1963 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1963 Topps Taz Anderson 1963 Topps 151 Taz Anderson St. Louis Cardinals end Georgia Tech Rookie card SGC 88, nm
1963 Topps Ernie McMillan 1963 Topps 152 Ernie McMillan St. Louis Cardinals tackle Illinois Rookie card nm
1963 Topps Jimmy Hill 1963 Topps 153 Jimmy Hill St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Sam Houston nm+
1963 Topps Bill Koman 1963 Topps 154 Bill Koman St. Louis Cardinals linebacker North Carolina Rookie card nm+
1963 Topps Larry Wilson 1963 Topps 155 Larry Wilson St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Utah Pro Football Hall of Fame 1978, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2006 Rookie card PSA 8, PSA 7.5, PSA 7, PSA 8 oc, PSA 6, SGC 84, exmt, PSA 8.5
1963 Topps Don Owens 1963 Topps 156 Don Owens St. Louis Cardinals tackle Southern Mississippi exmt
1963 Topps St. Louis Cardinals Team 1963 Topps 157 St. Louis Cardinals Team St. Louis Cardinals Short print nm+
1963 Topps Norm Snead 1963 Topps 158 Norm Snead Washington Redskins quarterback Wake Forest Short print
1963 Topps Bobby Mitchell 1963 Topps 159 Bobby Mitchell Washington Redskins halfback Illinois Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983, Browns Ring of Honor 2010 Short print exmt
1963 Topps Bill Barnes 1963 Topps 160 Bill Barnes Washington Redskins halfback Wake Forest Short print ex+
1963 Topps Fred Dugan 1963 Topps 161 Fred Dugan Washington Redskins end Dayton Short print nm
1963 Topps Don Bosseler 1963 Topps 162 Don Bosseler Washington Redskins fullback Miami Florida College Hall of Fame 1990 Short print ex
1963 Topps John Nisby 1963 Topps 163 John Nisby Washington Redskins guard Pacific Short print
1963 Topps Riley Mattson 1963 Topps 164 Riley Mattson Washington Redskins tackle Oregon Rookie card, short print ex
1963 Topps Bob Toneff 1963 Topps 165 Bob Toneff Washington Redskins defensive tackle Notre Dame Short print nm
1963 Topps Rod Breedlove 1963 Topps 166 Rod Breedlove Washington Redskins linebacker Maryland Rookie card, short print
1963 Topps Dick James 1963 Topps 167 Dick James Washington Redskins wide receiver, safety Oregon Redskins Ring of Fame Short print
1963 Topps Claude Crabb 1963 Topps 168 Claude Crabb Washington Redskins halfback Colorado Rookie card, short print, error card

Name misspelled "Claud."
1963 Topps Washington Redskins Team 1963 Topps 169 Washington Redskins Team Washington Redskins Short print
1963 Topps Checklist 1963 Topps 170 Checklist exmt