1957 Topps Football Cards

1957 Topps football card wrapperThere are 155 cards in the 1957 Topps football card set: 154 NFL players and a checklist. According to the price guides, the set was issued in two series, cards 1-88 and cards 89-154. I am not sure that the guides are correct, however, because I have seen a partial sheet containing both low- and high-numbered cards. See my 1957 Topps virtual uncut sheet page for details.

You can see pictures of a 1957 Topps 5-cent display box on the Legendary Auctions web site. Also see my blog article, T is for Topps, Part 1: the 1950s.

Rookie cards of Pro Football Hall of Famers in the 1957 Topps set: Raymond Berry, Dick Lane, Bart Starr, John Unitas, Paul Hornung, Tommy McDonald, Jack Butler. Rookie cards of Heisman Trophy winners in the 1957 Topps set: Howard Cassady, Paul Hornung.

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1957 Topps Checklist 1957 Topps 0B Checklist Short print

Bazooka ad on back
1957 Topps Checklist 1957 Topps 0TB Checklist Short print

Twin Blony ad on back
1957 Topps Eddie LeBaron 1957 Topps 1 Eddie LeBaron Washington Redskins quarterback Pacific Redskins Ring of Fame, College Hall of Fame 1980 exmt
1957 Topps Pete Retzlaff 1957 Topps 2 Pete Retzlaff Philadelphia Eagles end South Dakota State Eagles Honor Roll 1989 Rookie card exmt
1957 Topps Mike McCormack 1957 Topps 3 Mike McCormack Cleveland Browns tackle Kansas Pro Football Hall of Fame 1984, Browns Ring of Honor 2010
1957 Topps Lou Baldacci 1957 Topps 4 Lou Baldacci Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Michigan Rookie card
1957 Topps Gino Marchetti 1957 Topps 5 Gino Marchetti Baltimore Colts defensive end San Francisco Pro Football Hall of Fame 1972
1957 Topps Leo Nomellini 1957 Topps 6 Leo Nomellini San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Minnesota Pro Football Hall of Fame 1969, College Hall of Fame 1977, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009 nm
1957 Topps Bobby Watkins 1957 Topps 7 Bobby Watkins Chicago Bears halfback Ohio State
1957 Topps Dave Middleton 1957 Topps 8 Dave Middleton Detroit Lions end Auburn exmt
1957 Topps Bobby Dillon 1957 Topps 9 Bobby Dillon Green Bay Packers defensive back Texas Packers Hall of Fame 1974 nm oc
1957 Topps Les Richter 1957 Topps 10 Les Richter Los Angeles Rams linebacker California College Hall of Fame 1982, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2011 PSA 8, PSA 7, PSA 6, exmt
1957 Topps Roosevelt Brown 1957 Topps 11 Roosevelt Brown New York Giants tackle Morgan State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 nm
1957 Topps Torgy Torgeson 1957 Topps 12 Torgy Torgeson Washington Redskins linebacker, coach Washington State Rookie card nm oc
1957 Topps Dick Bielski 1957 Topps 13 Dick Bielski Philadelphia Eagles end, fullback Maryland
1957 Topps Pat Summerall 1957 Topps 14 Pat Summerall Chicago Cardinals end Arkansas
1957 Topps Jack Butler 1957 Topps 15 Jack Butler Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back St. Bonaventure Pro Football Hall of Fame 2012, Steelers Legends Team, Steelers All-Time Team Rookie card PSA 6, PSA 6 st
1957 Topps John Henry Johnson 1957 Topps 16 John Henry Johnson Detroit Lions fullback Arizona State, St. Mary's Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009, Steelers Legends Team Error card

This card shows Johnson with the Browns, but he never played for the Browns.
1957 Topps Art Spinney 1957 Topps 17 Art Spinney Baltimore Colts guard Boston College
1957 Topps Bob St. Clair 1957 Topps 18 Bob St. Clair San Francisco 49ers tackle Tulsa Pro Football Hall of Fame 1990, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009 nm
1957 Topps Perry Jeter 1957 Topps 19 Perry Jeter Chicago Bears halfback California Polytechnic Rookie card
1957 Topps Lou Creekmur 1957 Topps 20 Lou Creekmur Detroit Lions tackle William and Mary Pro Football Hall of Fame 1996 Creekmur was inducted into the National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame in 2001.
1957 Topps Dave Hanner 1957 Topps 21 Dave Hanner Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Arkansas Packers Hall of Fame 1974 Error card
1957 Topps Norm Van Brocklin 1957 Topps 22 Norm Van Brocklin Los Angeles Rams quarterback, coach Oregon College Hall of Fame 1966, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971, Eagles Honor Roll 1987
1957 Topps Don Chandler 1957 Topps 23 Don Chandler New York Giants kicker, halfback Florida Packers Hall of Fame 1975 Rookie card ex