967 Topps 93 Larry Grantham New York Jets linebacker Mississippi Jets Ring of Honor 2011 This is the only Jets card in the 1967 Topps set that has a green frame around the player's picture. See the Gallery's "Not Like the Others" page. PSA 9, PSA 8
1967 Topps Jim Harris 1967 Topps 94 Jim Harris New York Jets defensive tackle Utah State Rookie card nm
1967 Topps Winston Hill 1967 Topps 95 Winston Hill New York Jets tackle Texas Southern Jets Ring of Honor 2010 nm
1967 Topps Bill Mathis 1967 Topps 96 Bill Mathis New York Jets halfback Clemson PSA 9, nm+
1967 Topps Don Maynard 1967 Topps 97 Don Maynard New York Jets end Texas-El Paso Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987, Jets Ring of Honor 2010 Maynard led the AFL in receiving yards in 1967, with 1434. His teammate, George Sauer, was second, with 1189. exmt+
1967 Topps Joe Namath 1967 Topps 98 Joe Namath New York Jets quarterback Alabama Pro Football Hall of Fame 1985, Jets Ring of Honor 2010 PSA 8
1967 Topps Gerry Philbin 1967 Topps 99 Gerry Philbin New York Jets defensive end Buffalo Jets Ring of Honor 2011 PSA 8.5, nm
1967 Topps Paul Rochester 1967 Topps 100 Paul Rochester New York Jets defensive tackle Michigan State nm