1963 Kahns Football Cards

Kahn's Wieners football cards were distributed in the Cincinnati region in packages of hot dogs. All 14 NFL teams are represented in the 1963 Kahn's set, but the set is heavily weighted toward the better teams. For more details, see my blog article about the 1963 Kahn's cards.

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1963 Kahns Bill Barnes 1963 Kahns 1 Bill Barnes Washington Redskins halfback Wake Forest
1963 Kahns Erich Barnes 1963 Kahns 2 Erich Barnes New York Giants defensive back Purdue
1963 Kahns Dick Bass 1963 Kahns 3 Dick Bass Los Angeles Rams halfback Pacific
1963 Kahns Don Bosseler 1963 Kahns 4 Don Bosseler Washington Redskins fullback Miami Florida College Hall of Fame 1990
1963 Kahns Jim Brown 1963 Kahns 5 Jim Brown Cleveland Browns fullback Syracuse Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971, College Hall of Fame 1995, Browns Ring of Honor 2010
1963 Kahns Roger Brown 1963 Kahns 6 Roger Brown Detroit Lions tackle Maryland Eastern Shore College Hall of Fame 2009
1963 Kahns Roosevelt Brown 1963 Kahns 7 Roosevelt Brown New York Giants tackle Morgan State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 PSA 7
1963 Kahns Ron Bull 1963 Kahns 8 Ron Bull Chicago Bears running back Baylor
1963 Kahns Preston Carpenter 1963 Kahns 9 Preston Carpenter Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Arkansas SGC 84
1963 Kahns Frank Clarke 1963 Kahns 10 Frank Clarke Dallas Cowboys halfback Colorado Clarke was elected to the University of Colorado Athletic Hall of Fame in 2008.
1963 Kahns Gail Cogdill 1963 Kahns 11 Gail Cogdill Detroit Lions end Washington State SGC 92
1963 Kahns Bobby Joe Conrad 1963 Kahns 12 Bobby Joe Conrad St. Louis Cardinals halfback Texas A and M Conrad led the NFL with 73 receptions in 1963.
1963 Kahns John David Crow 1963 Kahns 13 John David Crow St. Louis Cardinals halfback Texas A and M Heisman Trophy 1957, College Hall of Fame 1976
1963 Kahns Dan Currie 1963 Kahns 14 Dan Currie Green Bay Packers linebacker, center Michigan State Packers Hall of Fame 1984
1963 Kahns Buddy Dial 1963 Kahns 15 Buddy Dial Pittsburgh Steelers end Rice College Hall of Fame 1993
1963 Kahns Mike Ditka 1963 Kahns 16 Mike Ditka Chicago Bears tight end Pittsburgh Pro Football Hall of Fame 1988
1963 Kahns Fred Dugan 1963 Kahns 17 Fred Dugan Washington Redskins end Dayton
1963 Kahns Galen Fiss 1963 Kahns 18 Galen Fiss Cleveland Browns linebacker Kansas
1963 Kahns Bill Forester 1963 Kahns 19 Bill Forester Green Bay Packers linebacker SMU Packers Hall of Fame 1974
1963 Kahns Bob Gain 1963 Kahns 20 Bob Gain Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Kentucky Outland Trophy 1950, College Hall of Fame 1980
1963 Kahns Willie Galimore 1963 Kahns 21 Willie Galimore Chicago Bears halfback Florida A and M College Hall of Fame 1999 Galimore was a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1992. See the Gallery's Almost Hall of Famers page.
1963 Kahns Bill George 1963 Kahns 22 Bill George Chicago Bears linebacker, guard Wake Forest Pro Football Hall of Fame 1974
1963 Kahns Frank Gifford 1963 Kahns 23 Frank Gifford New York Giants halfback USC, Bakersfield College College Hall of Fame 1975, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1977 Gifford made the Pro Bowl as a receiver in 1963. He had previously made the Pro Bowl as a defensive back and as a running back.
1963 Kahns Bill Glass 1963 Kahns 24 Bill Glass Cleveland Browns defensive end Baylor College Hall of Fame 1985
1963 Kahns Forrest Gregg 1963 Kahns 25 Forrest Gregg Green Bay Packers offensive tackle SMU Packers Hall of Fame 1977, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1977