1957 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1957 Topps John Carson 1957 Topps 123 John Carson Washington Redskins end Georgia
1957 Topps Tommy McDonald 1957 Topps 124 Tommy McDonald Philadelphia Eagles end, halfback Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1985, Eagles Honor Roll 1988, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1998 Rookie card PSA 6
1957 Topps Jerry Tubbs 1957 Topps 125 Jerry Tubbs Chicago Cardinals linebacker Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1996 Rookie card

Tubbs spent ten seasons in the NFL, playing for the Chicago Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, and Dallas Cowboys.
1957 Topps Jack Scarbath 1957 Topps 126 Jack Scarbath Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Maryland College Hall of Fame 1983
1957 Topps Ed Modzelewski 1957 Topps 127 Ed Modzelewski Cleveland Browns fullback Maryland ex
1957 Topps Lenny Moore 1957 Topps 128 Lenny Moore Baltimore Colts halfback Penn State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975
1957 Topps Joe Perry 1957 Topps 129 Joe Perry San Francisco 49ers fullback Compton Community College Pro Football Hall of Fame 1969, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009 PSA 7, exmt
1957 Topps Bill Wightkin 1957 Topps 130 Bill Wightkin Chicago Bears tackle Notre Dame PSA 8
1957 Topps Jim Doran 1957 Topps 131 Jim Doran Detroit Lions end, defensive end Iowa State, Buena Vista
1957 Topps Howard Ferguson 1957 Topps 132 Howard Ferguson Green Bay Packers halfback Packers Hall of Fame 1974 Error card

Last name misspelled "Furgeson."
1957 Topps Tom Wilson 1957 Topps 133 Tom Wilson Los Angeles Rams halfback Rookie card
1957 Topps Dick James 1957 Topps 134 Dick James Washington Redskins wide receiver, safety Oregon Redskins Ring of Fame Rookie card
1957 Topps Jimmy Harris 1957 Topps 135 Jimmy Harris Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Oklahoma Rookie card
1957 Topps Chuck Ulrich 1957 Topps 136 Chuck Ulrich Chicago Cardinals defensive tackle Illinois
1957 Topps Lynn Chandnois 1957 Topps 137 Lynn Chandnois Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Michigan State
1957 Topps John Unitas 1957 Topps 138 John Unitas Baltimore Colts quarterback Louisville Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979 Rookie card PSA 7 mc, PSA 5, PSA 2, PSA 3 mk, PSA 1 mk
1957 Topps Jim Ridlon 1957 Topps 139 Jim Ridlon San Francisco 49ers defensive back Syracuse Rookie card nm
1957 Topps Zeke Bratkowski 1957 Topps 140 Zeke Bratkowski Chicago Bears quarterback Georgia Packers Hall of Fame 1989 exmt
1957 Topps Ray Krouse 1957 Topps 141 Ray Krouse Detroit Lions defensive tackle Maryland
1957 Topps John Martinkovic 1957 Topps 142 John Martinkovic Green Bay Packers defensive end Xavier Packers Hall of Fame 1974 There is a nice array of photos of John Martinkovic on the Packers Hall of Fame web site. The last image looks like a prototype for a 1955 Bowman football card. Martinkovic did not appear in the 1955 Bowman set, but compare the image to Floyd Reid's card. PSA 8, PSA 7, ex
1957 Topps Jim Cason 1957 Topps 143 Jim Cason Los Angeles Rams defensive back LSU Rookie card nm
1957 Topps Ken MacAfee 1957 Topps 144 Ken MacAfee New York Giants end Alabama College Hall of Fame 1999 MacAfee's son, also named Ken, played tight end for two seasons with the San Francisco 49ers.
1957 Topps Sid Youngelman 1957 Topps 145 Sid Youngelman Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Alabama Rookie card exmt
1957 Topps Paul Larson 1957 Topps 146 Paul Larson Chicago Cardinals quarterback California Rookie card nm oc
1957 Topps Len Ford 1957 Topps 147 Len Ford Cleveland Browns defensive end Michigan, Morgan State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1976, Browns Ring of Honor 2010 ex