1965 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1965 Topps Wray Carlton 1965 Topps 26 Wray Carlton Buffalo Bills fullback Duke
1965 Topps Tom Day 1965 Topps 27 Tom Day Buffalo Bills defensive end North Carolina A and T Rookie card
1965 Topps Elbert Dubenion 1965 Topps 28 Elbert Dubenion Buffalo Bills halfback Bluffton Bills Wall of Fame 1993
1965 Topps Jim Dunaway 1965 Topps 29 Jim Dunaway Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Mississippi
1965 Topps Pete Gogolak 1965 Topps 30 Pete Gogolak Buffalo Bills kicker Cornell Giants Ring of Honor 2010 Rookie card
1965 Topps Dick Hudson 1965 Topps 31 Dick Hudson Buffalo Bills tackle Memphis Rookie card
1965 Topps Harry Jacobs 1965 Topps 32 Harry Jacobs Buffalo Bills defensive end Bradley
1965 Topps Billy Joe 1965 Topps 33 Billy Joe Buffalo Bills fullback, coach Villanova College Hall of Fame 2007 Joe was the MVP of the 1961 Sun Bowl.
1965 Topps Tom Keating 1965 Topps 34 Tom Keating Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Michigan Rookie card

Keating spent twelve seasons in the AFL and NFL, playing for the Bills, Raiders, Steelers, and Chiefs.
1965 Topps Jack Kemp 1965 Topps 35 Jack Kemp Buffalo Bills quarterback Occidental Bills Wall of Fame 1984 PSA 7
1965 Topps Daryle Lamonica 1965 Topps 36 Daryle Lamonica Buffalo Bills quarterback Notre Dame
1965 Topps Paul Maguire 1965 Topps 37 Paul Maguire Buffalo Bills end Citadel
1965 Topps Ron McDole 1965 Topps 38 Ron McDole Buffalo Bills defensive end Nebraska Rookie card

McDole scored two safeties in 1964.
1965 Topps George Saimes 1965 Topps 39 George Saimes Buffalo Bills defensive back Michigan State Bills Wall of Fame 2000 Saimes placed seventh in voting for the 1962 Heisman Trophy. See my page of football cards of Heisman Trophy candidates.
1965 Topps Tom Sestak 1965 Topps 40 Tom Sestak Buffalo Bills defensive tackle McNeese State, Baylor Bills Wall of Fame 1987
1965 Topps Billy Shaw 1965 Topps 41 Billy Shaw Buffalo Bills guard Georgia Tech Bills Wall of Fame 1988, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1999
1965 Topps Mike Stratton 1965 Topps 42 Mike Stratton Buffalo Bills linebacker Tennessee Bills Wall of Fame 1994
1965 Topps John Tracey 1965 Topps 43 John Tracey Buffalo Bills linebacker Texas A and M
1965 Topps Ernie Warlick 1965 Topps 44 Ernie Warlick Buffalo Bills tight end North Carolina College
1965 Topps Odell Barry 1965 Topps 45 Odell Barry Denver Broncos halfback Findlay Rookie card

Barry was the mayor of Northglenn, Colorado, from 1980 to 1982.
1965 Topps Willie Brown 1965 Topps 46 Willie Brown Denver Broncos defensive back Grambling Pro Football Hall of Fame 1984 Rookie card

Brown was not drafted by any professional team. The Houston Oilers signed him but cut him during training camp in 1963. The Broncos then signed him, and by mid-season he was in their starting lineup.
1965 Topps Gerry Bussell 1965 Topps 47 Gerry Bussell Denver Broncos defensive back Georgia Tech Rookie card
1965 Topps Eldon Danenhauer 1965 Topps 48 Eldon Danenhauer Denver Broncos tackle Pittsburg State
1965 Topps Al Denson 1965 Topps 49 Al Denson Denver Broncos end Florida A and M Rookie card
1965 Topps Hewritt Dixon 1965 Topps 50 Hewritt Dixon Denver Broncos halfback Florida A and M Rookie card exmt